Presented at Unlimited-Horizons of the Emeral Coast 2004 Festival, Fort Walton Beach, Florida
The Old World has ended, The New World has just began! - Bob Marley
September 12, 2004

Presentation at Unlimited Horizons of the Emerald Coast 2004 Festival at Radisson Beach Resort, Fort Walton Beach, Florida. This presentation on The New Emerging Consciousness was made 4 days before the 4th hurricane Hurricane Frances decimated central Florida and the entire Florida Panhandle, including Mobile, Alabama. The paper addresses changes in consciousness and how the new century and millennium are preparing us for the future by separating us from the past taking us into a new era of awakening and acceptance through the unfolding of higher universal consciousness.

This Old World, which expresses itself in our fading world order, was seeded around the time of the Roman Empire, which preceded Greek and Egyptian civilization. It gained momentum around the 1st Century AD, was entrenched in the 4th Century AD – the beginning of the European Dark Ages, because the spiritual light of the past went out when the final set of the libraries at Alexandria were destroyed by fire and the doors of the ancient temples closed.

This Old World Order transformed concepts of civilizations and human social interaction, science as it was known then to incorporate both mysticism and spirituality as valid fields for study, religion and religious concepts, but most importantly man’s relationship with the solar system and the entire cosmos.

This Age of Spiritual Darkness oversaw the rise of the reductionist materialism that narrowed man’s sphere of inquiry to the local regions of planet earth and all that surrounded him, and sought in the process to bring all that was within the physical senses under man’s control even at the risk of global annihilation. To achieve and maintain this high level of physical control, everything having to do with truth and spirituality, especially as it related to man’s higher nature and access to higher forms of consciousness, was kept in the closet, in secrecy and amongst a select few that guarded these essential truths with their life.

This was the Age of Pisces, that came after the Age of Taurus – the time of the golden calf.

We are now entering the Age of Aquarius, leaving the Age of Pisces behind!

The Age of Pisces with its immovable monolithic structures, centralized systems of human organizations as seen in armies, religions, industry, are being swept away by the revolutionary and smashing powers of the Age of Aquarius ruled by the planet Uranus. Uranus entered the Tropical Sign of Pisces on December 30, 2003, raving havoc with everything having to do with water, electricity, computers, oil and all forms of fossil fuels, including astrology, computers and telecommunications from now until the year 2010. See Uranus in Pisces.

The four deadly hurricanes that hit Florida in the 2004 Hurricane Season, namely hurricanes Charlie, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne (and Tropical Storm Bonnie) are remainders of Uranus’ active work in Pisces. Issues having to do with water that needs to be transformed or restructured to its fundamental level of operations will materialize and expressed itself during this period while Uranus remains in Pisces.

In May 2010, Uranus shall leave Pisces and enter the sign of Aries, ruled by Mars, the God of War! At that point we can expect sudden and explosive outbreaks of war.

We can see the effects of Uranus in Pisces in China, where water in the Northern Provinces must now be rationed for the first time – a crisis long in the making that will take its full toll sometime soon.

On the West Coast of the United States, Lake Powell fed by the once mighty Colorado River has reached an all time low threatening towns and cities in the southwestern United States, including Los Angeles.

The Old World consciousness that started over 2000 years ago, separated man's consciousness from the role and purpose of the heavens and cut him off from the universe of inner dimensions that governed his life prior to this period.

For example, no major world leader in the ancient world would take an important decision, such as going to war, without first consulting the Oracle at Delphi. To do so, was considered to be insane.

According to Hermes Trismegistus, the “trice-great Hermes,” whom the ancient Egyptians knew as Thoth, the wisest of the gods, in a passage from the Corpus Hermeticum, he writes:

Egypt is an image of heaven, or to speak more exactly, in Egypt all the operations of the powers, which rule and are active in heaven have been transferred to a lower place. Even more than that, if the whole truth be told, our land is the temple of the entire cosmos.

Man fell from a very high and exalted state of being, from higher dimensions of consciousness to this physical lower plane of existence.

It is very difficult for us to understand the dimensions and levels of higher consciousness that exist in the non-physical world, side by side with our present waking reality unseen to the naked eyes. As the Christ said, “heaven is everywhere, but they see it not.”

