With Commentary on the State of the Nation and the World
April 1, 2003

Create within me a pure heart, O God, and renew a righteous spirit within me… Edgar Cayce Reading 281-15
Critical universal and metaphysical factors present at the start of the Iraq War era that perhaps would have led to its reconsideration. Sent to the US Government on April 8, 2003, this paper outlined strategic factors that needed to be considered before going to war and the ultimate universal natural law consequences that would ensue in an universal and cosmic sense should these elements be ignored. In this regard, the paper serves as a post script of much of what has happened since the war started, including strong Iraqi resistance through guerrilla war, rising oil prices, a weakened dollar, and much, much more.


In one imagery it was discussed that even with the help of the “Gods” working from their holy place in heaven, that it is virtually impossible to control or put down evil. Evil has an eternal and persistent nature so it seems – and the Gods themselves recognize that.

The ancients understood this very well. Hence, destroying evil should never be the goal because the effort is futile and too much energy will be lost, but rather one should seek instead to “turn the head” of the evil-doer by gaining its respect, so that when you approach the evil-doer it will bow its head in humility and give you safe passage.


Part of the reason why this is so is that no power on planet Earth can overcome spirit, because spirit at the core of its being, is eternal. This gives rise and substance to the eternal nature of evil, but only to the extent that an objective viewer assesses an action or act as being “evil,” which we now know is all relative.

Hence, evil does not exist. There is no axis of evil; it is all mythology, i.e., praying to the God of Destruction (Seth-Egyptian, Kali-Indian, the Devil-Christian) that is within (a part of the Ego structure – Carl Jung) to imbue its properties in your soul and to the unsuspecting souls of others to achieve a personal, corporate, organizational, or national goals.

Buddhist understands this concept very well. Hence, they will blame no one for any “evil” that might befall them in life no matter how horrible the act perpetrated against them. Agnostic Christians around the time of Christ in the 1st Century A.D. understood this concept as well, which was their sword of defense against the cruel acts that the Romans inflicted against them in an effort to destroy their belief system. ... so do the Amish in Pennsylvania in modern times.

Most Abrahamic faiths, except for Judeo-Kabbalist, view “evil” as an outside objective force that influence the worshipper’s behavior and the behavior of others to do “bad” to themselves and others. These faiths often never see themselves as the perpetrators of “evil” toward others as a way of forgiving or ignoring the so called “evil” that others might have been perceived to have committed against them. The Kabbalist rightly says, ‘it is your “tikun,” you can’t blame anyone for anything that happens to you.’ The Buddhist says the same thing, but in another way.


In the weighting of the heart to achieve balance, it is “Ammit” in Egyptian mythology – the crocodile-headed beast that devours the souls of those who fail the trial of the balance. The heart when put on the scales of righteousness and justice must be as light as a feather – a very high standard of spirituality even for individuals in today’s society.


At best, it seems, total victory over evil, from an Egyptian social consciousness point of view, is virtually impossible in the material universe in which we live. This mean that any war strategy designed to achieve the total destruction of “relative-evil,” i.e., evil as you see it, will ultimately fail.

One should not try to totally eliminate the differences in the opposites; they serve a useful purpose even thought we may not see the light. Such feeble attempts usually serve to destroy oneself from a Buddhist, Abrahamic, mystical, and spiritual points of view.

The sperm imprisons spirit in to matter, and the female makes it grow and develop in to something greater. This is a science unto itself. Hence, all wars are not acts of mass destruction, even though they can lead to that in the Modern Age, but an act to chop off the head of the snake – to kill its male spirit to be able to drink and use its female/passive qualities to nurture its own existence and/or cultural/national organization. In the case of the Middle East, chopping off the head of the snake may lead to the creation of many snakes vying for power and control with the U.S. stuck in the middle. The snake eats its own tail when these lesser venomous creatures view destruction of U.S. control in the region as an act to nourish and empower their own existence, faith, religious, and cultural organizations.


We know that Uranus entered Pisces (in the Tropical Zodiac) on March 10-11, 2003 depending on where you live in the world ( London at 11:00 PM on March 10, 2003). For this reason, this might not be the best time for America, or anyone, to undertake risky ventures where the stakes are high and the outcome uncertain. Even with certain outcome, one should be careful of surprises that lurks deep in the watery grave/bosom of the unknown that Uranus is certain to evoke during the next seven years of Uranus’ transit through the sign of Pisces, that will end somewhere around 2010, one year before the date when the Mayan calendar comes to an end in 2012.


America should not be drawn in to a war for which it does not fully understand the deeper, inner motivations of the perpetrators of wrong doing. It is very hard for the United States (individual Senators, Congressmen, etc.) to come to terms with, understand, or accept that they may not fully understand a particular political or global situation or development since as “leaders” of the “free world” they are expected to know everything.

The worst part is that they do feel this way about themselves, i.e., they feel that they do know everything. This will be the greatest blunder of American foreign policy in this century. It’s not that the knowledge is not there. It is. The answer is that “truth” on which their decisions should be based will take more time to emerge.

Decisions for a war in this period or time in human history after the development of nuclear and biological arsenals, should not be based on military strength, reactivity, knowledge, or strategic interests, but rather on insight and wisdom. The latter takes time and is much harder to coalesce.


For example, it would be anyone’s common sense assessment that Iraq has made a fairly accurate assessment of U.S. capability since the Gulf War (Desert Storm) and will not walk that way again. America at that time gave a boastful preview of it’s technological advancement, capability, and accuracy – perhaps a little too much.

