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National Earthquake Safety Day being observed today

The 10th National Earthquake Safety Day is being observed in Nepal today by organising various awareness programmes.

The day is observed by Nepalis on 16th January every year, to commemorate the catastrophic earthquake of 1934.

A major earthquake measuring 8.4 on the Richter scale had shaken the country on that day, leaving over 5,000 people dead, some 25,000 injured and around 60,000 houses destroyed. Hundreds of thousands of other houses were also partially damaged. The earthquake also caused huge casualty and damage in the neighboring Bihar state of India.

According to the National Society for Earthquake Technology-Nepal, if an earthquake as powerful as that of 1934 is to again hit Kathmandu valley then it would result in deaths of 40,000 persons and over 100,000 people may be rendered homeless.

In his message on the occasion of National Earthquake Safety Day, Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala called upon all to remain alert of earthquake, adding that if public awareness about earthquakes could be raised then it could save lots of lives and avoid loss to property.

The Department of Urban Development and Building Construction (DUDBC) is also celebrating the day by organising various programmes in the capital.

According to a statement issued by the DUDBC, a rally will go through the thoroughfares of the city and converge into a mass meeting at the Bhugol Park, which was constructed in memory of victims of 1934 earthquake.

Similarly, an earthquake safety exhibition is being conducted in the office of the Lalitpur Sub-metropolitan City and an earthquake simulation is being organised indifferent parts of the country which organisers said was to create awareness about earthquakes and share knowledge and information about safety measures.

Meanwhile, Oxfam GB Nepal has urged the governmentto take immediate initiative to improve the seismic resistance of public buildings such as schools and hospitals to protect children and women from earthquake.

Issuing a statement on the occasion of the earthquake day, Oxfam said tens of thousands of Nepalis, mainly children, remain at risk of avoidable death or injury due to lack of urgent steps to improve seismic resistance of public buildings such as schools and hospitals. nepalnews.com ag Jan 16 07

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