Since the fall of man, two cherubim with flaming swords, symbolic of the limitation of our minds and psychology to perceive beyond the five senses, except through a gift of the creative forces or through consistent application and practice of mediation. The pineal gland, which some call The Third Eye, was originally the size of a pin pong ball in its original natural state before the fall. It has since then been dried up, reduced to the size of a pea.

In the past, it provided a third window (eye/porthole), a natural crystal ball, through which man could perceive and communicate with spiritual and multi-dimensional beings and realities far beyond our physical existence, giving man the power and ability to harness and pull cosmic, archetypal, and universal forces from the furthest depths of the cosmos.

This perceptive ability was lost through the fall.

The journey of our regeneration and evolution is to take us back to that position of exaltation, to once again participate in a higher levels of universal consciousness.

The Old World consciousness that started in the 4th Century AD will reach its climax around 2012, at which point the seeds of the New World consciousness will germinate, ripping away the enslaving shackles of control encapsulated in all forms of human organizations of the Pisces Age as expressed through our governments, organizations, and corporations common to our present time.

The freedom that this Old World expresses, which is the freedom to do as directed, or, be denigrated, will be replaced by a new concept of freedom, which is the freedom to be who we truly are in harmony with universal and cosmic forces.

For only through the expression of such a unique expression of freedom can man relate to the diversity of influences that naturally exist in our solar system and cosmos.

The new world order will bring the fruits of higher consciousness that was present in the higher civilizations of the past.

This new emerging consciousness has both astronomical as well as astrological significance, some of which we have touch on already.

The new emerging consciousness, or Christ consciousness, as referred to by many, will be a product of the New Aquarian Age that has already started to actively transform society and human relations toward that goal. Developments in technology, communications, the internet, use of electricity and other modern phenomena are all products of the Aquarian Age.

The very relationship of man to man, man to woman, and woman to man, are set in motion for universal change as well.

The result is a liberation of the soul through the individuation of the human spirit in order to come to terms with that which exits within, without reference to outside controlling structures and forms that often dictate one’s relationship to everything that exist outside of one’s self towards a self serving center .

For such an expression to exist, all social and material factors that seek to control and direct human activity, thought, and creativity must be smashed and destroyed leaving in its wake fertile grounds that can give birth to new forms of human and non-human interaction and creative expression on planet earth.

But the emergence of this new form of higher consciousness cannot take root in human affairs in the present era on a mere social or mental level of human development, as pundits of higher learning and education believe that it could.

Such a feeble attempt at changing the paradigm of human social relationship is destined for failure, because man’s nature, meaning woman’s as well, cannot be transformed by social, educational, institutional, emotional, or other forces, including wars and other methods as often expressed through the use of law and other forms of socialization whose main intent is to direct society and human global affairs toward a particular path of perceived truth, often a path based on a conceived truth that serves one set of principles or people at the expense and exclusion of all others.

We never understood what Christ consciousness meant 2000 years ago, and we certainly do not understand what it means today, due to the fact that it has not yet fully come into form on the earth plane. Hence, our discussion of the new emerging consciousness is by inference, as opposed to by fact, which can only be ascertain through experience at the dawn of its full realization and manifestation.

By inference, we may look at the consciousness of prior eras to try to understand how consciousness works. Through this process, we stand a chance to envision through our own individual psyches what the new emerging consciousness might mean that will start in this new century.

In this regard, the consciousness of Mu, Atlantis and Egyptian civilizations, through which runs a common thread of relationships with worlds within and outside of our solar system where man’s relationship to the planets and the sun was well understood and appreciated, must again be understood or rediscovered in order to gain insight on how consciousness operates, transforms, and move man and all life forms on planet earth through portals of time and space.

In Atlantis, a civilization that existed well over 10,000 years before the common era, man’s goal was to build a civilization that worked in harmony with immutable laws of nature, the planets in solar system and the entire cosmos. That system failed when they created more power than they could handle.

We have to get in right on planet earth and within our own solar system before we can project out into the Milky Way galaxy and the universe itself.

We must get it right on planet earth before we can address solar or Ra type energies for human social and evolutionary advancement in this sector of the galaxy.

