May 1, 2004

From out of the Darkness Comes Light!

This paper analyzes the role of consciousness on the war effort and how that brand of particular consciousness transforms and in some ways weaken society. Fear breeds weakness by robbing life forms of its vital life energy. Fear breeds more fear. It's an never ending cycle. The Addendum discusses the weakening of the will of the American people and the possible natural law consequences of a war strategy that has psychologically blocked a people from addressing urgent, important and practical issues facing them with even larger practical, daily life issues lurking at the door, in lieu of pursuing mass hysterical illusions of government's protection of the people from state sponsored fear. The consequence is more deadly destruction from dimensions not yet addressed, visualized or thought of before, but never of the kind expected or thought possible or emanating from earlier perceived notions of fear or terrorism.

Many people are searching for a solution to the present predicament in the Middle East. It is very important that the United States stop this war by first renaming it the Action for Peace, Harmony, Global Brotherhood and Cooperation or something specifically along those lines that carry this message and meaning, anything less will not be taken seriously by the world community at large.

From the renaming of this war would come a new attitude on government, social, and global bases.

Once this first step is taken, what needs to come next will be obvious to all involved and would fall in to place by itself. Human intervention, aggressive actions, and instigation will not be necessary at that time, as all will be moving in the same direction.

The very idea of “terror” and “terrorism,” which is at the heart and basis of all wars at all times, that people hear continuously throughout the day to remind them of the September 11th tragedy and the fight against “terrorism,” would be transformed in to more productive and positive channels of human communication and cooperation, something that is desperately needed and lacking in global consciousness, understanding, and communications today.

Hence, the escalation continues from the fall out when the United States unilaterally entered Iraq without world sanction or support. The results of which are evident in daily news headlines. Recent decisions and actions in the Middle East within the past 30 days have dramatically increased the stakes for all.

Countries are taking sides, creating, and forming new alliances and strategic blocks at this moment as we speak in order to protect interests and take territory and assets when opportunities present themselves that shall result in global mass confusion and further escalation on all sides.

This is the current state of affairs in the world today, and the war on terrorism has isolated countries, created new blocks, and aligned many others for what some may see as inevitable at this stage in time.

The escalation in ‘world terror consciousness’ has gone on unabated and must stop now on all levels and in all spheres of human life, including social and economic. Humanity is fast losing its way and the monster that lives within is rising faster than we think.

We are feeding the fire, not putting out the flames that are presently burning. This can be seen by the dramatic rise is real terror activities such as the burning of the bodies of US soldiers in Fallujah, Iraq and a strengthening and consolidation of Islamic and other forces that are hostile to the United States and other western interests.

We are preparing the world for a mighty war and we see it not. It is not a war that any can win.

If this war on terrorism is not renamed along peaceful lines, where the communication energy becomes positive, the situation in the Middle East will get worse and lead to a much wider global and regional conflict – the type of which eyes have never seen before. At that point, terror would have truly earned its name by finding its place in the world community, and none, none at all shall be able to stop it once its venom has been unleashed in to the world affecting millions in many population centers. Our nightmares shall indeed have become reality.

It will make the terror tactics and activities perpetrated by Imperial Japan, Fascist Italy, and Nazi Germany, and later the United States through its use of nuclear bomb to end World War II, look like child’s play – and the orchestra shall play on, and play on it shall indeed! This is the future that we steadfastly march towards believing that our generals know the way and our strategy for global stability correct.

This is not a warning. That is not possible, especially since no one can influence the leaders of our time through mere communiqué. This is not even a wake up call, but rather a request to give serious thought to the possibilities and the cost of the consequences as the next soldier dies. That which has been laid out for humankind through prior decisions must travel its course in history. The choices and decisions are in your hands, should you choose to influence the direction of future events. It is possible to make a difference, but only if you act now!

Just this one simple action at this time, to eliminate the use of the word “terrorism” from formal and vernacular usage and move towards an Action for Peace, Harmony, Global Brotherhood and Cooperation, would send a strong message to Israel and the Islamic world that they must now face a new America; one that can recognize its mistakes, heal its wound, and continue to shine light in to the rest of the world.