The road that the Iraqis might trod this time would not be one of open, confrontational warfare, but rather guerrilla warfare. Guerilla warfare always involve terror and surprises (Uranus). Oil is involved as a substitute for water in Pisces. One can imagine many possibilities involving these elements in the region for which America might be ill-prepared to handle: smoke, poor visibility, sand storms and other calamities from nature including earthquakes, equipment and machinery failures, low troops morale from news media reports, environmental damage, and mistaken destruction of cultural heritage sites of historic importance that could greatly inflame and unite the Islamic world against western interests.

The road the Iraqis might trod most likely will be one of guerilla warfare of a sort that we have never seen before designed specifically to counter U.S.’s superior technological advantage. This makes sense and it is not difficult to imagine.


We should learn lessons from David and Goliath, the Trojan Horse and so many other examples in history where the strong were made weak overnight by a very simple, yet effective means that no one thought of before; this includes the 9-11 fiasco and other related incidents that the U.S. has been experiencing. These events all follow a common tread, the use of the imagination without limits (Uranus), as opposed to knowledge and intelligence, designed to win a psychological victory.

The enemy is not seeking conquest on the battle field because they know ‘a priori’ that they cannot achieve it. They are seeking psychological victory that can be more easily attained through terror tactics and by humiliating the American forces as was done in Somalia.

In this regard, this war is being fought in the media for the minds, hearts, and souls of the world’s population, and not on the battle field in Iraq as many Americans would want to believe. Hence, the goals and objectives of both sides are quite different. The sad thing is that they may both achieve what they want.


With respect to the use of the imagination, the West and the United States in particular, except to some degree Californians, have encouraged and fostered the development of a culture that restricts the use of the imagination through more and more use of laws, rules and regulations to manage every aspect of social life in America today.

This is not so in the Third World. In developing countries the imagination is used and exploited constantly for survival, economically, politically, socially, and otherwise.

For example, in Cuba they still have cars on the road that are over 50 years old. In the U.S. a car is considered old if it is more than two years old. People in this country are not required anymore to use their imagination, much less their intelligence. Intelligence in this country is restricted to the professors and pundits on the university campuses and to companies and research organizations that perform research in various fields of health, defense, etc., not to the populace for use in everyday life.

As strange as it may sound, but the lesser desired elements of our society, including some of our criminal elements (WHERE TWO (2) MILLION PEOPLE OF 285 MILLION PEOPLE [0.7%] ARE IN PRISONS TODAY, where at least one (1 ) out of every 140 babies born in America today will be imprisoned during his or her lifetime, where at least one (1 ) out of every 33 Hispanic or African-American baby born today will be imprisoned during their lifetime) are “smarter” than the average American citizen because they are forced to think out of the box for daily survival, while the average law abiding citizen depends on rules and laws to guide them effortlessly through the system without any thought or thinking on their part. Individually we are weak, but collectively as a nation we are strong. This is not meant in any way to be a put down of the American system or society, but rather to give an enlightened perspective, or better yet, an awakening to some of our less often thought of cultural realities.

That is why the terrorist could have been so successful on September 11th. It was not that U.S. intelligence didn’t have the information on what was happening on the ground or what could have happened at the World Trade Center. (According to news reports, it was much talked about in terrorist places in the Middle East that an imminent attack was planned for the United States.) It was more because no one in our many government bureaucracies had authority to take action. And at every level that the issue rose in the hierarchy it got watered down by superiors who “knew better.”

Consolidating and integrating functions, spending billions, and creating the ‘Office of Homeland Security’ will not solve this problem, but rather make it worst, because “the agent on the beat” will still have to report to a supervisor who will block, modify, or change the agent’s gut instinct and the terrorists will slip through again – using their imagination and assessment of how the new American system works.

A more decentralized “trust-based” system where ‘the man on the street’ is allowed to test and investigate his or her hunches with full support from superiors above him or her, is needed as opposed to an amalgamation of government functions and responsibilities to catch terrorists operating in small units of 5-12 members.

What is needed is “free agents,” in every sense of the word, who have direct personal access to the top, if needs be, without any restrictions, jealousy, or retribution from superiors, that are allowed to use their imagination with limitation for not going over board, or taking senseless actions, or drawing erroneous conclusions – a type of thinking and training that we have yet to embark on.


Carl Jung comes to mind. How would he analyze the situation? What would he say? Carl Jung warns us about the thin thread-like quality of the human psyche that can easily break in times of global conflict and mass hysteria.

In his book, “The Undiscovered Self,” Carl Jung asks the question based on his experience of World War II, who is tending to man’s psyche and if for some reason it breaks, what will be the consequence in times of global conflict? A question to which we still don’t have an answer today in ever escalating military conflicts.


America and Americans must recognize that the reason we failed to win the Vietnam war was because the enemy knew a priori where the U.S. B52s’ were going to strike even before the bombers took off from the American airstrips because of a breach in America’s security system. At no time during the American war campaign in Vietnam would our distinguished leaders ask why wasn’t their strategy working? It would have been too much for a super power such as the United States to admit that the enemy had superior intelligence information of the Americans bombing plans even before the B52s’ took off – this is well a documented post-script in documentaries aired on public television since the Vietnam war.

The Western world is no longer the purveyors of intelligence, knowledge, or information as was the case in the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. This was her golden key to success ever since Columbus set sail to discover what everyone in antiquity knew long before. Developments in science and the rapid and pervasive dissemination of information has changed all that in just a few short years thanks to television, the internet and other modern communications and technological developments.


We must recognize that we have reached the point of “Common Knowledge” in global affairs in not only war technology but also in health, education, science, religion and so many other fields. America’s foreign policy has not yet accepted or recognized that terrorists have intelligence too,and that we are living in an “Age of Common Knowledge” or better yet an “Age of Global Common Knowledge.”