We have failed the basic requirement of getting it right on planet earth. Hence, our advancement to higher levels of consciousness and development is stifled and held in check and abeyance.

The new emerging consciousness is one that will separate the wheat from the tear.

The demand driven engine of our all consuming ‘wasonomy’ or waste economy, as oppose to conservation and true economy, gained its legitimacy and strength in the renaissance, reformation, and industrial revolutions that encapsulated Europe, opening the door for the west to gain access to critically needed scientific and religious information that was used to feed the growth and scientific development of Europe’s social and material advancement, as well as its conquest of the rest of the world, including the continents in the western hemisphere, both north and south, having stifled and killed off all internal European opposition that expressed pagan, Wicca, Ra, African, Native American or solar type philosophies that are re-emerging to contribute to the new emerging consciousness to once again take their rightful place in western culture and global spiritual affairs.

Throughout the Age of Pisces the old world order attempted to clear the earth of every vestige of “spirit” that it could find, be it African, Indonesian, Polynesian, Asian, European, Native American, etc. to make it subordinate to the power and absolute influence of the state.

We are all born into this social era that has no relationship or link with the past, at least not with respect to the past 50,000, 200,000, or even 500,000 years of super advanced human and non-human culture and civilizations.

Consciousness is part and parcel of the way in which we conceive, perceive, analyze, understand, interpret and evaluate everything that we experience in life in the waking state, at nights in dreams, or in awake lucid states of consciousness.

The new emerging consciousness is a reality that is never in the past nor in the future, except by reflection or projection, but one that is eternally unfolding in the present, the now, or better yet, at this very present moment of time that exists as we now speak, and no where else, at no other time.

Never in the past, never in the future, always present, ever now!

It is in this now that we were born in, and it is in this now that we shall leave this planet when we die. We cannot escape this present moment. It is life! We cannot born or die in the future, we cannot born or die in the past, only now!

We live only in the now, never yesterday and never tomorrow.

Now is the real consciousness, there is no other. It is in the now that the new emerging consciousness will take form and find expression through the expressions of our own lives and souls.

It is this consciousness of the now that transforms man through inner and outer forces, through time and space, as man climbs, or at least attempt to climb, the evolutionary ladder of growth and development towards a higher and more refined level of spiritual attunement.

In ancient Egypt, this consciousness was expressed in the rites and rituals of Osiris and Isis, after which the City of Paris was named being the ancient site of the Temple of Isis that embodied principles of art, beauty and everything that magically represents the soul or form of the feminine spirit that resides within us all.

Egyptian consciousness had at its very core man’s relationship to the cosmos, that included the solar system and the universal galactic order. It fully recognized man’s imperfection as chiseled in a statue of man at the Egyptian Temple at Abydos, showing man’s asymmetrical profile joining right and left hemispheres, expressing the basis of our inner conflicting duality.

Carved in stone at that Temple over least 5,000 years old are images of a helicopter, airplane, rocket ship, and submarine - symbols of a future time, our time.

Ancient records from India, Mesopotamia, Central and South America are littered with stories of space and air flight that our history books deny and refuse to accept.

Some of the techniques recorded in these ancient documents for industrial manufacturing have been used by British and American aircraft companies and found to be sound aeronautical principles.

To a large extent, growth and development of western science and technology have been led by archeologist and historians feeding the scientific community with the secrets of their discovery, while at the same time maintaining the myth that all ancient societies were backward and primitive.

The evidence supports the claim that Egyptian consciousness goes well beyond anything that modern mind can conceive, comprehend, or appreciate. The Great Pyramids at Giza stand as monuments in time showing our relationship with the cosmic order and to the star system Sirius in the Orion belt and much more.

That the Great Pyramid of Giza was build as the burial chambers for Egyptian Pharaohs is a myth, that modern archeologist continues to preach in the face of hard irrefutable evidence, to continually lead man away from a true understanding of his birth right, cosmic origins and future destiny with the stars.

To not recognize the advanced achievements of ancient societies, in some ways, is to undermine our own self worth and cosmic potential.

Maintaining an egocentric pride that this "modern civilization", which is essentially European, with all its scientific and technological wonders, represents the highest achievements that man has ever accomplished on earth, seems more important than learning from the past to help safeguard our continued survival in the anals of time.

