Vocational Guidance Report for

Michel de Nostradamus

December 23, 1503

Calculated for 1:58 PM (Precise birth time not known)

Provins, France
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This report is designed to serve as a guide in finding your true vocation. At the same time an analysis of your personal characteristics, strengths or inhibitions, unused potential, karma, creativity, ability to earn money, work in relation to your employment etc., is given. At the end you will find a synthesis of the foregoing that will help you to summarize and clarify your mission in this life. Throughout this report numerous indications of possible vocations or professions related to your astrological influences are outlined. It is suggested that you reflect on this information so that in the end your own intuition can lead you to the best selection.

***** Astrological Data of Birth *****

The birth chart is a map of the positions of the planets at the time and place of birth. For the benefit of students of astrology,
these positions and other technical information is listed below:

Sun      0 Cap 41               Jupiter  11 Can 04
Moon     5 Sco 00               Saturn   15 Can 28
Mercury  5 Cap 25               Uranus    8 Pis 37
Venus    2 Aqu 18               Neptune  22 Cap 38
Mars    18 Can 58               Plu
to     3 Sag 35

Tropical  Placidus   Local Time observed
GMT: 13:44:48   Time Zone: 0 hours West
Lat. and Long. of birth place: 48 N 33    3 E 18  

Aspects and orbs:
Conjunction:  7 Deg 00 Min
Opposition :  6 Deg 
00 Min
     :  6 Deg 00 Min
Trine      :  6 Deg 00 Min
Sextile    :  4 Deg 00 Min

***** Chapter 1 *****

Your individuality. Your personality.

Your emotional needs. Your mentality.

To find the ideal profession, you have to know yourself first. There are activities you are suited for according to your nature, and others you are not. Your ideal occupation should favor the expression of your individuality (Sun) and your personality (Rising Sign), satisfy your emotional needs (Moon) and permit the development of your intellect (Mercury).


You were born under the sign of CAPRICORN and your ruling planet is Saturn, the planet of patience, wisdom and maturity.

Your Sun sign is CARDINAL and this indicates that you were born to be a leader, either in thought or action. You are never completely satisfied in a subordinate position carrying out the ideas of others, unless they are part of your aspirations. You are comfortable working independently or occupying a leadership position.

Capricorn is an EARTH sign and this makes you realistic, practical and concrete. You will have a strong desire to accomplish material goals and need to feel that your career or enterprises permit you to grow a little more each year.

You are very responsible, industrious and tenacious. You are strong and independent and are able to make great efforts and sacrifices to reach your goals. Your realistic and practical sense of life permits you to solve many problems, and your deep and serious manner generates much confidence and respect from people around you. You have an innate ability to organize and direct people, but prefer to work alone. Life may bring difficulties and challenges for you, but also gives you the necessary strength to succeed in your endeavors.

You are traditional and conservative; you are not interested in attracting attention nor are you waiting for recognition for your efforts. You are the support of your family and the one who assumes the bulk of responsibilities. You are not likely to maintain a great social life, but have a protective and paternal attitude with your few friends; you offer yourself fully once a feeling of trust has developed. You have a firm mind and a difficult time changing your objective or opinions; your patience and perseverance is admirable.

You were born to impose order, to be organized and cautious, to observe procedures and traditions, to work arduously, to investigate, to teach and to educate. Your missions are to direct and guide weaker people, to assume responsibilities and to transmit safety and confidence to those who need it, to teach others to economize, to look at life with realism, to be practical, perfective, and mainly, to be persevering.

To evolve, your spirit needs to learn to relax, to enjoy life more, and to be less pessimistic or negative. You have to learn to demonstrate your affections and ideas more openly, and to overcome distrust or inner inhibitions. It will be necessary to conquer the inflexibility of your thoughts, the hatred, selfishness and the tendency to be fatalistic. Your excessive preoccupation with solutions for material things could lead you to neglect your spirituality and religious faith. You have to learn to delegate, to rely on others, and not to smother yourself with responsibilities that you assume.