This means that our response should be more thought through than being REACTIVE, especially since they know what we know, and we know that they know what we know, which they know as well. Think about what this implies – it may cause us to take a subtle, yet unconventional approach to the resolution of global conflicts.


The Unified Field theory by Albert Einstein comes to mind. We should seek that path instead of one of confrontation – which is a holistic approach. Fight if we must! But fight war that we feel compelled to initiate to right a wrong, not one where we are responding to a cunning aggressor that has been studying us far longer and silently than we care to believe.

Learn what they know first. Try to guess what their real needs, ambitions and motivations are. If you can serve or provide for those needs and motivations, then you would have squashed the problem. Do that! It is the path of wisdom. The easiest way to defeat an enemy is to take away their motivation by satisfying their desires and quelling their sense of hatred.


This brings to mind the risks of chain reaction that are prevalent in today’s world due to the fact that we live in an interdependent world where everything is connected and depends on everything else. We see this in the s tock market reactions with computer trading triggered at certain selling points. Everyone uses the same finance models – hence common knowledge promoting upward or downward spirals that do not match the underlying fundamental of the s tock worth or value.

Chaos theory of the butterfly flapping its wings in China causing a tornado in Chicago is relevant to escalating global conflicts in the modern era.


Determining their motivation and ambitions may lead us closer to the truth. What is their real reason for the terrorist war? What was the real purpose of destroying the World Trade Center? Has anyone in our administration come up with an answer to that question? Was it just to win a psychological vic tory or something more?

What is their plan? How long will they wait to achieve their objectives, months, years, decades, centuries?

What do they really want?:

1) Global Conquest;

2) Regional Integration;

3) Social Influence;

4) Religious Dominance;

5) Control of Oil Reserves; or

6) Destruction of Western Civilization

(… to satisfy an inner sense of hatred emanating from a collective sense of helplessness to transform self and their own society to accept universal truths developed within the past 400 years.)


The Islamic world lacks the ability to transform their own society to accept universal truths developed in Western Societies and all over the world over the past 400 years, since the Age of Aquarius began with the European Age of Enlightenment and Reformation which led the Renaissance period.

This blind obedience to outdated traditions has retarded social progress in the Islamic world. To rid themselves of this inner, social “evil”, they cast their sins on an innocent lamb and sends it off to the slaughter. But all psychologists know that this ritual, while effective in suppressing and hiding guilt, only leaves the problem unattended and open to reemergence in a stronger and more threatened way upon others and ultimately, in the final battle, upon self! A catharsis or transformation of self is the only real solution, the motivation of which must come from within and not from an outside force or entity.

I feel the motivation for the terrorist attacks is item #6 above more so than any other reason. They want to change, but they don’t know how to do it without losing a sense of self and identity with respect to their his tory and cultural heritage, which is caused by their own self-imposed rules. So they blame the U.S. and the Western world for having what they cannot achieve.

There is a word for it. It is called ‘envy.’ And we know that envy will motivate people to kill. The only way to peacefully get rid of envy is to shed light on it. Explain that it is their problem and only they can fix it.


Another important point that must be considered is the existence of a tremendous amount of “Bread of Shame” in these societies, which Kabbalists understand very well. This is caused by the tremendous amount of oil revenues that flow ‘freely’ in to Middle Eastern societies from the natural oil and gas resources of the land, without any sense of the people having earned it in a real way, whether through service of labor to others, physical, material, metaphysical, or spiritual means. This is the kiss of death from a psychological point of view that creates tremendous imbalance in the social system and mass psyches of the people.

They should be happy, but they are not! Everything is free, nothing needs to be paid for, no one earns anything through blood, sweat, or tears. From a Carl Jung’s perspective, there is no ‘Compensation.’ There must be compensation, which is nothing more than an offsetting force, needed in this case to bring psychological balance. If these people don’t have a manifested, material compensation for the material goodness that they receive ‘freely’, the psychological compensation will occur in their social dreams and fantasies, since universal or natural laws must be obeyed.

It is like living in heaven, the only problem is that the universe and the material world in which we live demand balance to order to achieve wholeness and a sense of self, and this is exactly what is lacking in these societies. They have no way of giving back, sharing, or earning for that which they have received and are continuing to get freely. The result is the rejection of every positive, outside influence, or force through a “Big Bang.”

Continuing now with our train of thought …

What is their real objective?

Is it possible that they can achieve it? What is their strategy and plans for achieving it? Is it possible? If it is, what should be our response?

It must be that they have thought through their plans to the final and last detail, including a study and prediction of America’s response at every step of the way, otherwise they would not implement their plan to destroy the World Trade Center – that’s basic common sense.


Study, learn, figure out the enemy before you strike. These are real and important questions that I feel no one has addressed in a serious manner, because we feel that we know it all.

The past is no indication of the future. We are dealing with a new intelligence, a new paradigm. More time is needed to develop the right solutions, and it may not be in this presidency either and our president should be willing to pass the problem on to the next administration if that indeed is in the best interest of the American people and the peace loving peoples of the world at large.


The United States should make sure that their action or reactions do not play in to the hands of the terrorists by helping them to achieve, promote, or support their goals?

Don’t play the games by the rules that someone else sets for you. Study what’s happening first. Be certain about your opinion and objective before you act. It is okay if someone else wins the battle. It is not about self or ego. It is about the greater good of all life on planet Earth now that we have given ourselves the capability for global mass destruction through nuclear and biological weaponry. Is this the way to end life on planet Earth? Very few would agree.