For example, the sarcophagus in the Great Pyramid at Giza was never used as a tomb. For this reason, it had no cover.

The expression that, “they entered as mortal men and emerged as gods,” is more in line with the purpose and use of the pyramids in Egypt in ancient time.

Recent images in the National Geographic magazine with the head of Egypt’s Department of Antiquities, pointing at an immaculately clean skeleton, skull, bones, and rib cage of dubious human origins, that were carefully preserved and patiently waiting in a decayed sarcophagus for over 4,500 years for the watchful and glamour seeking eyes of the modern camera, provide strong evidence that the myth not only continues, but has intensified and will continue, until the dreadful monster of deceit breathes its last breath of air.

We should not become dismayed or enraged when we hear stories like these in the media, but rather take faith in the assured knowledge that when the new emerging consciousness takes full form and manifest on the earth’s plane, it shall remove all stumbling blocks that are in its way, suddenly, and completely, never going backwards, always moving forward.

The consciousness of ancient Egypt solved the mysteries of life and death, as did all higher civilization that preceded them. They also traveled back and forth in time and were able to see the future of man and all life on planet forms on planet earth.

The Egyptians knew that their own civilization would come to an end to allow new forms of consciousness to take root to give new expression within the cosmic order.

The sands of the mighty Sahara Desert in North Africa buries the secrets of past civilizations that will one day be revealed through time.

The coming of that time is now!

The North Star (Polaris) once again shines down the shaft of the port hole in the Great Pyramid at Giza to enlighten the bottomless pit. This happened in October 2004 and continuing for much of the remainder of that year. Yet the significance of this globally important cosmic event was totally missed by the media of our time as well as all the great advanced modern scientific and religious minds of our time.

It is a great insult to the lords of the cosmic order that such a miraculous and divine event should go unnoticed while war rages on for frivolous reasons oblivious to the requirements of our times.

The alignment and triangulation of our solar system with the center of the Milky Way galaxy that is about to happen from 2006-2007 is also a significant cosmic event that has escaped the watchful eyes of our esteemed scientific community.

Why? Why is this so? Why is it that some of the most important celestial and cosmic events of the past 25,000 years should escape the public eye devoid of discussion in these modern times?

The reason is consciousness itself.

Having a consciousness that focuses on material possession as the doorway for spiritual liberation, modern man is incapable of knowing its purpose here on planet earth as well as his or her relationship to the cosmos and the creative forces of the universe, or what some commonly call God/Yahweh/Elohim. The full and correct name of which no Jew in ancient Judea or Israel was permitted to utter in obedience to the commandment that “Thou Shall not Call the Name of the Lord thy God in Vain,” a commandment that the modern preacher desecrates daily on the pulip.

Hence, all those who label and give name to the creative forces or entity or entities referred to “God” of the Old Testament, transgresses the divine laws of that very power that they call upon to save their souls, or to offer blessings in these final days of human evolutionary episodes of renewal and spiritual transformation.

Then upon whom might we call upon in our darkest hour for heaven to open its doors to reveal its secrets, when man-made and natural disasters in the form of wars, terrorism, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and global warming intensifies and strikes as we approach the end of Fifth Mayan Age in 2012.

Some say that the coming changes may cause the destruction of hundreds and perhaps millions of people reducing the human race to its natural capacity of about 500 million within our life time. Some claim that great changes will be caused by the approaching Planet X coming somewhere from a region south of the Sun. That Planet X will cause increase solar storms, flares, and radiation fall out and possibly global contamination.

The new emerging consciousness is expected to ushering the Mayan Sixth Age that will start 2012.

It is “an Age of the spirits of the living things,” a time when we regain our awareness of the true essence of life forms and their cosmic and celestial nature. It is also a time that is akin to the Gnostic consciousness, of “The Fullness of Being.”

It is not within man’s power or capacity to stop the changing of the times destined for planet earth, even though he has the power through free will to come into alignment with it.

Instead of preparing for the New Age to come, Man has ineptly chosen to oppose it as seen in the continued mass consumption of fossil fuels, which are the shocks absorbers for continental planes, in a scientifically driven and engineered social system that is fueled by the blood of finance and profits.

