Man, Know Thyself

Nothing in Excess

Know thyself and nothing in excess are the Grecian dicta for spiritual development marked over the door ways of the Delphi Oracle as a warning to all those who entered wishing to gain knowledge not available anywhere else in the ancient or modern world. The essence of knowing thyself is the experience and discovery of the god, higher self or Atman within to be the essential nature of your incarnate spirit and soul that once revealed extinguishes all fears of death and doubt putting you on the inner path of spiritual development and enlightenment.

Our astrology readings and reports are designed to take you one-step closer to better understanding yourself and your relationship to the cosmos as expressed through your relationship with significant people wedded to your life by choice or fate. We offer astrology consultation and reports that start you on a journey of inner self-discovery and enlightenment. Ponder the inner workings of your emotional, mental, spiritual, ethereal and material worlds as they align with the furthest depths of the universe and the cosmos expressing a truly unique life that you can call your own.

Understand Your Cosmic Blue Print with a Natal Chart Reading

The natal chart is the key to assessing your past, explaining your present and unlocking the keys to your future for better life decision-making. Celestial Affairs also offers specialized readings for new and returning clients.

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Astrology Services

Celestial Affairs offers a wide range of free and paid services in Astrology.

Standard & Specialized Readings

For individuals in-person or online

It’s recommended that you book a standard natal chart reading first, but check out the specialized readings if you know what area of your life you are looking for answers in.

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Financial Astrology

Analysis for Businesses, Companies & Executives

Astrology is particularly suited to help companies and executives to navigate and analyze the best financial strategies to use.

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Astrology Reports

Kepler’s Quick Online Charts

For those who are curious their chart, but not quite ready to commit to a big investment.

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Cosmic Forecast

Free Report for the current Year 2022

Every year Antot puts together an elaborate calendar of the cosmic influences in the world. Find out what he unveils and keep up with the celestial trends.

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