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Uranus entered Pisces in the Tropical Zodiac on December 30, 2003 at 4:18:06 AM EST and will remain there until March 11, 2011. This period will bring increased interest in spirituality, astrology, water resources, film, TV and the mystical sciences. The house that Uranus transits in your chart explains how the energy will play out in your personal life from 2003-2011.

Uranus in Pisces is a particularly important cosmic event, more so than others, because from an astrological point of view these planets are in mutual reception (see Alan Oken's book, "Rulers of the Horoscope" which covers planets in mutual reception in greater detail). Here we find Uranus which rules Aquarius in Pisces, while the Neptune, which rules Pisces, reciprocally in Aquarius. These planets are in mutual reception, meaning that each time they act, their energies are strengthened and focused towards achieving a common goal. To understand what this means literally, think of water and electricity working together to achieve a common goal. Once you visualize this uncommon phenomena, the rest of the interpretation becomes easier.

From a practical point of view, expect the unexpected from December 30, 2003 to May 28, 2010! Expect sudden, immediate - without warning - and erratic changes occurring in fields involving spirituality, computers, electricity, electronics, petroleum oil, edible oil, film, and water resources in all their forms that are as broad as your imagination can cover.

Pisces, being a water sign, would suggests that anything having to do with water or oil resources will be affected during this period, among the other items mentioned above which includes astrology, spirituality, film, computers and electronic.

Water expresses itself in many forms such as seas, oceans, rivers, lakes, dams, storms, hurricanes, snow, rain, rain clouds, steam, fog, potable water, purified water, healing water, dirty water, water pollution, sodas, well water, and so much more. In like manner, consider all the forms that electricity might take in its various forms. Put them together and you have Uranus in Pisces.

However, electricity should be seen as more than electric current. From an astrological perspective it would include the eccentric, lighting, sudden, swift reactions, electronics, the nervous system, mental breakdowns , bright ideas, quick or hasty decisions leading to tremendous success or horrible bitter failure (Dan Rather premature airing of an un-vetted report on CBS is an example and the action of the French soccer player in the World Cup contributing to France lost of the World Cup in summer 2006). Electrifying results and lightening speed are usually the result when the planet Uranus is involved.

Expect both the positive and negative sides of subjects involving water, electricity, electronics, fossil fuel resources, film, computer technology, spirituality and astrology to be expressed in their extreme forms over the next 6 years while the planet Uranus travels through the sign of Pisces (termed astrologically as 'Uranus transits Pisces').

For example, in the Southeast Asia Tsunami disaster, the ocean killed, but water also cured. The very element that killed over 150,000 people by surprise was the thing that was in greatest demand to save lives immediately after the tsunami stuck - namely purified water. The same manifested in New Orleans in 2005, water destroyed in lightening speed and pure, clean water was the commodity most in demand.

With respect to water and oil resources, this would be expressed through hurricanes, storms, tsunamis; rivers, dams and reservoirs overflow or breakage; land and mud slides caused by unusually heavy rainfall activity or storms, ice and snow falling way beyond normal limits, oil tankers spilling, oil pipelines bursting, sudden and unexpected changes in the price of oil, demand and supply of oil, uses for oil, as well as water and edible oil consumption. Hurricanes Bonnie, Charley, Frances, and Ivan in Florida August to September 2004 are examples of Uranus in Pisces playing out its sudden and disruptive revolutionary energies on the earth plane.

Tsunami is the silent killer, a metaphor for things to come in the New Year 2005 both good and bad - silent, global, unexpected & catastrophic! The recent Tsunami in the Indian Ocean that claimed the lives of tens of thousands in eleven (11) countries is a clear example. Expect the unexpected, expect more water tragedies as well as benefits with respect to the healing quality and value of water in health treatments - holy water!

Can you imagine where the next major water event will occur that we have not witnessed before? How about the melting of polar ice caps? An asteroid hitting the Great Lakes emptying them into the Mississippi Delta? Those too might be in the works and very much possible while Uranus transits the astrological sign of Pisces until 2010.

