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Your Planetary Day
While the calendar we use in the West dates from the 1500s, the seven days of the week have repeated without interruption for over two millennia. From ancient times, each day of the week has been associated with the Sun, Moon or one of the five visible planets. The weekday on which you were born shows where you stand in this ancient seven-fold cycle, and gives you a special link with the quality of its planetary ruler.

You were born on a Friday.
In English, Friday is named after the Norse goddess Frigga, who protected marriage and made it fruitful. Like Venus, who gives her name to Friday in the Romance languages, Frigga was fond of adornment and carried on dalliances with various gods. Associated with love, beauty, art and creativity, Venus rules green, copper, and the plant kingdom with all its lushness and fertility. Traditionally, the sin of Venus was lust; her virtue, love. In the Kabbalah, Venus is ruled by Anael, angel of love. “Friday’s child is loving and giving.” — Harper’s Weekly, 1887.

About Personal Numerology
The report that follows explores the numerological meaning of your birth date and the full name that was given to you at birth. Its aim is to make you more aware of the tendencies and patterns in your life, so that you can live more consciously, and more fully become the person you were meant to be.

As you read the following pages, remember that they describe pure types for each number. No one, of course, exhibits these character traits in their pure form. Instead, each of us is multi-dimensional, made up of many energy imperatives vying for expression. Some energies harmonize easily, while others are at cross-purposes, causing us to live with contradictions and inner conflicts. Our task is to honor all parts of ourselves and work at bringing our disparate selves into some kind of balance and cooperation. By making us more aware of our inner tendencies, numerology can help us to do this all- important work on ourselves.

In our families and other groups of which we are a part, some behaviors are encouraged and others are discouraged. If who we are wasn’t acceptable, we probably contorted ourselves to be what others wanted us to be. If so, we may have become what is called a “turn-type.”

For example, we may negatively manifest a number by expressing its opposite, as when the independent number 1 type becomes extremely dependent. Alternatively, the energy is out of balance and expressed extremely, as when the daring number 1 type becomes foolhardy. Or the energy is not developed enough, so that the number 1 is cowardly instead of courageous.

Because we feel that a certain trait is unacceptable and unworthy of us according to the biases of our family, superiors or peers, we may not be able to relate to it in ourselves. We may then spend many years discovering who we really are apart from other people’s expectations of us.

Studies such as numerology can help us find our way out of this maze, orienting us toward our true being and the highest manifestation of what we are. They can give us an objective picture of our strengths and weaknesses, show us our place in the larger scheme of things, and help us find the hidden gold in our characters, which we may not have even suspected that we had.

How Numerology Works. Through the use of ancient principles, numerology can derive a world of meaning from your birthdate and birth name. In the course of your life other numbers may become important for you, and you will probably acquire other names, but, like your astrological birth chart, the numerological vibrations at the very beginning of your life set the tone for all that follows.

To find the meaning inherent in your day, month and year of birth, numerologists add the digits in various ways. Most totals turn out to be more than one digit. They therefore reduce them to a single digit by adding the digits together. Whenever a total turns out to be a master number like 11 or 22, however, it is left as-is. These doubled numbers have a special significance, and are given special interpretations.

To find the numerological meaning of your name, numerology assigns a number to each letter of the alphabet. In the Pythagorean system used in this report, A = 1, B = 2, and so on through the first nine letters, and then we repeat the cycle through the rest of the alphabet. We then total the numbers corresponding to the vowels, the numbers corresponding to the consonants, and the numbers corresponding to all the letters to determine specific things about your character.

Each digit from 1 to 9 represents a specific stage in a cycle and has its own set of associations. In general, the odd numbers are considered introverted, in the sense of being primarily focused on inner life. The even numbers tend toward extroversion: that is, being primarily focused on outer activities. The numbers 1, 6, and 22, however, are considered dual in nature.

This said, let us now look first at your basic character and the major themes in your life.

Your Life Path
The total of the day, month and year of your birth is called by numerologists the Life Path, Life Lesson, Birth Path, Birth Force or, sometimes, the Destiny number. This number is chosen by nature rather than by you or your parents, and it reflects the season and historical era of your birth. As its names suggest, it shows your mission in life, your life work and what the universe intends for you. It shows the opportunities you must seize in order to make the most of your potential. Following the life path that has been given to you will enable you to avoid continual discord and frustration, and to unfold in the way that is best for your nature. When you find your true place in the world, you will feel at home.