Your emotions are very deep and lasting and you are zealous and very possessive. You want to share everything with the persons you love and want to spend all your time with them. Because of your strong emotions, you tend to manipulate and dominate others. Try to be more moderate, patient and understanding, otherwise your professional as well as your romantic life will be very tumultuous.

You are direct with your opinions and don't go along with the crowd. Although you appear to be strong, you are very sensitive and can easily become irritated or aggressive. You tend to harbor your anger or desire for revenge for a long time for injustices you may have experienced in the past. You have to learn to forgive and forget so that you can live with more freedom and harmony in the future.

You have a tendency to impose your will on others and to control the people around you. Your strong will allows you to successfully overcome crisis and you have the necessary strength to regenerate yourself again and again. You react abruptly and impulsively and don't tolerate interference from anybody or anything that crosses your path. On the other hand, you have a knack for research and detective work and are fascinated by mysteries.

Subconsciously, you have a strong desire to transform your life and that of others. In previous lives you may have suffered great emotional injuries and crises that have caused you to develop a strong instinct for survival and distrust toward the people that surround you. You also may have experienced violent situations, persecution or confrontation with powerful enemies. Many extreme changes and the loss of stability in the past may cause you to fight passionately for your loved ones and to defend your position aggressively in the present. In this incarnation you have to learn to relax, to be less anxious and to use your aggressiveness constructively.

The profession you choose will have to satisfy your emotional need to have power, independence and safety. You need to know that you can discover, investigate or transform something. You also need your own space and to be alone to accomplish your tasks without pressure.

YOUR MENTALITY: Mercury in Capricorn

You have a very realistic, scientific and cautious mind. You probably won't make decisions very quickly, as you tend to study carefully all the necessary steps to take. You are a very good organizer and also a very good leader. You are more drawn to studies of concrete subjects that teach about life itself. Your analytical mind will register each detail in your excellent memory. You are not likely to fantasize, because your practical mind doesn't like to lose time on dreams. You are very self-disciplined and very responsible with your studies.

Your way of communicating could be limited, as you tend to be very reserved and serious. In spite of your seriousness, you have a sarcastic sense of humor, which will allow you to alleviate some of the tensions of your own responsibilities. You are conservative, traditional and inflexible as far as your ideas are concerned. You have great powers of concentration and will persevere toward your goals. You will have to learn to be less materialistic, dogmatic and distrustful.

***** Chapter 2 *****

Your abilities and your emotions, inhibitions and strengths.

Hidden talents or challenges, Karma.

The location of the planets in the houses and the relationship between them can increase or decrease their power. Aspects of the Sun are related to our strength and those of the Moon affect the emotional world and are expressed on a subconscious level.

Aspects that affect your INDIVIDUALITY:

Sun conjunct Mercury:

You have a powerful mind that will guide you intelligently in your life pursuits. Your ideas are intense and passionate, and you plan your objectives with sufficient forethought and firmness. Not easily influenced, you don't change your mind unless it is your own decision. This confidence in your own ideas will cause you to be successful in your life.

Sun Sextile Moon:

There is a harmonious balance between your ego and your emotions. Your inner balance allows you to act calmly and moderately, and you are likely to attain the things you want without many problems. You are firm and sound in your decisions and are well suited for a profession in the public arena.

Aspects that affect your EMOTIONS:

Moon Square Venus:

You like to enjoy life, and seek merriment and harmony with a certain degree of anxiety. It could be difficult for you to find a balance and consequently, your life may not be very well balanced. You have to learn to control your mood changes, your irritability and a tendency to comfort and overindulgence.

Moon Trine Uranus:

You have a modern and futuristic vision of life and because of this, you act freely and dismiss the old taboos or traditions that would limit you. Very innovative, you will project your individual style. You are very intuitive and can clearly perceive the feelings of others or the possible success of an enterprise. You also are attracted to the hidden sciences and could become a very good astrologer.