Uranus is at 3 degrees of Pisces and will hit 4 degrees of Pisces on January 4th, 2005 at 6:52 am. Uranus hits 5 degrees of Pisces on January 25, 2005 at 8:17 am, and 6 degrees of Pisces on February 13, 2005 at 9:13 am. We are vulnerable to unusually massive snow storms between now and February 13, 2005. What if we get a snow storm that measures 18 or even 24 feet? Can you imagine a 36 feet snowfall in a major city of the world? With Uranus in Pisces expect the unexpected.

Which region of the world is this likely to occur in is anyone's guess - places like Japan and Argentina are prospects as well?

Expect more hurricanes and monsoon rains all over the world, some occurring before or long after the season is over.

With Uranus in Pisces one must always expect the unexpected. Expect desert cities like Las Vegas to come under extremely heavy and dangerous flooding from rivers, lakes, dams or unusual and unexpectedly high rain falls or storms. Expect dams to break or overflow.

Expect heavy and severe fog, which is another form of water, in unusual places to impact road air air travel.

If it never happened before and does not seem likely, expect it to happen, particularly if natural laws were violated in one way or another. This is the nature of Uranus. It is like putting a high voltage electric wire into water. The reaction will be sudden, dramatic, and explosive!

Issues involving water supply at Lake Powell in Colorado and in the north provinces of China are examples of Uranus in Pisces, demanding that prior unaddressed issues involving water be dealt with immediately or face the dire consequences of inaction.

Man has been tapping fossil fuel resources from the inner channels and reservoirs of the earth for the past 70 years for public consumption without regard to the ultimate impact on the geological structure of the earth's tectonic plates. The result has been earthquake activity and volcanoes at a progressively increasing rate in uncharted areas as seen with the 7.5M Hector Mine Earthquake in California in 1999 on uncharted fault lines that has not been active in the past 10,000 years. Large 7.5M to 9.0M earthquakes are occurring in diverse places at an alarming rate. The Tsunami disaster in South East Asia is only one example, but many unusual earthquake activities are occurring at an alarming rate that has escaped public attention. No one as yet has made the link, in a public manner, to man's past actions on the planet Earth.

While Uranus is in Pisces, half baked or inadequate solutions proposed for addressing issues involving water or fossil fuel resources will not succeed. Uranus in Pisces requires that universal laws be observed and that the highest principles of truth serve as the guiding light for policy making and decisions. Anything short of such standards is likely to fail while Uranus transits the sign of Pisces that ends in May 2010.

The Bible Code I & II video documentaries, as seen on the History Channel, reveal discovery of a Bible code grid embedded in the Torah and Holy Bible that indicate that the earth will be destroyed by an asteroid in the year 2012. If a significantly large asteroid falls into the world's seas or oceans which cover more than 75% of the earth's surface, the tidal waves and tsunamis produced would engulf the major continents of the world. Such an event, depending on its size, could affect the rotation of the earth or even cause a pole shift often predicted by others. As many of you already know, the Mayan ended their calendar December 21, 2012 - often interpreted as the end of time.

What this means for modern civilization no one knows? Is the Mayan date of December 21, 2012 the end of time or the beginning of a new era? Whether or not we experience cataclysmic earth shaking events or a third world war, no one really knows. As the Bible itself says, the date for the end of time is not given to any man, not even the angels in heaven know it.

Nostradamus and other seers have seen human civilization going beyond 2012, up to the 3rd and 4th millennium. Remote viewers looked into the future and saw a significantly reduced world population by the end of this century. Where will these people go? What will cause the reduction? Natural disasters, diseases (AIDS/SARS), asteroids, star-wars technology firing lasers from outer space causing tsunamis and other phenomena, or biological or nuclear annihilation?

Even though we may not be able to ascertain whether time will end in 2012, many would feel comfortable with the statement that regardless of what happens in 2012, that may affirm or negate the Mayan prediction, we can safely assume that a new consciousness (i.e., the way in which we think collectively, socially, economically, medically, scientifically, spiritually and otherwise) will undergo profound change when compared to earlier eras know to man.

This change in consciousness has already started by the triggering of two major world events: The World Trade Center attacks influenced under The Great Conjunctions (see Robert Hand's article in The Mountain Astrologer, April May 2002) and the recent tsunami in Southeast Asia that claimed the lives of over 150,000 people.