Your birthdate total is 11/2.
Your Life Path is the master number 11. This means that you have a special destiny, one that could easily bring you fame or at least the possibility of influencing a great number of people. Blessed with a unique intuition, you have a latent creative genius that, if cultivated, will be a source of great inspiration to others.

Though capable of great vision, you may often, however, feel out of balance yourself. It helps to learn to operate on a practical as well as an idealistic level. Before you can fully live up to the full potential of the master number 11, you may need to practice living on its lower, reduced vibration of 2. This means attending to your relationships with others, learning to work as part of a team, and cultivating your skills as a diplomat and peacemaker. It also means developing patience, seeing to the details, and at least for a time learning to let others take the lead.  

Numerology based on your name: BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA

What Motivates You in Life
We now move on to the name that you were given at birth. We first look at the total of the vowels in your full birth name, because this shows the emotional force that drives all that you do. Variously known as the Motivation, Soul Urge, Heart’s Desire, or Inner Self number, the vowel total shows what you want out of life. Along with the Impression and Expression numbers that will be discussed below, it is a basic component of your character.

The vowel total in your name is 9.
With 9 as a Motivation number, you thirst after knowledge and enjoy sharing it with others. Dedicated to that which is universal, you are the eternal student of life, always in search of better understanding. You have humanitarian ideals, and sincerely desire to improve life’s conditions. You tend to react emotionally and romantically, and are as much in love with the idea of love as with a person. When help is needed, you are capable of considerable self-sacrifice.

Colors and gems have number vibrations, too. Your Motivation colors are all colors in the brightest hues. Your Motivation gem is the opal. Wear these when you want to relax and restore your energies.

More about Your Emotions and Motivations
The first vowel in your first name augments or mitigates the force of the vowel total, and gives additional information about your emotional nature and underlying motivations in life. It manifests differently depending on whether the vowel sound is long or short. The long vowel gives a more direct and forthright expression, while the expression of the short vowel is more muted.

The first vowel in your name is A.
“A” feels courageous and daring, and gives you the soul of a warrior. Often you do not look before you leap, impulsively getting yourself into more hot water than you’d like. But you have the dash and flair to extricate yourself no matter what. You like to be on the front line, and are not afraid to go out on a limb for your beliefs. Preferring to be the one in control, you do not take well to authority. You want to call the shots and go it alone, because you are often too impatient to wait for others.

The Impression You Give to Others
The total of the consonants in your name is known as the Impression, Personality, Outer Self or Adapted Self number. As its names suggest, this number signifies your persona, the face you show to the world. It shows the vibrations that you project, how others see you, and the kind of impression that you make on those around you. This has its origin in your illusions and fantasies, the world you create for yourself in daydreams. Given enough energy, your fantasies become reality, because you tend to become who you think you are.

Your consonant total is 1.
Having the Impression number 1, you dream of being a pioneer for mankind: an original, daring trendsetter who is strongly individual. As the number 1 represents ego and self- realization, you see yourself as forceful and effective in obtaining what others can’t even see. You want always to be first and best, and for others to be in awe of your abilities and accomplishments. Most of all, you always want to feel that you are in control.

Your Impression color is red, and your Impression gem is the ruby. Wear these when you want to be sociable and enjoy the company of others.

The Way You Express Yourself
The total of all the letters in your full name is variously called the Expression, Mission or Life Purpose number. Composed of both the vowels and the consonants, it represents the blending of your inner and outer selves. It thus shows the natural expression of your goals and desires: what you do best, and, by extension, your talents and career potential. It also indicates how you deal with the outside world: your style of solving problems, getting things done, and negotiating with others to attain what you would consider success.

Your name total is 1.
The Expression number 1 makes you tend to be a strong individualist, both self-reliant and dependable. A natural leader, you’re at your best when in charge. You’re capable in almost any business or art form, and your possibilities are unlimited when you can do your own thing. Directness is one of your great strengths, but do not let your ego and impatience get in the way of your effectiveness. Also, take care that your mind does not run ahead of your ability to implement your ideas.

When you want to be businesslike, try wearing red as your Expression color and the ruby as your Expression gem.

