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Pyramid for Sale
Custom Copper Multi-Energy System
$1,350* + Delivery

(Chair not included)


This pyramid is custom hand-made for multi-energy purposes detectable by sensitive individuals as well as some psychics. The rings balance out the energy. The pyramid is said to have an impact of making right whatever is wrong. It is believed to do so by its late inventor even when no effects are felt. The pyramid is large enough to fill the space of a 12 feet x 12 feet room. Great for meditation! Though not guaranteed, it can be used for telepathic communication and other esoteric purposes. It can be used to energize and reformulate the molecular structure of water though guided mediation or prayers. Some like to sleep under the pyramid. Although not guaranteed, the pyramid has been known to produce past life regression in some individuals, throwing them back to another place in space and time. However, such guided meditation or any form of hypnosis or out-of-body experiments should not be undertaken in the pyramid and is not a recommended use for this device.

Each pyramid is custom hand-made to order. The chair is not included. No electricity or electrical device or other energy source, including batteries, candles or fire, should be used or placed inside the pyramid once it is up and standing. There is usually a 3-6 months wait period unless immediately available in stock. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of order. Full refund if not delivered within 8 months from date of order. Balance due at time of shipping. Six-months guarantee for manufacturer defects or damage due to shipping. Repair or replacement due to defects or damage, but no refund after delivery. Estimated time of manufacture and delivery will be given at time of order not to exceed six-months.

Requires about a 12' x 12' space with a minimum 9 foot ceiling.
Forms a 10 foot square at the base.
Is about 7 feet high when spread out at its base and fully opened.
Measures about 9 feet x 6 inches when closed and folded.
Assembled and disassembled for use in less than 10 minutes.
Stores easily in any garage or narrow space with a 9 foot ceiling.
Cap stone is a separate cooper pyramid that lifts off separately.
Cap stone is 15" square at base X 10" high.
Cap stone can be used separately to generate pyramid energy.
The circular energy rings easily detaches and stores separately as well.

Room space must allow one side of the pyramid to face north.
Proper usage requires a magnetic or marine compass (not included) to align one side of the pyramid to the North Pole.

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