Amalgamation of Planets in Sagittarius & Scorpio

Amalgamation in Sagittarius
Starting around the week of Wednesday, December 6, 2006 and lasting until about Thursday, December 28, 2006 up to seven (7) planets and one element will travel through the sign of Sagittarius to form an amalgamation in Sagiattarius. Venus, Pluto, Sun, Part of Fortune, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars and the Moon will stay in or travel through the astrological Sign of Sagittarius in December 2006 notably from about December 6-22, 2006, with effects lasting until December 28, 2006.

One can declare December 2006 the month of Sagittarius in the Tropical Zodiac. However, the same configuration, for the most part, is also taking place, at this time, in the Sidereal Zodiac in the Sign of Scorpio. Hence, we have not yet seen an end to the influence of the amalgamation in Scorpio discussed at the bottom of Sky Watch. For December 2006, we will have two predominately powerful astrological influences coming simultaneously from the Signs Scorpio and Sagittarius.

While the month of December 2006 will be a month of mixed blessings, due to the deadly amalgamation in Scropio in the Sidereal Zodiac bringing strong negative effects - see bottom of Sky Watch, the effects of the amalgamation in Sagittarius are generally good.

The amalgamation in Sagittarius will bring goodness, health, joy and optimism to most, if not all - joy & goodwill to men on earth during the holiday season.

Sagittarius brings luck and goodness in a Big way as well !!! This means that for most people, this will be one of the best holiday seasons that they have had in a long time. Under such strong positive influence, even where there are problems, the general outcome will be favorable. This is a good time to pay attention to health, visit the doctor and focus on higher education and learning. For those in creative fields, writing and publishing are strongly favored under these aspects. To gain Jupiter's favor, the focus should be on universal principles and higher truth.

Jupiter is in Sagittarius, the sign that it rules. When a planet is in the sign that it rules, it is considered to be "in dignity" and will have a strong effect in that position. The only negative draw back to this very favorably position, is Jupiter's square with Uranus, discussed below.

During this amalgamation, which will last for most of December 2006, expect improved health, new beneficial laws, fall of bad judges, rise of good judges, stronger role for higher education in society, new brighter and better plans for everyone, including the State of New York and New York City in particular. New and beneficial appeals court and supreme court decisions. Stronger emphasis on religion with more people going to church, temple and mosque during this period. There will be a much stronger emphasis on justice than usual. Justice will be delivered to many who seek it under these aspects.

In December 2006, focus on health, remain positive and optimistic and speak the truth during this period cost it what it will, since most lies and acts of deception under these aspects will be brutally over turned and exposed.

Truth will be the Theme of the Day!
Expect the raw truth to be told bluntly, without sensitivity, reservation or apology. The Truth, all truth will be revealed, whether we want it to or not. Truth about others, truth about ourselves, truth about country, truth about health, truth about the War in Iraq, truth about the War in Afghanistan, truth about the stock market, truth about the economy, truth about interest rates, you think of it and the truth about what you think of will be revealed in the next 30 days – i.e., made public for all to see.  Colin Powell recently said that he sees the Iraq situation as a Civil War – many more people will be giving their version of the truth as they see it over the next 30-45 days when the amalgamation in Sagittarius will "rule" human affairs.

Alignment with the Galactic Center :
Wednesday, December 20, 2006, the Sun will be at 28 degrees of Sagittarius. At this position, the Sun aligns with the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Cosmic energy from the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy will flow through to the earth plane. At this position, the Sun trines Saturn at 24 degrees of Leo announcing that 2007 will be a great year for Government and Big Businesses and the stock market in general. It will be easier in 2007 to handle and accomplish business deals and matters than it was in 2006.

How the Galactic Center Affects New York State?
The Sun aligns with the Cosmic Center of the Galaxy on December 20, 2006, one day before the Winter Solstice begins a New (astronomical and astrological) Year that will be celebrated ten days later by most on New Year's Eve, December 31, 2006.