Careers Offering the Best Self-Expression

With 1 as your Expression number, consider these kinds of jobs:

The Boss:
director, manager or owner of a business; advertising executive, department head, buyer, editor, contractor.
On Stage: musician, actor, salesman, guide, promoter, politician.
Service: internist, psychiatrist, analyst, inspector, lawyer, repairperson, telephone operator.
Just You: architect, pilot, explorer, farmer, inventor, writer, designer, illustrator, geographer.
Best Bet: be the boss or work alone.

The Power You Can Achieve in Maturity
The total of the day, month and year of your birth and your full name at birth is known variously as the Power, Maturity, Reality, Real Self, Final Opportunity, Destiny or Goal Power number. A summation of both your name and your birthdate, this number shows how the two principal streams of energy converge to fulfill the purposes of your true self. The Power number is of great significance because it gives a clue as to what your ultimate life purpose might be.

This vibration usually becomes manifest only in the later part of your life. In the first half of life it tends to exist only as a potential. In these earlier years you live through many experiences that temper and define your character and aptitudes. Not until the age of 35 or 40 do most people live through enough life events to find their life purpose and develop it to the point where it becomes their main focus and direction. It is then that fulfillment comes. But this is usually achieved only after many false starts, and years of struggling to gain self-knowledge.

Finding your right place in life is gratifying. If you have not pushed through to this achievement, you can be dissatisfied and unhappy. You may feel at loose ends, without direction, rudderless and ill at ease. But if you have lived your life in accord with the purpose that was meant to be fulfilled in this life, you will find contentment and peace of mind.

What follows is the mature expression of your Power number. Mature development is not about living out someone else’s idea of what you should be. It has more to do with honoring your own way of being in the world and moving from your own center. It is about trusting the process of unfoldment that exists within each of us and making this your guiding principle.

The total of your name and birthdate is 3.
A Power number of 3 signifies a life in pursuit of beauty, love, pleasure, and self- expression. Three is the archetype of the Performer. Talented, imaginative and with a genius for the spoken word, threes must have an outlet for their energy and creativity. Expressing themselves is a necessity. They love being in the spotlight and thrive on the attention they receive when they do something noteworthy.

Threes attract situations that demand vibrancy and cordiality. There is a restlessness in their nature and a need to remain occupied and involved. With their positive, optimistic outlook, these are the upbeat people who are sought after because of their joyful, fun- loving style. Good-natured, witty and the life of any party, threes have an eye for what is stylish and “in.” Sociable and friendly, they are bright and breezy, adding color and vigor to the world.

Tarot Key 3: The Empress

To gain further insights about your Power number, it can help to look at the Tarot trump that corresponds to it. In your case, this is the Empress. Great with child, she wields her scepter amidst the lush bounty of a garden. The matriarch, she symbolizes nature’s powers of creation. Her domain includes fertility, productivity, creative talent, love, pleasure, happiness and luck.

Your Karmic Lessons
Karma numbers are digits that are completely missing in the letters of your name as given at birth. Most people have one or more Karma numbers. These missing digits serve as a guide to the areas of your life and personality that may be lacking. Such areas will benefit from special attention. If you ignore these blind spots, life can have a painful way of making you notice them. This, however, can eventually spur you forward on the path to wisdom. When you develop yourself in these areas, you will feel much more whole and complete.

The number 7 is missing in your name.
With a Karma number of 7, it’s possible that you have many fears and anxieties. You will find that the path out of your worry is to develop your intellect and spirituality.

Your Subconscious Response
Your Subconscious Response is related to how many Karma numbers you have. It shows the way you tend to react in emergencies, when you have no time to consult your intellect.

Your Subconscious Response number is 8.
When the going gets rough, you generally take charge of the situation in a calm and businesslike manner. You keep in control with a practical plan of action that is both well- organized and expedient.

Your Youth, Maturity and Later Years
So far, we’ve discussed the number vibrations that stay with you throughout your life. Now we move on to the three major periods of your life as shown by your Life Cycle numbers. These are derived from reducing the digits in your month, day and year of birth. The sum of the month digits describes the first period; the day, the second period; and the year, the third period.

Your First Life Cycle starts at birth and lasts until age 26.

Its number is 8.
The 8 vibration is a great deal of power for youth to handle. You will be drawn to mastering the material aspects of life early, leading and directing others and possibly amassing a certain amount of power and money at an early age. Because you may not yet have had the chance to develop empathy, when pursuing your own goals you may tend to disregard the rights and feelings of others. Lacking life experience, you may need guidance in order to develop good judgment, especially about money.