In such circumstances, as the Kabbalist would say, (www.kabbalah.com) WHEN SOMEONE HURTS YOU: STOP! DO NOT REACT! WAIT AT LEAST 24 HOURS! (In our case, maybe two more years after Sirius new year in July 2004.) LET THE LIGHT IN! Then you will know what to do. This is called ‘pro-action’ from a Kabbalist point of view, not preemption/reaction.

Preemption, according to Kabbalah, in most cases is reactive. When you react you burn-out like a shorted light bulb. A big bright light and a splendid flash and it’s all over, and you are back in darkness. When you wait, let the light in, transform yourself first – very important, and then develop the best action in the interest of all, you achieve greater good for yourself and others and keep your blessings. In fact, the Kabbalist would say that under such circumstances, your blessings will multiply ten folds or more.


Should America not enter Afghanistan? Yes, they should. The problem was clearly identified, the objective clear, and they had full world support. Was this a reaction? No. Time was of the essence and it was very clear what to do. That situation begged for a response, it demanded a response, which is to get the culprits of the September 11th event and shut down their training camps.

Our current action does not serve these noble purposes, because there were alternatives that we failed to implement or consider before going to war and the world and many Americans are against this action of war in an unstable geopolitical region of the world.

In Afghanistan, the enemy was clearly identified. The plan was targeted. This is not the case with Iraq, because the biggest culprit, Mr. Bin Laden, has not yet been caught. As former President Clinton said, ‘get him first before going after Iraq.’ This is common sense.

There is no need to escalate a situation to global proportions while the real culprit dances and plans more attacks against the United States and other Western interest and will use America’s war action to mobilize the Muslim world by pointing out U.S. aggression and insensitivity in the present war – obviously ignoring their own brutal atrocities toward their own.


When we act, it should never be from a point of anxiety as the U.S. is doing today. Follow Eastern traditions on this point as illustrated in the “Tao of Power,” by Lao Tzu but more importantly in the “Art of Strategy” where the effective use of power is not to use power at all.

According to these classic text on the art of strategy and use of power and the art of war, if one has to use power to win a conflict then that individual or nation has already failed-loss.

The perception of power is always greater than it actual usage. When you use power you lose power. It’s as simple as that. You also motivate the other party to hate you and to fight you aggressively and plot day and night for your defeat. Remember that evil cannot be conqueror as we said above, at best all we can do is to turn its head – gain the respect of the evil-doer and gain safe passage towards our goals.


As Joseph Campbell said in the “Power of Myth” with Bill Moyers, ‘every action throws off a positive and negative element or reaction.’ Good actions throws off some bad and bad actions throws off some good. 9-11 was good for America because it awaked us (See poem attached written September 13, 2001). More good came to America after September 11th, but we are now reversing those benefits.


The airlines are safer now than before September 11th, yet we act as if every flight is a potential terrorist threat, scaring Americans away from resuming their normal life style of flying at will in comfort without constant airport security announcements and security hassle, as if Americans are indeed ‘dumb people’ lacking in intelligence of what’s happening in the world that need constantly to be monitored and reminded like little school children, of the threat of terrorism. Who is psychologically terrorizing whom in this scenario? When in fact it is us, the public, who are taking the risk of flying on the airlines, not the collective government sitting securely in Washington or some State or city office building.

I have been searched by the "security forces" that have been established in the U.S. during my last domestic flight on American Airlines from Lincoln, Nebraska to Portland, Oregon. The feeling is degrading and inhumane to say the least. It chips away at one’s sense of self, pride, and dignity. As a result, I no longer have a desire to fly on any American airlines, and will do so only if I have to travel in case of a family emergency.

The impact on the American economy, as a result of decreased airline traffic, will be felt and is being felt already with increased airline bankruptcy, etc. The airlines are the heart strings and communication highway of the United States. No airlines, means no United States. What you will get is an un-United States. How can the U.S. remain united and grow economically, socially, and culturally without free-flowing, easy access, cross-continental air transportation?

People don’t want to fly in the US and elsewhere. The American and world culture is rapidly changing. People rather drive between New York and Washing ton, or New York and Boston, or even Los Angeles and San Francisco than fly. Why should they? They have no incentives, only punishment.

The new national security system in the U.S. called CAPPS II will drive fear in the hearts of law abiding Americans and help ruin the American economy. The terrorists have started the terrorization of the American people, and the U.S. government is completing it by taking away basic Americans rights, privileges, civil liberties, and freedoms.

CAPPS II will only increase the delays and blacklist even more innocent Americans ‑ regular people traveling for work or vacations. It will not stop terrorist, and they know it so well, but feel that they must now plunge ahead to implement a “New World Order” that Bush, Sr. had promised to deliver to the world some 14 years ago. September 11th becomes the triggering event that they have so long waited for to give reason and justification for its implementation.

The only people affected is the American public, whose needs and rights the government of the United States have become increasingly insensitive to especially after the terrorist attacks on Sept 11th.

The United States government has taken the terrorist attacks "personal," far more than the American public feels is important. The government is using the terrorist attacks as an excuse to avoid addressing serious problems in the economy, healthcare, urban development which needs redevelopment, racism, and many other important political, social and economic issues that are dear to the hearts of Americans and vital to the continued growth, success and development of this great country.

Hence, as a result of the terrorist attacks, America has digressed socially, politically, economically and in status as well in the eyes of the rest of the world, which plays right in to the hands and intentions of the terrorists who perpetrated these horrible deeds on 9-11.

It would appear, judging from America's response since 9‑11, that the Arab terrorists, mostly from Saudi Arabia which everyone in the U.S. government has ignored, and not Iraq, understand the American political psyche and thirst for revenge and "reactivity" better than the political leadership of this country understand themselves.