The economic monster that has been unleashed on the globe and in human affairs since the closing of the temples of Egypt around 325 AD, has now come face to face with an image of itself and finds it ugly, no less so than the image that Napoleon confronted when he entered the Great Pyramid of Egypt, erroneously thinking that he would be honored by the gods for his murderous works.

Our educational system and universities fail to teach and educate about the truth of antiquity and our more advanced and glorious past, largely because they do not know it, and also because they have functioned in an environment that traditionally ignore or denied the existence of such truths.

Education today is strongly orientated towards selling our souls and hearts to the beast of economic progress and material development, eradicating everything in its path that is natural and of a higher order of intelligence and consciousness.

Graduates often offer the best years of their youth in worship of the all consuming, multiple headed God of science, rationalism, materialism, reductionism, finance, economy, and technology ignoring the spiritual dictum, “thou shall have no other Gods before me.”

“Bring another child to my altar for sacrifice” bellows the multiple headed God of science, rationalism, finance, and technology, “or I shall eat you up.”

And so our politicians cave into its wishes never once questioning the real purpose or intent of why they do the things they do and where will it lead us all.

They do this without consideration of the consequences and costs thereof.

The world’s political order as expressed in structure of world power and organizations, governments, nations, corporations, schools and universities are the very entities that Uranus will strike at, smashing and transforming them in a process towards individuation, which essentially is a more decentralized system of human organization that serves and expresses the uniqueness and diversity of life forms on planet earth that will bring the world’s population and social institutions in line with universal structures and consciousness required for the unfolding of the new emerging consciousness.

The world diligently serves this economic monster through the support of powerful world organizations that are financed and controlled by corporations through which it gains its power:

“And the first beast gave its power to the second beast,” says the Revelations.

We are living in the end times whereby events prophesied over 5,000 years ago are revealing themselves in a rapid and sustained manner.

Being cut off from cosmic spiritual realities that can only be harnessed by going within one’s self, and by sustaining trials, suffering and tribulations that such a journey often entails, is a terrifying experience, as Joseph Campbell correctly points out in "The Power of Myth" with respect to the process of initiation which is a prerequisite for spiritual development that is necessary to gain spiritual enlightenment and wisdom - the keys for entry into the heaven of immortality.

It is very unlikely, but not impossible, for spiritual transformation to occur through religious institutions and conventions that require blind faith and use convenient rituals of baptism, submergence in water or sprinkling of water over the forehead to elevate the human spirit and soul to a higher order, existence, being or level of consciousness that is more in line with godly forms and nature.

We have lost perspective of our place in the universe and of the ancient process of initiation that is required to experience or have access to a higher order of consciousness and existence, that bears fruits of knowing how to behave man to man, man to woman, woman to man, man to animals and all other life forms, man to the creative forces, as well as expressing our unique relationship to the Sun, the Moon and planets in our solar systems, knowing how they affect our lives astrologically in defining our basic personalities, characteristics and contribution, support or blockage to our destiny.

For those of you that study and understand metaphysical subjects, we know that we have better knowledge of the structure and purpose of the universe and that we are not alone!

In this regard, the consciousness of the paranormal, psychic and spiritual realms of existence are ever present and watchful in all of man’s affairs.

For it is not within the power of man to control or direct his own path by himself. Even though his destiny changes and evolves through his own involvement and active participation in same, he is not alone.

Entities referred to as aliens, UFOs, angels and other cosmic and paranormal forces have been present on planet earth, intimately involved in the physical and spiritual growth of man and all life on planet earth since time immemorial.

The very distinction of ourselves as being separate and apart from UFOs, aliens and other paranormal and spiritual forces is firmly grounded in ignorance.

UFO are you too!

Once you understand that no paranormal experience is “abnormal,” only that their entry and exit must obey certain cosmic laws to maintain the structure and foundation of our material existence on this level of the continuum, then you may begin to understand, as the Egyptian mind set had once realized, in everything and in every particle and ounce of existence, there is a seed of the outter universe there within; in the grass, in a drop of water, in the trees, in the birds, literally everywhere, within you and within me. In this regard, the universe exists without and within.