During the First Life Cycle, your Life Path number and your First Minor Challenge number are also especially important influences.

Your Second Life Cycle starts at age 26 and lasts until age 53.

Its number is 4.
The middle of your life will be very productive if you allow the work ethic to reign. Be conscientious, disciplined and well organized, because this is your best time to build solid foundations for the future. Though your life may sometimes seem tedious during this period, it will also be effective. Your joy will come through earthy pleasures and through establishing a solid base of operations at home and in your career.

During this Life Cycle or the next, your Power number generally begins to manifest.

Your Third Life Cycle starts at age 53 and lasts until death.

Its number is 8.
Never think of “retirement”! For you, later life is a great time for directing projects and achieving ambitious goals. This can be a time of success, and you will have the power to get things done. Your considerable energy will be best used in organizing others. With the promise of solid accomplishment and material gain, you’ll be active to the end.

Major Decision or Turning Points in Your Life
Your Turning Points or Pinnacles are also derived from your full birthdate. Each of them defines a period in your life and the special issues that you will face during that period. As their name suggests, Turning Points show points of choice where you need to make decisions. Besides showing the issues at stake, the Turning Point number indicates the choice that will be best for you. Turning Points are like tests that you must pass before proceeding forward. The happiness that you feel in a given Turning Point period depends on the choices you’ve made and the skills you’ve developed when faced with the previous Turning Point.

Your First Turning Point starts at birth and lasts until age 34.

Its number is 3.
This youthful Turning Point offers a chance to expand socially and artistically. Learn now to be cheerful and creative. To make the most of your creative potential, you will need to learn to apply yourself steadily and not scatter your energies. You may then have a chance to bask in the limelight and enjoy the applause.

Your Second Turning Point starts at age 35 and lasts until age 44.

Its number is 3.
The next nine years of your life will test your ability to expand both socially and artistically. It is a time to learn how to be cheerful and friendly, and to develop your ability to create. You may have the opportunity to write, speak publicly, or in other ways to use your mind and be on-stage. Develop your feelings and imagination, and be prepared for prosperity.

Your Third Turning Point starts at age 45 and lasts until age 54.

Its number is 6.
This 6 vibration in the prime of your life brings a choice about how you will bear heavy responsibilities, and whether you will let them beat you down or bring you the happiness that comes from helping others. It may also be a time when you are called to make a nest that is a true haven for you, your family and friends.

Your Fourth Turning Point starts at age 55 and lasts until death.

Its number is 7.
The last period of your life is a natural time to draw back from the world as the 7 vibration demands. It is a time to go inward, assimilate all that has gone before, and renew your acquaintance with a higher power. Just make sure that you do not turn inward to excess. At a time in life when friends drop away, you need to spend some time cultivating the acquaintances and dear ones that you still have. This is not a great time for partnerships, but it is a wonderful time for going back to school and making acquaintances who share your mental interests.

The Challenges You Will Meet
Everyone is born with special lessons to be learned. Again, your full birth date has inherent in it two Minor Challenges that are usually presented to you earlier in life, and a Major Challenge that is lifelong but which you will probably get to master only later in life.

Challenges may at first present themselves to you as external obstacles to your progress, but they arise from the deficiencies that you are born with, parts that are lacking or underdeveloped. Once you can determine exactly what the weak link is, you can make a conscious effort to strengthen that trait within yourself. This takes willpower and may sometimes feel as if you are going against the grain, but it pays off abundantly in terms of progress and success in life. As you tackle each challenge, your fears are pushed back, your scope enlarges, and you feel more comfortable in the world.

Your First Minor Challenge number is 4.
The First Minor Challenge usually crops up early in life. When its number is 4, you will need to learn how to work effectively before you can do much else in the world. In youth, the lesson is usually to learn to settle down and concentrate. Later on, it is often to avoid becoming a “grind” and letting work take over your whole life. The challenge, anyway, is to give work its proper place, and learn a balance between work and play.