Let’s not throw away our blessings and the sympathy of the world that we gained by charging in to the darkness of a war we do not fully comprehend. It is okay for the U.S. to say we really don’t understand what’s happening here. We never expected it. We need more time to think. It’s not about the Bush administration, it about America and the American people. And in this Age, it is also about the peoples of the rest of the world, whom the U.S. has been segregated from through its isolationist policies of the past 200 years.

Stop, wait, let the light in, as the Kabbalist would say! You will get the answer. It might very well be that the one you are fighting is innocent and the real culprit lies hidden somewhere in the murky bush. Only time can give you the answers to these questions. There is no hurry. We have time on our side, use it!

As Einstein says, the past, present, and future are all one. Time is relative to the extent that it exist any at all. Take it easy. Everything is going to be all right! You will get your reward, but do not take it yourself. Wait! Have patience. Time is much longer than rope, which is finite. Put self aside and try to see the larger picture. You need time for this to happen. America needs time!


The economy needs time, not war, to heal and recover. The global economy is suffering. Oil prices have skyrocketed. Strong companies are failing all over the world in Asia, Africa, South America and the Caribbean because of weakened local currencies, high interest rates and poor export outlook. Every nation’s balance of payments is severely affected. Trade deficits are on the rise in U.S. and other developed countries. The airlines and tourism industries, which are vital to the world economy and many tourism-dependent developing economies, as well as developed cities such as New York, London, Washing ton, D.C., and Orlando, are hurting badly. The global economic situation is worsening.


The cost of the war in billions of dollars without strong offsets is threatening to permanently damage the structure of the American economy subsequent to the first negative economic impact caused by the September 11th attack.


Globalization is not helping either, but rather making things worst for the American people as they watch “real” wages plummet, jobs exported to foreign countries in Asia and other places, leaving young Americans with high educational degrees to tend bars and wait tables in upper- and middle-class, rich, White communities where our young lives in ‘group homes’ because they can’t afford an apartment or the realization of the American dream to own their own home under an extremely tight, brutal, and uncompromising credit system (the beast of the American economy) that squeezes the blood and very life out of all young Americans (Black, Native Americans and Whites) graduating high school and college in this country today.

Needless to talk about the absolute destruction and deterioration of the hinterland (known as America’s Heartland), where factories are closed and abandoned, cities and small towns dried up, young White people desperate to leave to sell their souls in the nation’s big cities or local metropolitan centers, leaving behind old and helpless family members on social security or Section 8 state welfare, to continue with energy consuming, oil dependent, subsistence farming of super-large parcels of land that takes ‘one-man’ with heavy machinery and oil dependent irrigation systems to manage.

In large cities and urban areas we find that as a result of global competition and the drive to keep operating cost down, employers no longer provide benefits or job security to their employees. The social bond between employer and employee is broken, as is the social contract between government and the governed. Young people graduating from colleges are often offered part-time jobs with no benefits. Companies like CompUSA, Sears and many retailers use only a few full time staff, while the vast majority of their staff are part time shift workers hired at close to minimum wage. There is no job security anywhere in the United States. Where there is no job security, there is no future.

Temporary agencies are rapidly growing hiring qualified labor at low cost and selling that labor to large companies to help those companies keep down cost. It is common practice for large corporations to outsource as much of their operating functions as possible, provided it saves them money in labor cost. In one case, the World Bank moved its accounting function to India just to keep cost down. America Online and many other major U.S. companies train customer service representatives in India to mimic America accents to service American clients long-distance over the telephone in the continental U.S.A. Most Americans do not realize that some of the customer service representatives they speak to on the phone are stationed in places like Bombay (locals jobs sold out to labor in foreign countries).

Who is committing social and economic treason: the unemployed ghetto kid socialized to sell drugs on street corners or the CEOs and corporate executives of large U.S. multinational corporations? Answer: they both hurt others, but in the case of the latter, they develop labor markets abroad at the expense of our own.

What amazes me about this economic phenomenon is that Americans out rightly accept it. They do not demand better treatment from companies, nor do they hold the government responsible for providing a secure future for young people having a desire to live the American dream. Americans seem to place a blind trust in their political leadership and government without any questions or concern.

Part of the reason for this is that the only questions being aired are those of “the experts” on television and news programs, who are often out of touch or unconcerned with realities on the ground. Another reason is that each individual in the vast American society is too busy trying to survive in the system. There is no effective means of organizing opposing views outside existing political structures (and media outlets) in a country whose size alone makes it virtually impossible to effect change from a grass-roots level.

Much can be said about the escalating cost of higher education and the heavy debt burden that many students must incur to get a college education. The impact on new families is reflected in the high divorce rate.

Mothers with young children living in cars have increased tremendously in America. Homelessness from all sectors of the society, rich and poor, has increased as well. The number of people living in squatter conditions and in mobile homes with small children in unsafe communities is far higher than any Washington politician wants to admit. These people are no longer from the African-American and Hispanic 26% (73.1 million) minority. The growing majority are White Americans.


Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, AOL, and other large American consumer conglomerates are the new barons of the American society. They operate with immunity and without conscience. An under-staffed Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is laxed and incompetent in its ability to support small business development throughout the United States in order to promote a model of perfect competition that is more advantageous to the economy and the American way of life than the large monopoly-type-obligolies that special interest groups (political lobbies) in Washington, D.C. have been successful in getting Congress to unilaterally support.

A Ph.D. in mathematics from Harvard or Yale is required today to read a telephone or utility bill. In many cases, fees are charged by our banks and large consumer conglomerates and other service providers because a name for the fee can be invented, not because service or added value is being provided.