The impact on world consciousness has been profound and dramatic. Both events pumped more compassion in human affairs than any other event in known history. They also tested the character and wills of governments to meet the legitimate needs of people everywhere.

No matter what happens in 2012,
Uranus will smash our view of the world and the universe in particular. It does not discriminate. Two were in the fields working side by side, one was left standing, the other taken away. Everything and everyone is fair game, the Muslim, the Jew, the Buddhist and the Christian - it won't discriminate. Its aim is to liberate us from shackles that bound us in order to bring our thoughts, deeds, social laws, and actions into alignment with higher universal principles, primarily those of love, compassion, and universal brotherhood.

By December 21, 2012, the formal structures of the world's greatest religions born under the Piscean Age shall be smashed opening mankind to the coming Age of Aquarius, by initiating a new interpretation and experience of spirituality as well as man's relationship to the divine and other dimensions of existence that are far beyond the known physical universe. This will occur when new dimensions of reality express themselves more firmly with respect to life on planet earth.

Social changes that occur as a result of this transit will affect all aspects of human endeavors and affairs, including the role and responsibility of governments to serve the will of the people, the use of warfare to achieve political and economic objectives in the modern era, the role and significance of major world religions to meet human spiritual needs that go beyond ritual and theology, as well as the reduction of endemic plague of corruption in all forms of human organizations and relations.

These changes, as desirable as they may seem, carries a cost that will prepare us for the coming Aquarian Age. We have started to pay that price through events that have taken place since December 30, 2003 when Uranus entered Pisces.

Change in human consciousness, culture, and relations cannot be achieved though dissemination of ideas, ideals, policy, or standards no matter how enforceable, desirable, or noble they may be, but rather through events that transform consciousness.

Uranus in Pisces promises to provide the events and framework that will propel humankind, albeit through dreadful means, into a new sense of awakening and surrender.

When we fail to make the changes, the universe does it for us by force. Its force is so great and powerful that our consciousness are automatically transformed - often towards greater compassion and spirituality. For what else can we do when control is ripped from our domain of control or sphere of influence. All of a sudden, the priorities that beforehand deluded us become crystal clear. We have no choice in the matter - neither c
ountries, powers, principals, groups, or individuals can stop the changes in human social thinking that occurs when the universe speaks or creates the adjustment needed to bring the earth into balance.

Uranus never fails in accomplishing its mission. It is electrifying and unstoppable. It is a cosmic force of nature that we cannot control or subdue. All prior rules, standards, and restrictions are washed away when Uranus strikes suddenly and unexpectedly. The result is a new and liberating vision of reality, one that is more in line with universal laws and principles that forces a new awakening in spirituality. That which we failed to do in the past that is true and correct, we are now forced to do under the mighty, majestic, and oftentimes erratic, yet all consuming power of Uranus.

Uranus in Pisces will add a jolt of electricity to anything having to do with water or oil resources in all their forms whether liquid, solids or steam, that are not in line with the cosmic or natural order of the solar system and universe - we have much to reform in these areas. If these items are already in line with the cosmic or natural order, such as the new social trend of consuming purified bottled water over tap water, Uranus in Pisces will move those souls suddenly and unexpectedly at a higher level of social acceptance and consciousness through better health.

Hence, the impact of Uranus in Pisces are not always negative. For example, expect strong scientific evidence supporting the use of purified bottled water as being very important for promoting longevity and health in addition to exercise and proper diet more so now than ever before. Expect companies that make water purifying equipment to do well on the stock market over the next 6 years.

In areas of spirituality, expect the first major public sighting of UFO vessels caught live on CNN or some other major and respected television network for a prolong period of time witnessed by hundreds, if not thousands of people in broad day light in a major city of the world such as New York, Los Angeles, London, or Paris in undeniable splendor, movement and activity intercepted by air force jets that will rock the foundation of established religions splitting the world into two camps, the believers and the unbelievers, that will force governments to reveal what they know and to take a position - some of which will not be pleasant for most people to bear.

Expect lightening (Uranus) from thunder storms and hurricanes (water/Pisces) to strike in the most bizarre places with the most dramatic, surprising and phenomenal results, some surprisingly positive and some gravely negative and unexpected.