Pluto will square the North Node and the South Nodes when the Sun aligns with the Galactic Center on December 20, 2006. This means that attempts to change or transform the fundamental structure of government, big businesses and organizations in 2007 will fail. For example, Eliot Spitzer (Governor Elect of New York) was advised at a recent Conference to accomplish most of his agenda within the first 6-9 months in Office. This will not happen in 2007 under these aspects. It's best to wait. 2008 is a much better year for Eliot Spitzer. In 2008, (after December 28, 2007) Eliot Spitzer will be much better able to accomplish all that he wants in New York State, but not in 2007. 2007 should be a planning year to take effect in 2008.

While there are positive aspects occurring during the transit of the planets in the amalgamation, Jupiter at 4 degrees of Sagittarius (December 13, 2006) will square Uranus in Pisces at 11 degrees. The square become most intense on Sunday, January 21, 2007 to Thursday, January 25, 2007 when Jupiter will be at exactly 12 degrees of Sagittarius squaring Uranus at 12 degrees in Pisces.

Due to Jupiter's square with Uranus in Pisces during the amalgamation's period (Dec. 6-28, 2008) and lasting for much, if not, all of 2007, expect bring BIG accidents on long distance trips, including air flights in foreign countries and with sea faring vessels. We will witness an unexpected increase in Big accidents in foreign countries and on long distance trips both at sea and in the air from December 2006 to December 2007.

Also expect surprises and difficulties for matters dealing with bad and unexpected winter storms in Temperate regions of the world north and south of the equator, as well as matters having to do with water and oil resources ruled by Pisces. See Uranus in Pisces.

Uranus Triggers Unexpected Earthquakes:
Uranus can trigger unexpected earthquakes on days when one would never expect an earthquake to occur, for example, Christmas Day or New Year's Eve, and in areas where one would never expect an earthquake to occur, such as New York City - NYC's last major earthquake was a long distant 122 years ago at 5.5 Magnitude on the Richter scale.

Jupiter's square with Uranus can also cause very bad weather patterns at sea (see Sedna) and unexpected and bad winter storms in areas of Temperate climates as well as an unexpected Tsunamis or hurricanes in Tropical regions of the world.

Jupiter's negative manifestations, owning to its square with Uranus, will not be small at all. They will be huge, unexpected, larger than life events that everyone will see when and if they do occur. For this reason, they will be long remembered.

Impact of the Last Solar Eclipse:
The last solar eclipse occurred in the Sign of Virgo (Solar Eclipse in Virgo) on September 22, 2006. The number 22 is a power number in numerology, which combines vision with action.

People Take to the Street for Justice on MLKJ Birthday:
January 13-15, 2007
leading up to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's Birthday, Mars in Sagittarius will conjunct Pluto in Sagittarius. At this time, Mars and Pluto will form a hard square to the sensitized position of the last Solar Eclipse in Virgo, which was at 29 degrees of Virgo. This will be a very difficult time in the USA and around the world.

January 15, 2007 will most likely be a very cold and windy day in NYC with temperatures at or below 22 degrees not exceeding 29 degrees Fahrenheit. Much of the Tropics could also find this day to be unseasonally cold and uncomfortable as well.

Amalgamation in Scorpio
The amalgamation of Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio in both the Tropical and Sidereal Zodiacs lasting from November 2006 to early January 2007 will bring aggression, fall in the stock market, sudden increase in inflation and interest rates, sex crimes and even an earthquake in a major city that will affect trade and commerce. Between October 24, 2006 through December 6, 2006, expect sudden murders of a horrific kind, rapes involving murder of the victim, violent speech, brutally bad car accidents, near death experiences, assassination or killing of political figures, sudden outbursts of anger in public places, suicides of all kinds and all kinds of aggression, including sudden break out of war. Many people will get fired during this period reducing recent gains in local and national unemployment figures. December 5, 2006, November 23 and November 24, 2008 will be particularly stressful with the number of homicides, shootings and killings as well as fatal traffic accidents breaking records reaching all time highs. The good news is that by December 6-10, 2006 in the Tropical Zodiac, the amalgamation will break up and much of these happenings will pass away, but it continus in the Sidereal Zodiac until January 2007. During this period, try not to have an argument with anyone and drive slowly with more care and caution than usual avoiding situations that can cause accidents, conflicts, fights, anger, outburst or problems.

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