More and more, we see where the basic rights of consumers are being taken away through deceptive fine prints and other legal mechanisms that target the weak and unsuspecting members of our society, including senior citizens, the poor, and the under-aged minorities. The laws on the books at the federal and state levels are ineffective in addressing the many consumer problems that people in our society face on a day to day basis. The word ‘buyer beware’ is never more relevant in American society than it is today. The decency and social respect that large corporations received from the American public in the 1940s, 50s, 60s, and 70s are no where to be found today.


America has become a nation of law makers and law enforcers against a docile public. Conscience is being taken out of the system on a daily basis. A young police officer, who lives in a decent middle class neighbor, recently told me that he does not talk to his next door neighbors or people in his community because he does not know when he will have to arrest them.

It not possible to drive through any big city in America for 30 minutes and not count up to three police cars, where at least one will be blasting sirens to attend to an emergency somewhere. This is more markedly noted in Washington, D.C., where the number of special forces responsible for every conceivable crime under law operate in specially marked cars that proudly display their expertise and accomplishment. Who are the criminals that these forces chase on a daily basis? And why is it that America has become this way? It is almost as if you are judged “criminal” by the society until proven innocent at your death.

The loud and frightening noise that police helicopters and sirens project in our metropolitan centers, on a daily basis, and especially in poor communities like Korea Town, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, etc., should be considered a health hazard and a disturbance of the public peace. It is enough to drive a sane man or woman insane. Children brought up in such a society can only view law breaking as a natural part of living.


We all need time and more rest, to see through the clouds of confusion and aggression that has been perpetrated on the American people in a most savage and uninviting way as result of the terrorist attacks. But the horribleness of the act should not be our primary motivation for action. In time, all will be revealed.


For those who pray and believe in God, rendering evil for evil was never God’s way. It is not the Christian way either. Jesus Christ never endorsed such actions in the New Testament.

The innocent never have to defend itself against an unconscionable aggressor. This is the natural law of the universe. That is why babies are the safest creatures on the Earth. Everyone looks out for the weak or wrongfully hurt – everyone was looking out for the U.S. when the terrorist struck, but now with this war we have changed all that. This is not how one gets or keeps his or her blessings. Take revenge and you lose it and give YOUR POWER to the aggressor by giving them psychological justification to carry out their grand and evil plan of more terrorism against the United States.


You don’t need to know what their grand plan is. If you don’t know, simply assume that there is one. No one in their right mind would carry out 9-11 unless they had a grand plan and that plan would be undocumented and kept at the highest level of secrecy, so don’t try to figure it out, just assume it exists. The ones supporting the plan may be some of the best friends of the United States in the Middle East and elsewhere – but the U.S. needs time to uncover and come to terms with this probability.

Don’t walk or be pulled in to a war that someone else started. STOP! DO NOT REACT! LET THE LIGHT IN. Then you will know what to do. When you do take action (as in Afghanistan) the whole world will support you, the nation will be behind you, because they would have known a priori where the true evil lies, and what needs to be done to turn it’s head.


A common strategy of war is that a general should never advance without his troops immediately behind him/her. Likewise, the troops should never advance without the general leading at the front.

If this is so, then why is it, that in this case, we seem to be doing both.

1) The general ( U.S.) advancing without the necessary pubic, U.N., and Global support.


2) the troops advancing (U.S. Military) without the generals (political leadership) coming to terms with the real causes and issues of the 9-11 event so that they can determine the best course of action for all concerned.

It appears that America has fallen to a lower level of consciousness as a result of the terrorist attacks on September 11th, where we let our emotions get in to the way, and have lost sight of the basic, fundamental principles of war in an Age of the Imagination and Global Common Knowledge.


This is the “Age of the Imagination”, not Intelligence. The Age of Intelligence was just completed at the turn of the last century. This new millennium is being kicked off by the “Age of the Imagination.” Get with it. Understand it. Transform quickly to accept it or be left behind.

Most of the science and high technology that we developed over the past two hundred years will soon become extinct. Many are already extinct. It is indeed a new day! Grasp its light, see its glory, love and cherish its way, we have come too long a way to be left behind or settle for second best!

Intuition, insight, a new spirituality, (do the right or best thing attitude) and the imagination will rule this period and for much of this century.

“Your imagination is your preview to life’s coming attractions” – Albert Einstein.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge (intelligence)” – Albert Einstein

But here imagination is not restricted to one race, class, continent, or social group, it is available to all. Rapid adaptation is the key to success, nor reason, or intelligence. “Reason” belongs to the Renaissance and the Reformation periods of the 18th and 19th centuries. Intelligence belonged to the 20th Century as manifested in the developments in science and technology.

Science through quantum physics and molecular biology is rapidly merging with myth and spirituality where both, once radically opposing fields, are now singing a common song that everything in the universe can be seen as waves.

Reality “known” is reality changed indeed. A concept very few understand today, particularly with respect to the ongoing war in Iraq, i.e., the relationship between the subjective and the objective and the interplay in between, where the observed is conscious and continually responsive to the observer and vice versa.

The dance of the Cosmos is not well appreciated.


The role of death in bringing forth new life through sacrifice which the ancients understood and affirm continually through their myths and rituals the least of which, or I should say the most universal of which is the Myth of Osiris and Isis. Paris, named after the Egyptian God Isis, is the center of European culture even today, as it was when the Temple of Isis stood on this landmark before Christianity moved it and gave the city its current name.

New York is the ‘City of God,’ which Nostradamus recognized hundreds of years before its birth. Dar es Salaam is the City of Peace, and Los Angeles the City of Angeles. These names have symbolic as well as practical meaning, hence it is no accident that 9-11 occurred in New York not for a sign of destruction, but as a view towards a new tomorrow should we be bold enough to see the light and take the blessings and benefits that is waiting, just begging for us to receive. Should we act in anger or revenge, we offend the mythical Gods and chase that love and blessings away forever!