But America must be willing to follow through on its action once it decides to move in this direction, noting that, “none would emerge from the total destruction, which would be the lot of all” should we choose to continue in this direction.

If the United States does not do this soon, and very soon, let us say within this year but sooner is really required such as by early summer, I am afraid to say that future events cannot be avoided where Russia and China will play major roles. At that point, turning back the hand of time will be impossible. The book will be sealed.

If what I wrote in “Towards A New World Order” on April 1, 2003, when no one was listening or viewing matters from that perspective, if that analysis is an indicator of an honest assessment of a situation attempting to see it with as clear and as rational a vision and perspective as one can muster within one’s self that manifested to a relatively high degree of accuracy, then I hope that what I say in this note is all wrong and is so proven in time. I wish this most sincerely for myself and all others.

In this regard, and without prejudice of malice to none, I urge President George W. Bush, who is presently championing the war on terrorism and escalating matters even further as a strategy for maintaining power at all cost, and Treasury Secretary John Snow, who needs to address international trade and economic policy in a new light, and provide judicially prudent relief to millions of poor and middle-class Americans ruled more so by large quasi-monopolistic corporations and stringent financial systems than by an elected state, governor, or government authority that put crushing financial pressures through sophisticated and merciless electronic collection and payment systems on the poor and jobless in this country that have joined force over time with government to circumvent, and in some cases eliminate, consumer protection laws as well as meager SEC powers to maintain internal competitiveness for the public good and safety, and State Secretary Colin Powel who needs to make a policy stand without abandoning the battle for that which he knows in his heart is right and best for this nation, to all take note of the consequences of inaction.

These maladies are very much alive and functioning well in the western world today. Much of which has led to a new form of “social, economic, and political terrorism” in the social and public health arenas that has contributed directly to a continued disintegration of the collective national and communal psyches leading to increased crime and prison over population in the United States of America and elsewhere, that is rapidly exported abroad daily as we speak.

Headlines that reads, “I killed them all,” on Wednesday, April 21, 2004 in the Tallahassee Democrat are not coming from the Middle East but rather from our own backyards here in the United States where Kimberly Walker, 18, Deondra Scott, 35, Laterica Jackson, 14 and Terrel Brown, 9 are gunned down by Willie Sentille Smith, 21 in the small town of Hardaway, near Tallahassee, Florida. This kind of terror killing is connected to the War in Iraq, the Columbine tragedy, September 11th, the DC sniper case and a full and steady stream of break in social consciousness that has been mounting to higher and higher grounds since the start of the new millennium. To some degree, it is nobody’s fault, but to a large extent it is everybody’s responsibility. Those who have eyes, let them see.

I must add, however, that if growing our own wheat at heavily subsidized prices and securing stock piles of precious and essential strategic metals and compounds, including oil, is of national security interest, then sustaining and maintaining America’s manufacturing and industrial capacity and hegemony under more advanced environmental procedures and policies, and keeping its people fully engaged and employed is also a national security priority, which must not be taken lightly by any president or made subordinate to theoretical free trade models measuring the financial, domestic, or economic return to the national economy in strictly financial value terms, without regard to the resultant break down in physical and social infrastructures and the fostered inability to maintain sustainability of human relationships functioning as autonomous free thinking beings in a free and democratic society where its citizens have the right to privacy away from government electronic and manual oversight, manipulation, restrictions and control, free speech, and the necessary tools to preserve his or her own dignity, security, material needs and requirements, economic liberty, social justice and harmony, spiritual awareness, and personal physical happiness.

The US government’s loss of trust in its own people is leading to state control of individuals through electronic profiling and targeting of individuals as well as selected communities through mass media, television, radio, and in many cases direct personal contact in order to manipulate and influence public opinion as well as elections and voting results. We have the form of democracy, but not the substance of what democracy should represent. It is democracy indeed that in under attack, both within and outside of the United States and western world.

The time for action to reverse the worsening trends is now!

Choose wisely, while the hallways of time are still open providing us with yet a short breathing spell in which to act.

Antot Masuka

Copyright © May 1, 2004