Moon Sextile Mercury:

You have a rapid, imaginative, intelligent and retentive mind. If your customary work is related to some intellectual pursuit, you will be very successful. Otherwise you will have to seek a way of using your mental abilities by studying or writing, etc. This astrological influence could bring many trips and the possibility of communicating fluently with others. You have much common sense and your emotions are not likely to obstruct your reasoning.

***** Chapter 3 *****

Expansion (Jupiter) and retraction (Saturn).

To give and to receive.

EXPANSION: Jupiter in Cancer

Your sense of expansion manifests in your desire to protect and support others. You are strongly attached to everything that touches your heart. Your home and your community will always be very important to you, and you love to collect antiques. The feeling of ownership and having roots gives you security and confidence to face any problem in your life. Your growth will depend on taking root in a place where you can feel safe and protected at the same time.

Jupiter Opposition Mercury:

You have an acute mind, but can be a bit chaotic at times. You may jump to conclusions without knowing all the facts. You will have to learn to be more disciplined, to concentrate on the details and to be more persevering with your projects. You are very generous and optimistic, but your exaggerated positive vision could obscure reality.

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn:

You are very disciplined and a bit rigid. Although life seems hard to you and with constant struggles, you have a clear and defined purpose of what you want to achieve. Poise and hard work are combined in your personality. You have business as well as political ability. You probably received orthodox religious training.

Your sense of expansion can be limited by your belief of hard reality. Try to develop thoughts that connect you with the abundance of the universe so that you can achieve your goals more easily and rapidly. Resignation to sacrifice and thoughts of struggle can be rooted deep inside you; from today on affirm that all you need comes to you without effort and at the right time.

Jupiter Trine Uranus:

You are original, creative, determined and practical, which enables you to achieve any goal you set for yourself. Your personal freedom is very important to you and you refuse to be tied down by convention and other limitations. You have great mental energy and can be very warm but not at all sentimental.

RETRACTION: Saturn in Cancer

The inhibition principle affects your emotional security. Your early childhood may have lacked tenderness or your family life may have been troublesome and because of this, you feel certain inhibitions about showing love and emotions. In spite of this, you feel responsible toward your family throughout your life. You can become hypersensitive, your feelings are easily hurt and you tend to withdraw to a place where you feel safe and protected. Basically you need emotional security, otherwise you will be shy, somber and lonely, and will have great difficulty understanding others.

Saturn Conjunct Mars:

You may experience a conflict between inhibition and action. In spite of having good organizational ability, you find it hard to control your energy flow, which could lead to impulsive actions, or, on the contrary, only thinking about your plans. It is important that you learn to act and bring your aspirations to fruition in an organized and gradual way, instead of just thinking without deciding what to do. You tend to seek approval before taking a step forward, and if your inhibitions are very great, you could harbor inner resentments much of the time.

Success in life depends to a great extent on the balance between giving and receiving, expanding and retracting. Even dwelling on the one and only failure you may have had is like not attempting anything.

***** Chapter 4 *****

Summary. Your unique talents.

Each of us is born with a unique talent, and our function in life is to express it. Following are descriptions of the principal astrological influences that form your unique abilities. Although some probable professions are listed, your true vocation is a combination of all these elements. After reading these paragraphs, reflect on them and let your intuition help you to find your own synthesis.


You were born to impose order, organization, caution, to observe procedures and traditions, to work arduously, to investigate, to teach, to educate and to form.Your missions are to direct and guide weaker people, to assume responsibilities and to instill  a sense of safety and confidence in those who need it, to teach others to economize, to look at life with realism, to be practical, perfectionistic, and mainly, to be persevering.

Professions ruled by Capricorn: political career or the military, administrative positions of responsibility, minister, diplomat, manager, investigator, mathematician, computer programmer, engineer, doctor, dentist, architect, and all occupations that require perseverance and patience, routine and organization.


Your job will have to satisfy your emotional need to have power, independence and security. You need to know that you can discover, investigate or transform something. You also need your own space and to be alone to accomplish your task without pressure.