Prediction for the Next President of the United States Based on the Earthquake Dream
Illinois Senator Barack Obama
Date & time stamp in World Dream Journal on November 18, 2007

This prediction was made in December 2006 based on astrological analyses of the 9-30-06 Earthquake Dream.

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With all due respect for New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, the prediction about the next president coming from the State of Hawaii was made in December 2006 and posted on this web site in early January 2007 before any candidate announced his or her intention to run for President of the United States and before any foreknowledge of who Senator Barack Obama really was. To follow-up on this question of who Obama really was, a note was written and posted on this website on April 19, 2007 entitled, Who Is Obama and What Does He Stand For? This note sent to the Obama camp in April 2007 to learn more about his campaign and candidacy, which never received a reply. The prediction in December 2006 simply said that the next president would come from Hawaii or have strong connection with that State even though at that time, it seemed obscure to the author that the prediction could ever come true (See Prediction). At the time, no one was thought of or linked to the State of Hawaii who might consider running for president. Susan Aiu of Hawaii was the first to suggest that the prediction and analysis of the dream image related to Senator Obama, but because he was not from the Big Island of Hawaii as represented by the dream image, the author was doubtful. Barack Obama was not linked with this prediction until more was learned about him in early January 2007. Within weeks of posting his name on this web page as the next President of the United States of America, Senator Obama announced his candidacy to run for office - Written: June 1, 2007.

The author derived from analysis of the Earthquake Dream that the Center of the USA will switch from east (Washington, DC) to west (Hawaii) and that both would be indelibly interlocked. Asia on its own initiative and by its own actions would play a major role, helping the United States in future years. Among other things, the square within the map of the dream image (the four dashes with a dot in the center) is symbolic of the White House and Washington, DC in particular. Issues of Hawaii dominates the national scene.

Read about Senator Obama's links and connections to the State of Hawaii in the International Herald Tribune and New York Times articles of June 1-2, 2007:

NYTimes Article Page_001
NYTimes Article Page_002

International Herald Tribune

Please note that astrological interpretation and predictions are oftentimes different from one's own original expectations or views because as an astrologer, one has to interpret what one sees in the symbolism of the natal chart and not what he or she thinks or believes to be the case in any particular circumstance or at any point in time. Because of this natural inner-outer conflict that the symbolic or astrological interpreter has to resolved within his- or herself, astrological interpretations are subject to error, but the message emanating from the symbolism as well as the natal chart are never wrong. As stated in the Earthquake Dream, sense is never wrong or deceived, neither is the astrology chart, but what follows in terms of interpretation is opinion and is therefore subject to truth or falsehood. See Manly P. Hall's statement on this subject at Earthquake Dream.

In other words, to be good at symbolic or astrological prediction, interpretation and analysis, one oftentimes has to free one's self of prejudicial biases, thoughts and opinions so that the energies and messages of the "stars" can flow through without interruption, distortions or perversion. This often is the key to achieving good interpretative results regardless of what is being interpreted. Meditation and cleansing rituals are sometimes used by astrologers and some psychics for exactly this purpose, i.e., to achieve a clear sense of perception of cosmic and universal truth, that is not always present in individual souls.

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