Your Second Minor Challenge number is 4.
The Second Minor Challenge is about aspects of your character that you need to work on during your Second Life Cycle, from about ages 35 to 62. With a Challenge of 4 in mid- life, you may find become a workaholic to a degree where it squeezes out all the joy of living. If so, you need to put work into its proper place and realize some proportion in your life. Life your eyes up, schedule time for fun, and remember that the real point is life itself, with all its juice and joy. If, on the other hand, you have not yet learned to apply yourself, now is the time to buckle down and do so. Whatever the job at hand is, get to it at once, be attentive to the details without getting hung up on them, and finish quickly so that you can then relax and enjoy.

Your Major Challenge number is 0.
You face your Major Challenge throughout life. Most likely, however, you will find yourself needing to do the most work on it during your Third Life Cycle, after the lesser challenges have been met. A zero Challenge number presents no particular challenge, and so it gives you a choice of what to work on. You may be tempted to coast through life, but if you choose instead to work on any problems in your character, you can become truly great. You are evolved enough to be conscious of whatever shortcomings you have, and to deal with them one at a time. Becoming the kind of person you know you could be is the most difficult of challenges, but you are eminently capable of meeting it.

Your Best Activities for the Year
Your Personal Year number combines your birth month and day with the current year. Personal Year numbers go in a recurring nine-year cycle of development. Each time you go around the cycle you have a chance to do things with added wisdom and skill. Keeping your activities in tune with your current year vibration can make your existence more harmonious and keep your unfoldment upon its intended track.

Some numerologists believe that the new personal year number begins on January 1st of the new year. Others believe that it doesn’t change until your birthday on that year, so that up until your birthday you would be using the personal year number for the preceding calendar year.  

Your Personal Year number beginning on Aug 4 2007 is 21/3

A 3 Personal Year is a time to enjoy the good things that are born out of the self-assertion of the first year in the cycle and the pairing-off and gentle accommodations of the second year. When you plant your seeds well in the 1 Personal Year, your 3 Personal Year is indeed a lucky one, full of potential for growth and advancement. If you put yourself forward, you will be popular and will find those who will help you express yourself and further your ideas. So open up and spread the word. It is no time hide your light under a bushel. Get around, be seen and identified, socialize and network. This is a light-hearted year, a time for exuberant self-expression, a year of fun and rewards in which you can restore your vital energies, explore your creativity, and widen your social contacts before the hard work that lies ahead. The keyword for this year is Enjoy.  

Your Personal Year number beginning on Aug 4 2008 is 13/4

In this 4 Personal Year it is time to slow down, turn inward, and get down to the hard work that is needed to make your dream a reality. The first step is to get rid of the dead wood and focus on what is truly effective. It is time to put your affairs in order and keep them that way. Have a physical checkup, and do whatever is needed in the way of diet, exercise, and good health habits to get your body in tune. In all areas, get your tools in order, and cultivate the habit of practicality in order to build a solid foundation for future years. Work out the details and follow through. This is no time to kick back, so roll up your sleeves and dig in. If you let yourself flow with the tide of this year, you will eventually find yourself feeling a deep kind of satisfaction as your efforts produce tangible results. As you clean out your closets and tidy your desk, you will feel a new kind of serenity as your life becomes more calm, orderly and in-control. The word to remember this year is Concretize.

Personal Month Numbers
Within the year, each month has its own vibration. Your current Personal Month numbers are:

