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Alpha frequency, which produces dreams in sleep, is found in the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid at Giza.

Whenever we lower our brain wave frequency below 14 (hertz/beats) per second, we enter dream state consciousness, which is called the Alpha range.

Babies function at the Delta brain wave frequency of about four to six cycles/hertz per second that will speed up as the child develops and gets older. Below 4 beats per second is called Theta.

In awake state consciousness, the brain emits charges of electricity in the Beta range at approximately 20-21 beats per second. Beta consciousness has physical world, time, and space limitations.

Ninety percent of people on planet Earth make decisions within the Beta range frequency of 20-21 cycles per second, where according to scientific research you have a 20% chance of being correct since it is the weakest and least stable of all brain frequencies on the chart.

Upon lowering our brain wave frequency below 14 beats per second, we reach Alpha, another world, or other dimension. All dreaming is done within the Alpha band of frequencies. Alpha frequency is also know as the Universal Frequency.

Fourteen (14) is at the top end of the Alpha band and 7 beats per second is at the lower end of the band. Ten (10) sits at about the middle of the band.

There is a band of energy around the Earth at about the ionosphere that pulsates at about 10 beats per second. The ionosphere is part of the Earth's atmosphere beginning at about 30 miles and extending outward in space to about 300 miles containing free electrically charged particles by means of which radio waves are transmitted like a huge global transmitter to great distances around the Earth.

Any hunches or guesses you have praying, thinking, meditating, or dreaming at 10 cycles per second in the Alpha range, is the strongest and most stable of all brain frequencies giving you a 80% chance of being correct.

The Alpha frequency is within the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid at Giza . If you take a ball of fresh hamburger meat and put it in the King's Chamber it will not rot, it will dry up and become petrified. The Great Pyramid was built this way to create the Alpha frequency to restore to normal that which might be abnormal.


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