July 4-28, 2006
Mercury goes retrograde for three weeks on America's Independence Day holiday on Tuesday, July 4, 2006 at 3:34 PM EST. The planet goes direct 8:40 PM on Friday, July 28, 2006. During this period the planet appears to be "backing up" in the sky and is said to cause communication problems.

On a personal level, the perceptual change in direction of this energy compels us to move more slowly and think things through carefully before making firm or irreversible decisions that may best wait until the communication energies of this planet are flowing in a way with which we are more familiar.

There are a few people, however, that do well under Mercury retrograde. Some of these people have Mercury retrograde in their charts. Others feel the effects of the retrograde a day or two before it occurs - anticipation blues, almost as if the mind knows it is coming and makes some adjustment!

Mercury retrograde is a good time to reorganize, re prioritize, research and do anything that begins with the letters ‘RE'. 

For example, resell, read, redo, rectify, reorder, regroup, resist, replicate, report, repair, renounce, redress, rebound, refine, reflect, regenerate, reiterate, re-grow, register, relay, relationship, renew, remember, repudiate, represent, retouch, reverence, reverse, revert, reawaken, revolt, revise, revive, and relive!

Also, listen to “reggae” music during this period, meaning going backward on sounds emphasizing rhythm & bass instead of lyrics and melody.

The overflow is due to the planet Mercury being closer to the earth than when traveling 'direct'. The idea that the planet is traveling "backward" is a misconception - that is only the perception as seen from earth.

What happens is that the planet Mercury is closer to the earth than when traveling direct, which has the potential of changing our experience of the planetary influence. It is this change in planetary influence that causes communication problems, mishaps and errors that perhaps would not normally occur. It is like changing the voltage on an electric appliance from 60 cycles to 70 cycles before going back to the cycles for which it is designed, or switching from one computer software to another. The mishaps and changes experienced occur because you are more familiar with one type of energy or flow over another, and not because one is necessarily better than the other.

For individuals who are internally flexible, Mercury retrograde is usually not a big deal. Some of these people have well aspected Mercury in their charts or more than one planets or asteroids in Gemini. But for individuals and groups that you depend on during the Retrograde period, Mercury retrograde could present a major problem.

The conservative approach is to avoid major life transforming decisions, communication, contracts, and commitments during the retrograde period. Nevertheless, there are cases where such commitments were highly successful under Mercury retrograde. Hence, it depends very much on the condition of Mercury in your natal chart and how that position is affected by transits, progressions, etc. In the end, it is for the individual, group, or organization to decide based on prior Mercury retrograde experiences and which sign and house the planet will affect in the natal chart.

Sometimes projects initiated under Mercury Retrograde have to be revisited or adjusted at a later time. If you travel or make short trips under Mercury retrograde, you may find that you will visit that place again. Seasons and weather patterns may behave oddly against normal expectations as well.

Things that are suppose to happen under retrograde planets may not manifest both good and bad.

It is however safe to say that armed with this new information, one should be more tolerant and forgiving of yourself and others for communication mishaps that occur during the retrograde period when communication energies ruled by Mercury reach us in a disruptively new, yet rather old and familiar way.

Let us take a quick look at what we can collectively expect during this retrograde period within the Greater New York Tri-state area from July 4-28, 2006. How you may be specifically affected depends very much on how the following chart aligns with your own natal chart and progression.

Within the Greater New York area, efforts to move business projects full steam ahead with be tarded by considerations involving proper and full disclosure and necessary business communication needed for success as well as idealism, desires and material necessities on the home front. Opportunities and success are best actualized by exercising patience and taking a more holistic approach to projects that must be accomplished right away.

The benefits of instinctual needs are hidden for the most part during this period, so are opportunities for love especially involving females or nurturing mother types. This retrograde period comes with mixed blessings. On one hand, we find ease with very little or no hiccups, when we rely on skills and abilities that we have developed and mastered to a very high level of performance over the years pushing us firmly towards our goals and objectives. On the other hand, no matter how hard we try, we may find it difficult to heal certain wounds that are still hidden in the closet, especially those involving sex and all that's related to it.

Expectations of receiving over-due and promised funds and cash flow during this period may not arrive until after the 28th, even though strong efforts are made to make it so. The funds are there and on the way, but the method of payment and transfer that must be used are new, plagued with delays, requirements and lack of following full procedures outlined in fine print and traditional business practices. Follow your intuition during this period. If you think they may require it, they will. Over preparation and a good attitude are the keys to encourage success.


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