Within everything is the seed of its own creation and regenertaion.

It is not polytheistic to say that God is in everything and everywhere, as the western mind set has framed it.

It is rather a reflection of an intimate and intuitive understanding that within every diverse patch of the universe exists the creative forces of the entire universe; a profound yet holistic concept that is too simple and profound to be reconciled within the restricting and limiting dictates of modern science and religion.

At that point one gains an understanding of the Egyptian mind set that understood psychic and paranormal phenomena, zero point energies and other realities for which repeatable scientific evidence fails to understand being restricted by the very values and rules that that modern science is restricted to operate under leaving us firmly grounded in an existence of material reductionism, economic enslavement through self annihilation instead of elevation of the human spirit and soul throughout the realms of the universal cosmic order.

Once we recognize that the paranormal and psychic realms of existence is part of our human experience as expressed in dreams, which is a true paranormal phenomena that observes no rules, laws, logic, science or common sense, only then can we begin to understand and appreciate that we are One, and that communication with other dimensions and realities of parallel or mutually supportive universes are possible.

Then and only then can we start to understand the true destiny and purpose of man.

The destruction of Maya civilization around the 8th Century AD, which correlated with many things occurring on the earth at that time, has a lot to do with changes in the earth environment that were triggered by increased solar radiation bathing the earth in negative radiation that for the most part wiped out the Mayan civilization, the proof of which is buried in archeological records inaccessible to modern man because of the presumed social upheaval that would result should the public come into knowledge of the pervasive role that the Sun play in our daily existence as expressed through sun spot cycles that starts and ends civilizations every 4000 years on planet earth.

The stage is set for us to experience another all encompassing evolution of the Ages, triggered by wars and actions of men as well as solar and outer space activities as well.

World War III was prophesied on August 13, 1917 by paranormal events that occurred in Fatima, Portugal where a divine entity or angel told three small children what would shortly take place on planet earth leading to the outbreak of World War II.

Our political leaders mistakenly judge the potential for the outbreak of future world wars as dependent on circumstances arising from projected models of World War I & II. They should instead take note that for the most part, World War III has already begun seeded in the actions and causes of 9-11! This new world war will take a form that is unlike traditional wars.

Today, its genesis is being expressed in the sharp divide between democrats and republicans in the USA that threatens to break the social fiber of the country into two opposing countries or value systems, i.e., the north against the south, east against west, US against the world as well as the interplay of global activities that currently encapsulates the world. While all this happens, World War III rages on. The average American and other citizens of the world will be deeply immersed into maintaining their own economic survival, busy serving the God of science, technology, reason, and finance, until they all awake to the indisputable recognition that things have gone way too far to change.

World War III is not a war that any can win. We shall not recognize that it is occurring until it is too late, until the blood, so to speak, has reached the horses bridle.

Then and only then will the world wake up to the reality of planetary and cosmic destruction through increased solar radiation from outer space as Planet X enters our solar system, global warming, El Nino and ecological and environmental degradation from human induced nuclear warfare as countries move to secure any vestige of power and material security that can be gleaned from the earth to ensure their own physical survival.

The idea of collective security under which the United Nations was formed will be thrown by the way side as it was by the USA after 9-11-2001. The initiator of this movement is none other than the drafters of the charter of the United Nations itself.

Hence, as we approach 2012, we find that we are in for a double whammy, destruction from above and reduction from within, primarily through war and ecological and environmental degradation to clear the earth plane of the elemental parasites that will not be tolerated in the new cosmic order designed to bring a new consciousness into man’s daily life and existence – a consciousness that shall accommodate other aspects of life in the universe and on planet earth, especially since nothing, absolutely nothing that exists on this planet, except perhaps for some rocks and water, is indigenous to this earth plane. Everything that you see on this earth plane, be it trees, animals, birds, fishes, air, water, etc. were brought here from other planets outside of our solar systems to create the present world in which we live.

