Planetoid at 84 Billion Miles Away In Space That Lives at the Bottom of the Sea

Your imagination is your preview to life's coming attractions - Albert Einstein

On March 15, 2004, NASA announced that it discovered Sedna, red, blood red, 2003 VB12, located in somewhere the Oort Cloud on November 14, 2003, 06:32:57 GMT, Palomar Observatory, California Institute of Technology, California, USA. The discovery date was in the middle of the period between the Lunar Eclipse and Harmonic Concordance that occurred on November 8, 2003 and Total Solar Eclipse that occurred on November 23, 2003. Pluto is the farthest planet in our solar system orbiting the Sun, while Sedna is the farthest 'planetoid object' in our solar system orbiting the Sun. Pluto, a few hundred miles wider in diameter than Sedna, is 4.3 billion kilometers or 2.7 billion miles away from the Sun at its minimum distance, while Sedna is only 130 billion kilometers or 84 billion miles away from the Sun or thirty (30) times farther than the planet Pluto is from our Sun. A hour's drive if you have the right space vehicle.

Sedna's orbit is extremely elliptical and takes 12,259 years to go around the Sun. It will come closest to the Earth in 2076, which is 72 years from now, before it starts its journey back out into the cosmic deep. Even from that close distance, the Sun will be seen as very small when viewed from Sedna's perspective. Astronomers at Caltech's Palomar Observatory say that Sedna has no moon as they had hoped for. Sedna was named using Inuit (Eskimo) mythology, where Sedna, Goddess of the Sea with close affinity to whales and dolphins, is the daughter of a widower - a man who lost his wife!

And as the story goes, Sedna was a young beautiful Eskimo girl who rejected all her suitors. She eloped with a raven (a trickster) but was unhappy in the marriage. Her father came and rescued her. Her husband caused a mighty storm on the sea as they made their escape. Her father acting selfishly and fearing for his life, threw his daughter over board. When she tried to climb back into the boat, he gouged out her eyes and chopped her fingers off with a knife as she clench steadfastly onto the side of the boat begging to be pulled in.

Sedna accepted her fate and sank to the bottom of the frigid Arctic sea. Her fingers became seals, walruses, and whales that the Inuit hunted, and Sedna became the goddess of the deep Arctic Ocean.

In the end, there was no one there to care for Sedna, no mother and no Moon for Sedna, but the Goddess survived her ordeals and lived on at the bottom of the sea
, where when made angry she raises havoc, causing storms and destruction on land and sea.

Sedna is at 17° of Taurus. It goes to 20° Taurus July 2006 to March 2008. In January 1900 Sedna was at 7°' Aries. In May 1939-41 during World War II, Sedna was at 20° Aries. It entered Taurus 0°0' in July 1965 to February 1968 - one love, hippie age, flower power. Sedna will enter Gemini June 2023-2024.

With respect to the astrological significance of Sedna, now that she is in our global consciousness, expect strong influences from afar, particularly in money matters and matters of sustenance, that you will not be able to react to, touch, reach, or communicate with directly, wherein such influences will have the power to transform your life for better or worst.

Consider for example, the impact that multinational corporations have had on the global economy within the past 50 years wherein a significant portion of the income of industrialized nations was earned abroad from agribusiness, energy, food and manufacturing, inter alia. In many cases, there is nothing that can be done if other nations nationalize their industries, embargo oil, or raise havoc in some other way, which we have seen happen in the last Century. These other countries must be appeased in the same manner as when Sedna is angry to get the system to work again (economic aide packages, poverty reduction, technical assistance, etc.).

The policy of Free Trade provides ammunition for nations to create terrible economic storms and havoc if for any reason a country chooses to go to war with a trading partner. The proliferation of nuclear weapons and the devastation that those weapons represent could make trade an attractive weapon of choice unlike past wars where trade flourished and grew despite targeted disasters at sea.

Consider as well the effect of Osama Bin Laden on global politics wherein he has not yet been caught as an indication of Sedna being activated into human affairs and consciousness wherein the influence is coming from afar, some may say from deep within a dark cave somewhere in the Middle East and/or Western Asia.