This is what is happening right now. After 9-11, America had the love, respect and sympathy of all the nations of the world. Everyone was ready to work with the United States to stamp out terrorism. Moderate and radical Muslim countries supported the United States in its war against terrorism for the first time. The average Muslim felt sorry for what happened at the World Trade Center in New York City. Most couldn't believe that it was a Muslim act. They felt ashamed. They were ready to adapt to change their attitudes and tone down their rhetoric on the United States.


But with America defying the wishes of the United Nations and taking matters in to its own hands, it has lost the love and respect of most countries in the world. The U.S. is losing its blessing that came after 9-11. Furthermore, the U.S. is becoming the instrument for uniting the Arab and Muslim world. The U.S. will do for the Arabs what the Arabs couldn't do for themselves.

By engaging in this war action, the U.S. has given the terrorist justification for more attacks against the United States. This is common sense. You don’t need a Ph.D. to figure it out. I think this is the reason why so many Americans and people all over the world are opposed to the war.


We should ask one question. Who do we think Osama Bin Laden works for? I don’t think it is for himself. We may not know the answer today but I am sure our top political thinkers can figure it out. In either case, we don’t need to, just assume that he is working for someone and not himself – that he is really an agent or a pawn if you wish of a grander, greater scheme. If you think in this way, then you will take a different approach to intelligence gathering and war plans.

When you are solving a mathematical problem or equation, there is always an unknown variable called “X” that we solve for in the equation before we can get the answer. Have we solved for the “X” variable in our war equation? And if we have done that, is our calculation and analysis correct? For if our work is shady, incomplete, or inaccurate, we will get the wrong answer and face grave consequences in the aftermath of the Iraqi war even if we win this battle in the field.

Questions that we must ask to get the right answers:

  • What is the war all about? Proposed Answer: Oil.
  • Is Iraq that important to the U.S. or global economy? Answer: No!
  • Who wants control oil reserves in the Middle East more than anyone else and why?

This question must be answered both from a Middle Eastern and Western points of view. Only then will we have the right answer. The answer lies in identifying those that have ambition for control of the world’s oil reserves, which are those that will benefit the most from its restructuring. And if so, then what role might they be secretly playing to promote this conflict.

It is a simple game that is taught in business school on Business Strategy. First try to achieve a Pareto Optimal solution. This is always the best course, which is to achieve a win-win solution. Second, if three guys are in a fight, the one that fights last, regardless of the odds of winning, has the greatest opportunity of winning.

For example, America emerged from it’s isolationist attitude at the end of World War II and took the spoils of war. Had the U.S. entered World War II earlier the results would have been different. If America fights this war with Iraq over oil, which third party country or organization is likely to emerge at the end to take the greasy oil prize? By fighting this war, we increase the odds for others to benefit, which most likely will not be the American people.

Note that any increase in oil prices after the war in Iraq is fought will only serve to fuel global inflation, drive interest rates up for which Keynesian monetary policies at the Federal Reserve level using open market operations or other techniques will be futile to curb, thereby contributing to a worsening global and national economic situation. Deficit spending through transfers, tax cuts, and other short term monetary measures will not reverse the oncoming economic crisis should oil prices go up after the war.

The greedy dog always loses its bone because it wrongly thinks that the bone it sees the other dog eating is better. It never is.

4) Should America, England, and Spain (Spain has nothing to lose and everything to gain) be allowed to set back the clock to the times of the League of Nations and retard the legitimacy and effectiveness of the United Nation’s 50 years development, risking all that just to have a little piece of a small Middle Eastern country? Is it really worth it for Americans? In the process, the U.S. has offended the populace of the rest of the world? I don’t think we want to do that. What would Lord Maynard Keynes, chief architect of the Bretton Wood institutions say today?

In the past, the populace was not important. No government or hierarchical power cared much about their people prior to the 18th Century. The populace were often poor, ignorant and unimportant and were often abused and ignored until the Industrial Revolution got started in Europe and rapidly spread throughout the world changing all that in less than 100 years.

  • Now the populace are very important. They “run” things.” They rule! The age of governments for the most part are effectively over! Governments as we know them today are in their last days, which may last for another 50-100 years. The Crown in England recognized this in a speech some 8 years ago stating in not so many words that times have changed and the monarchy will need to redefine itself in light of the needs and requirements of the modern era.


Privatization and decentralization points to all that. Reagan wanted more than anyone else to get rid of big government so he ran for President because while in the private sector he saw how inefficient and bureaucratic governments were. Let’s face it. Governments in the world today do not always attract and use the brightest of the world’s populace. Government in its structure and hierarchy are still in the “Old Days.” Transformation has not reached most governments today, no matter were you find them. Hence, how can future generations leave nuclear and mass destruction arsenals totally in their hands.

Bear in mind that when these fancy instruments of mass destruction - rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air - take to the blue skies with white tails in broad day light, the first task of government is to protect itself by seeking shelter in a secured hiding place deep in to the bedrock of some high and mighty mountain range, leaving a weak, scared and ill-equipped populace to fend for itself without adequate resources, food, or protection.

It is juvenile to think that any country can win a nuclear war - we all lose! Or to think that a surviving population will proudly reinstate the former political leadership or system.

Things will change over the next 30-200 years, and the seeds for this change are being planted right now in the global events that are unfolding on planet Earth today.