Today, on September 12, 2004:

  • Alaska ’s spectacular glaciers are rapidly disappearing;
  • Two hurricanes and one Tropical Storm Bonnie have hit Florida, with Ivan - the Terrible and more to come;
  • The 20th Century has seen the greatest warming in at least the last 1000 years, and natural forces cannot account for it all. The rise of CO2 and other heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere has contributed. Both greenhouse gases and temperatures are expected to continue to rise;
  • There has been a 9% decrease in the ice cap in the Arctic Ocean in the past decade alone.
  • Large areas of open ocean have appeared in Russia, Alaska, and Canada;
  • Forest clearing and fossil-fuel burning have pushed the atmosphere’s CO2 levels to nearly 100 parts per million;
  • As ice melts and warmer seawater expands, the oceans will rise;
  • Things that happen in geologic time are happening in the short span of human life time of seventy years;
  • Drought since 1999 have drained Lake Powell in Utah way below its high water mark. Drastic water shortages could arise in heavily populated desert areas;
  • Marine life is dying, winters are shorter and nature is changing it habits;
  • The US and global monetary financial systems, which regulates movement of people, resources, manufacturing, trade, goods, and services will not be able to withstand the pressures that will result from increased budgetary spending on disaster recovery efforts. In the wake of Hurricane Ivan, FEMA asked for new federal funding to continue supporting rebuilding efforts in Florida devastated by hurricanes Charley and Frances and Jeanne.

Contrary to modern scientific teachings and philosophy, not even our body that holds the human spirit is indigenous to this earth plane.

Pulled from the farthest reaches of outer space deep within the cosmic universal mind, it was gathered, reassembled and created in a divine act of creation here on planet Earth by the opulent ones.

Hence, we must die in order to leave this earth plane because there simply is no other way out, especially since it is widely believed that we do not possess the technology to travel through the x-ray producing charged particles that exist in the Van Allen Belts that surrounds planet earth in order to gain access to the moon and other planetary bodies, such as Mars, much less travel outside of the solar system, where similar protective and stronger shields exist.

We are trapped, imprisoned here on planet earth for the purpose of the development of our individual spirit and essence, that must, when its job is complete, return to the source from whence it came, taking nothing with it, as it had brought nothing into this field of existence.

Returning from whence we came in spiritual form is likely to occur in the Seventh Mayan Age that will come after the Sixth One that starts in 2012 is over.

And so it is that we must die in order to release our spirit back to the universal force from whence it came, since there is absolutely no other way to exit this solar system, except through the portals of death which is also the gateway of life, through which we came, formed, and were shaped in the material iniquities of the Sun’s ray.

Finding security in space in some form of Noah's Ark, while these events take place in order to return to the Earth’s plane to restart civilization once this destruction has passed away, will fail due to the lack of understanding of the changes through which the earth shall go through and the forces involved that shall ensure that undesired elements of the past or present era, not be allowed to participate in the new emerging consciousness.

One way to confirm that these changes are on track and are occurring, as prophesied in the past millennia, is to observe that within every nine to twelve months period from now until 2012, natural disasters and catastrophes will be more devastating and unpredictable than the ones that occurred in the previous 12 month period.

We are now in the pre-stage of global cataclysmic events that shall plague the earth, including solar radiation poisoning that will cause increased premature births, birth defects, and infertility among women on every continent of the globe, forcing women to sun bath in the nude on the beaches and in the back yards of their homes in order to increase natural solar radiation to the unborn fetus to enhance and improve the chances of healthy child birth.

It is both sad and joyful to say that everything that we associate with progress, human well being and civilization shall pass away, giving way to a higher form of consciousness and culture – one that is more in harmony with the universal laws of nature.

This means that the very soul, constitution, spiritual and physical bodies of man shall go through dramatic fundamental change, because only through such structural reformation can man gain the gifts that would allow him, led by her, the feminine principle of spirit, not necessarily the sex, to participate in a higher order of existence.

“He that has an ear, let him hear,” says the Revelations.

Evidence of the start of World War III is pouring in from all over the world, and we see it not, from hostage taking in Russia, War in Iraq, unexplained explosions in North Korea as well as the true perpetrators, planners and initiators of the 9/11 event in New York City.

The foundation of a new world order is rapidly being established by the decisions and events underfolding everyday. Driven by a new emerging consciousness, the new world order will be unlike anything planned by our past or present world leaders, in fact to their chagrin, its expression shall be quite the opposite.

Antot Masuka

Copyright © September 12, 2004