Consider also the DC Sniper case in Washington, D.C., John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Mal operated from a dark hole from the trunk of their automobile until they were caught. Again, Sedna at work, shaking up the status quo and causing terrible damage because her basic needs were not appeased or satisfied.

Therefore, expect within your own personal life that while you know what is causing the problem or bringing you a blessing, as the case may be, the real influence or active agent will be from a place that is far out of your reach, a place that you have not seen or heard of, yet its influence shall be real and transformative in your life.

The Sedna influence is now activated in all spheres of human life and consciousness as other planets took center stage in the last Century. If there was ever a time when a butterfly can flap its wings in China and cause a terrible hurricane in the Caribbean, that time is now!

In classic Inuit mythology, earthquakes causing Tsunamis is a Sedna phenomena. The sea monster is likely to raise her head in ways that we have not seen before. Soon after Pluto was discovered we experienced the awesome power of the atomic bomb. What sea or ocean event will announce Sedna's arrival on the world scene?

If you want to nullify the effects of Sedna make a pilgrimage to the bottom of the sea, call her out, if she will come, comb her hair and do for her what she cannot do for herself by bringing gifts to appease her that she may once again release her seals, dolphins, walruses and whales so that the hunt can continue so that the people in the village can get food to eat. This is what the Inuit Shaman does when there is a terrible storm on the seas and seals are no where to be found for the hunt. He goes on an inner spiritual journey to appease Sedna so that his people can get food to eat. If it worked for them, it will work for us too.

The symbolic meaning of Sedna is to be influenced or transformed by an active 'hurt or cold' agent that operates from a deep, hidden place within the human psyche and consciousness or a physical place or location on the planet, country, city, community, family, industry, profession that is unreachable, incommunicado and far from your sphere of daily activities.

In summary, Sedna represents an unreachable, active influence or agent for which you have no recourse or influence for better or worst! From a psychological point of view, this could represent fear or traumatic experiences developed in childhood that are difficult to reach. The key would be to bring these out to the surface into the conscious light to allow healing through recognition by giving expression to that which was unthinkable or deeply hidden, taboo secrets for example.

If healing does not occur within a reasonable period of time, which differs on a case by case basis depending on the personality and the trauma experienced, the agent's personality may harden over time, fixating into positions of rejection, rebellion, and distrust, causing revenge or misguided mischief. Another result can be internalization leading to physical disease, depression, neurosis, or other health maladies, including obesity.

The house in your chart that Sedna transits indicates the area in your life where Sedna operates. For society in general, it affect matters dealing with sustenance, money, and nourishment. Whenever the least amongst you is affected, the whole suffers. That is Sedna!

From that perspective, Sedna plays a role in bringing forth Christ consciousness in the evolution of man. For a company, it means that disgruntled employees must be dealt with swiftly, not by firing them, that would be the worst solution, but rather by listening attentively to their concerns and addressing those concerns in a diligent, rational, fair, balance, and respectful manner regardless of the political backlash. This is so unlike unconventional thinking and wisdom, but that is exactly what this Age requires under Sedna's influence.

For a country, this means that when Sedna is activated, it will affect the country's economic income.

Under Sedna, pay attention to small things, they matter and make no assumptions.

In June 2023- April 2024, when Sedna enters Gemini expect increased communication with entities far away, that if not appeased, will cause great havoc on earth. Contact with extraterrestrial intelligent life forms within and outside of the Solar system are very much likely at that time and almost certain to occur, but not earlier.

At this time as well in 2023, scientists may develop techniques for communicating with dolphins and other sea creatures. The volumes of what they have to teach us are unfathomable!

Anyone following unfolding research may expect contact to happen earlier. Those researchers know that this analysis is not far fetched. The evolution of mankind and life on planet earth will not slow down to serve man's proclaimed and oftentimes archaic notions of civilization or reality.

The changes that are coming will surely unseat us from our sense of self, security, and "normalcy" creating as always a brand new sense of being that is superior to the one that is being left behind. Those who do not adapt to the times will be left behind, holding onto a past that will never return again!

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