  • Should AMERICA fight a global conflict just to restructure the oil industry in Iraq? The World Bank, IMF and other Bretton Wood institutions have the expertise in economics and are more capable of doing the job effortlessly than through global conflict. Yet, as a Bretton Wood institution mandated to feed the poor and develop the world’s poorest of the poor, they have yet to speak with a clear and unequivocal voice on the economics of the oil and petroleum industry and the consequences and development challenges that need to be addressed before undertaking war in Iraq. It is possible that if they were to find their true identity and speak with a clear, unbiased and unequivocal voice, that the World would listen and they too would be transformed to a new plateau of global responsibility.
  • It may very well be that the restructuring of the oil industry in Iraq, given there are strong grounds for it, can be achieved peacefully without war. These Bretton Wood institutions should work with its mother institution, the United Nations, to propose solutions that could narrow the threat of war. But their hands are tied because they come under the direction of the United States at the board level, and this does not help matters much to achieve lasting world peace through the influence and involvement of supra-national, multilateral institutions.
  • Owning a piece of Iraq no matter who runs the country after the war is not worth fighting for. Bear in mind also that the role of oil in this new era is going to undergo radical change as well; hence we may fight for and win something that we will soon have to abandon within another 10 to 20 yeas.
  • The US Department of Energy (DOE) can better speak to this issue in light of the rapid development of renewable energy and the MASSIVE LEAP FROGGING of poor, underdeveloped nations that in a twinkle of an eye are moving from the definition of “underdeveloped” to advanced societies where technology from private and bilateral investors in Asia, Europe and elsewhere are going to these developing countries firstly and more rapidly than to the U.S.

I have seen this with my own eyes eight (8) years ago where a large multinational Asian corporation implemented a basic telecommunication system in one of the world’s poorest countries with basic consumer oriented electronic telecommunication features that were second to none, and that have not yet been implemented in more advanced countries like the United States because the existing telecommunication infrastructure in developed countries won’t support it, and also because of vested interest, and the fact that a dismantling of extant telecommunication infrastructures are too costly.

A clear example is the use of cellular phones which were widely disseminated and used in all so called Third World countries some 10 years before they became popular in the United States and elsewhere – the world has indeed been turned upside down!


One more question before closing, if the U.N. cannot find weapons of mass destruction, then where are they? This question should be answered first before entering Iraq?


Think about this, if the Iraqis thought they could not stand up to America’s superior technology and outstanding war machinery, they would have caved in long ago and negotiated with the U.N. and United States. The fact that they stood up for this war simply means that they have a plan that they think will work and it does not involve the use of high tech weaponry of which they have none.


The problem with our political leadership is that they have under-estimated that plan or believe that no poor, ill-equipped Third World country can stand up to mighty power of the United States. But please remember Somalia, Beruit and other similar incidents. The Iraqis know that they do not have to outright win the war. All they have to do is to succeed in a few small vic tories of humiliation of the U.S. and its forces and they can rightly expect a U.S. public backlash asking that the troops be brought back home demanding that the U.S. leave the region. This basic fact that the Iraqis are banking on, our enlightened leadership totally ignore and underestimate Iraq’s ability to deliver.


America should get out of this war and reassess its position now, before it is too late. If we are to enter the Middle East, we should know clearly who the enemy is and why we are going there to fight. We should also have the full support of the U.S. population and global world community before leaving the shores of the United States. Technological superiority will not work in this era. This is a New Age. It started on January 1, 2001, according to the Western Julian calendar, which is a different date for the Hebrew (5760, which is Sept. 1999 – Sept. 2000 according to Moroccan, Kabbalist Rabbi R. Avraham), Egyptian-Sirius, Ethiopian, Chinese, and Islamic calendars still in use today, inter alia.


The United States should never let any power, great or small, put the U.S. in the position of being the first to use biological, chemical, or nuclear weapons to win a local, regional, or global conflict. Such an action by the U.S. would gravely tarnish the country’s image and make it difficult, if not impossible, for the United States to assume a moral leadership role in the post war era.


Do you recall the scene in George Lucas’ “Star Wars” where the African-American actor, Billy Dee Williams, was leading the rebel forces for an attack against the Empire’s secret weapon, The Death Star, that was supposedly “under construction” and therefore “vulnerable?”

The Death Star had the capability of destroying a whole planet with a single shot; it was the secret weapon of the Empire, designed to assure the Empire’s supremacy over all star systems in the Milky Way galaxy. Hence, it was imperative that Luke Skywalker’s rebel force confronts this ‘relative evil.’ (The fact that the movie viewed this evil as relative is confirmed in another scene where Obi tells Luke it is just a point of view.)

When Billy Dee William, Commander of the attacking rebel forces, broke out of hyper-space after traveling at light speed to get to the location coordinates of the Death Star somewhere deep in to the Milky Way galaxy, he was told by his scouts that the shields protecting the Death Star were down, which means that Billy Dee’s attacking fleet could proceed without opposition to destroy the Empire’s Death Star.

In the movie, Billy Dee Williams, as Field Commander, used his intuition and acted on instinct and halted the attack - without getting prior approval from higher ups.

‘The Shields are not up?’ he asked his junior officer. They responded, ‘no, the shields are not up, they are down.’ ‘Something is wrong, those shields should be up,’ Billy Dee Williams says in the movie. ‘Halt, s top the attack,’ the character strongly proclaimed on screen!

He was right, the shields were indeed up. Had this character thought he had an easy steal situation and fly in to a presumably unprotected Death Star, the rebel forces would have lost their entire fleet and the war against the Empire would have been lost forever (da da da, da da da, da da da) – s tory finished!

Let us learn from the movie ‘Star Wars.’ Let’s not charge ahead until we are sure that the shields are indeed down and that we are not being invited in to a war arena by an enemy that cunningly cloaks and disguises itself, waiting patiently for us in ambush!

Antot Masuka

Copyright © April 1, 2003