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The Dunajewski Effect
Dunajewski Effect in the World


Earthquakes are possible to predict, in my opinion.

Dunajewski Earthquake Predictions
Recorded in World Dream Journal on October 21, 2007

1) ....
2) ....
3) DATE: 2008-03-09
Magnitude 6.0
09 MAR 2008; LAT : -1.5 LONG : 102
Region: Indonesia

4) DATE: 2013-10-31
Magnitude 9.3
LAT: -
Region: Indonesia

New Madrid- 2xxx; Magnitude 7.8

Boston - 2xxx: Magnitude 4.7


Earthquake: 2007-08-15 23:40:58
Lat: -13,354 ; Lon: -76,509 / Peru /
M 8,0

In my opinion, this is the activity of Saturn.


The Nature of Earthquakes

1.    Earth is a liquid mass of hot substances surrounded by the layer of set rocks creating an outer mantle.

2.    This liquid mass is inhomogenous. Hot mass is in a unceasing thermal convection motion.

3.    In the course of convection motion the liquid mass is subject of Coriolis` acceleration. It can be seen because of a different behaviour in the northern and southern hemisphere. The acceleration imparted by the Coriolis` effect may force a body motion component directed outwards or inwards the sphere in question. Masses, subjected to such factors, may want to "escape" outside.

4.    The most important is the behaviour of the liquid earth mass due to celestial bodies` gravity force impact. The decisive factor is the Moon's impact. Moon`s daily motions very clearly affect the behaviour of seas and oceans. Because of a high density and viscosity, the liquid mass of Earth is more inert than sea waters. The Moon shows its decisive influence when we combine the periodicity of earthquakes with the periodicity of Moon`s position in relation to Earth. For example the Moon`s orbit great axis makes a full revolution during almost 9 years. Such a period separates e.g. earthquakes in Aachen (Germany).

5.    Under the influence of outer forces earthquake foci form, its sites creating a spiral going from polar areas to the equator. In a slow motion we have a symmetry of these trajectories on both Earth's hemispheres.

6.    New main wave centers are the origins of a lower order wave starting points, running more in the direction of the equator with a speed of one order higher than the speed of the main wave. Earthquake foci displacement velocity and their magnitude are in the first approximation the effect of perturbations caused by the Moon on a spinning top, which is formed by the rotating Earth.

7.    Particularly strong tremors occur during the unfavourable configuration of Earth, Moon, Sun and planets.

8.    In the first diagram points with coordinates -0.89;-62.87;-2.07 (1998) well illustrate the next thesis, describing that almost simultaneously occur impulses fading in the equator area and starting impulses in the areas closer to the poles. Consecutive main waves overlaps ends of former ones (occurence time). Currently the most visible are the waves occuring every 9*3=27 years.

9.    The example of a wave can be a chain of events, the beginning of which has its place in 1931 in New Zealand, then 1944 Argentina, 1970 Peru reaching Equador in 1979.

10.    On the northern hemisphere the waves like to start from Alaska, whereas on the southern from New Zeland. These two points are symmetrical with respect to the equator. It is another confirmation of hypotheses advanced.

11.    Dynamic proccesses are described by us most readily averaging their course in time. Initially the behaviour of a given area can be averaged in 10-years` periods. Such a degree of approximation well averages the tremor activity. It is shown on a diagram. It presents the annual magnitude of events of 7+ force.


Diagram 1

Diagram 2

Mechanical - Classic New - Philosophy
Sir Isaac Newton (1643–1728, England)
Sir Isaac Newton + Dunajewski Effect

Gravitation: Static

F=G*(m 1)*(m 2) / R*R

Gravitation: Static + Dynamically

F=G * (m 1) * (m 2) / R*R + F(v)

See: Fact /Incident/
See: Fact /Incident/
Yesterday; Today; Tomorrow
The body-mind problem - fiction.
The body-mind problem - no problem.
“In dreams and its interpretation”- fiction
In dreams and its interpretation - no problem.


Yesterday; Today; Tomorrow


Life On Earth - Cycles
1 day = 24 hours
1 hour = 60 minutes
1 year =365/6 days
for about 4 billion years
/The Moon/
natural cycle = 434 days
activation = 7 days

See: The Role of Culture & Impact of Philosophy

dr inz. Jacek Dunajewski
Ul. Kniewskiego 2m4
PL-42 500 Będzin

Przedstawiony powyżej materiał został zgłoszony w czerwcu 2002 do USGS National Earthquake Information Center

The Dunajewski Effect in the World
Classical vs. New Philosophy

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