Aug. 2007: Your Personal Month number is 11 Try these lucky numbers 13 33 11 12 32 30
Sep. 2007: Your Personal Month number is 3 Try these lucky numbers 14 34 12 13 33 31
Oct. 2007: Your Personal Month number is 4 Try these lucky numbers 6 35 13 14 34 32
Nov. 2007: Your Personal Month number is 5 Try these lucky numbers 7 36 14 15 35 33
Dec. 2007: Your Personal Month number is 33 Try these lucky numbers 8 37 6 7 16 36
Jan. 2008: Your Personal Month number is 22 Try these lucky numbers 6 26 49 14 25 23
Feb. 2008: Your Personal Month number is 5 Try these lucky numbers 7 27 5 6 15 26
Mar. 2008: Your Personal Month number is 6 Try these lucky numbers 8 28 6 7 16 27
Apr. 2008: Your Personal Month number is 7 Try these lucky numbers 9 29 7 8 17 28
May 2008: Your Personal Month number is 8 Try these lucky numbers 10 30 8 9 29 27
June 2008: Your Personal Month number is 9 Try these lucky numbers 11 31 9 10 30 28
July 2008: Your Personal Month number is 1 Try these lucky numbers 12 32 10 11 31 29
Aug. 2008: Your Personal Month number is 3 Try these lucky numbers 5 25 48 13 24 22
Sep. 2008: Your Personal Month number is 22 Try these lucky numbers 6 26 49 14 25 23
Oct. 2008: Your Personal Month number is 5 Try these lucky numbers 7 27 5 6 15 26
Nov. 2008: Your Personal Month number is 6 Try these lucky numbers 8 28 6 7 16 27
Dec. 2008: Your Personal Month number is 7 Try these lucky numbers 9 29 7 8 17 28
Jan. 2009: Your Personal Month number is 5 Try these lucky numbers 43 18 41 6 15 17
Feb. 2009: Your Personal Month number is 6 Try these lucky numbers 44 19 42 7 16 18
Mar. 2009: Your Personal Month number is 7 Try these lucky numbers 45 20 43 8 19 17
Apr. 2009: Your Personal Month number is 8 Try these lucky numbers 46 21 44 9 20 18
May 2009: Your Personal Month number is 9 Try these lucky numbers 47 22 45 10 21 19
June 2009: Your Personal Month number is 1 Try these lucky numbers 48 23 46 11 22 20
July 2009: Your Personal Month number is 2 Try these lucky numbers 49 24 47 12 23 21

Interpretation of each month number:

1: Start a new project. You are in the spotlight this month.
2: Clear up the small details. Be kind to your friends.
3: A time to enjoy. Be creative; relax and socialize.
4: Organize your time, look to details, be serious and work hard.
5: Be enthusiastic; travel and try something new. You can sell anything!
6: Fix up the house, and spend all the time you can with family.
7: Be patient and wait. Read, meditate, and rethink your life.
8: Concentrate on finance and business. Good chances for success.
9: Forget yourself. Consider how you can be of service to others.
11: A special month, when you can operate at your creative best. Let your imagination work freely and be a source of inspiration to you.
22: Seldom does one have the power of this master number to realize plans and ambitions. Seize this month to accomplish your most far-reaching goals.
33: A month when you can have a rare power to uplift people’s lives. Open yourself to be a channel for love.
44: Seize this time to make gifts of the spirit yield tangible results for others.

Where Do We Go from Here?
If this report has aroused your curiosity and you want to learn more, you may find that exploring your numbers with a deck of Tarot cards is an excellent means for further self- reflection.

Suppose that your birth date were August 19, 1962. The Tarot trump that you would look at for the month would be 8 (Strength, or in some decks, Justice). For the day, you would look at 19 (the Sun), 1+9=10 (the Wheel of Fortune), and, reducing it even further, 1+0=1 (the Magician). For the year, you would look at 1+9+6+2=18 (the Moon), and possibly also 1+8=9 (the Hermit).

These cards would have something to say about you and how you express these traits as you follow your destiny. Our example birth date would have the Sun in Leo, and trump 19, the Sun, would reinforce the Leo symbolism. You could see that the person is a hard worker (8) with a sunny disposition (19) who is aware of the changes in fortune that life can bring (10). Extremely creative (1), he is also a sensitive, caring person who is tuned in to other people’s feelings (18).

It is instructive to buy a Tarot deck, put one of your cards up for a few days, and mull over the symbolism. Remember that there are no truly negative numbers or cards. All participate in the experiences of the soul as it passes through life.

Even trump 15, the Devil, has its place. Everyone has traits that create stumbling blocks or weaknesses. When we work to overcome these we achieve maturity and become more sympathetic to the weaknesses that we see in others. This may be an important focus for a soul with the number 15 prominent.

Also, trump 13, the so-called Death card, is often misunderstood. Remember that in the cycle of seasons the leaves fall and winter comes, but this death is only the precursor of the life that bursts forth in the spring. Life is not all white light and bubbles. There are dark clouds of pain and frustration as well. It’s all part of the cycle.

Whatever you find your numbers to be, remember that nobody has it all down pat. We all have plenty to learn. We do have a choice, however. We can, if we wish, fight against our destiny or try to ignore it. Or we can, as the great psychoanalyst C.G. Jung put it, “do willingly what we must do by necessity.” Viewing ourselves through the lens of studies such as numerology, the Tarot and astrology, we gain a clearer picture of what our own necessity is, and can then travel more consciously on our life’s intended path.

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