Expect major break-downs in computer systems and major electrical power stations that will affect millions as we saw recently over the holiday season with many cancelled flights and the electricity blackout last year in the northeast. This could also involve failure in the credit card processing systems for technical (power surges or water flooding) and not necessarily acts of human sabotage as some would expect. These events would be signs of Uranus in Pisces that will increase over the next six years.

Expect power surges to completely knock out major computer systems, including trains and airlines. Whatever happens will be unexpected. At least that is what the experts will say when the crisis occurs, but we know it is not an accident. There were important steps that needed to be taken but for cost or political reasons they were pushed to the side lines. Uranus' aim is to bring everything in these categories in line with universal order, hence it will not fail to strike where gaps are left open giving chance an opportunity to play a role. Moving at the speed of light, Uranus will find a way to manifest its electrifying powers to smash established rules bringing in its wake a new sense of freedom and an awakening sense of true reality.

Expect super computers the likes of which we have never seen before playing a prominent role in human affairs. Expect major disasters as well involving the use of super computers that will give new meaning to the dreaded "millennium bug" that was so strongly feared at the turn of the Century.

When major electronic systems fail, man will come to accept that the most sophisticated form of computer processing should be supplemented by the most rudimentary form of back-up system, no matter how primitive they may be. For example, there will be a greater need for homes in temperate climates to be fully self sufficient with respect to producing its own heat and cooling without dependence on corporate or municipal delivery systems that provide fuel or electricity.

But while there will be failures in technology, there will also be great achievements in computer technology that will relegate man's physical efforts to that of observer rather than that of a doer. Under these conditions full employment can be achieved and there can be fairer distribution of goods and services if the right social and economic policies are adopted.

These changes will impact money and the world's financial systems that depend heavily on computer technology.

In the body, Pisces rules the feet. Expect changes in the way people care for their feet as well as increase foot problems. Expect changes in fashion centered around shoes. Expect that some organizations will be successful in getting the government to ban the use of automobiles in certain major cities, especially in Europe and Japan. Expect that people will chose to drive over walking whenever possible. Walk-a-ton and marathons will do well in 2005 and beyond.

Cars are an extension of the feet ruled by Pisces. Hence we should expect that electric cars will be introduced in society as a substitute for gasoline powered vehicles no later than December 11, 2006 when the 10 degree phase ends. Don't be surprised if the first successful model is called "Uranus" to signify electricity.

Electronics and electronics companies will do very well under this transit. Expect great improvements in electronic equipment and gadgetry.

Astrology boat cruises uniquely combines the energies of Uranus and Pisces. Uranus rules astrology and Pisces rules the seas and oceans. Astrologically speaking, an astrology or metaphysical boat cruise would bring both these two forces together as a macro-micro event affirming the dictum 'as above, so below'!

Expect that by 2010, through the use of computers, people will check their astrological forecast and transits accurately based on their date and time of birth in the same consistent manner as people now check the daily weather forecast before leaving the house. The power of astrology will be more fully accepted by the general public and scientific community by 2010.

It might be said that these seemingly new phenomenon involving water and fossil fuel resources were "unrecognized" or not given much attention in modern social consciousness. Upon close analysis, the problems encountered or benefits derived will prove to have been developing for a very long time thereby justifying the claim that nothing happens suddenly without cause, rationale, or motivation.

Dark Moon Lilith might play a role in the triggering of the 9.0M Sumatra earthquake in Southeast Asia. Lilith calculations are based on the Moon's perigee and apogee. At the time of the earthquake, Lilith was on the descendant at 16 degrees of Cancer in the 6th House conjunct Saturn in the 7th house at 25 degrees of Cancer opposing the ascendant in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn energy) quincunx Neptune in Aquarius at 13 degrees in the 1st House. Note also that the Moon's north and south nodes were at 28 degrees on the mid-heaven and nadir in Libra and Aries (beauty and the beast) increasing the gravitational pull on the earth's tectonic plates. To some astrologers, this says it all!

Uranus will enter Pisces in the Sidereal Zodiac on January 27, 2010 until April 7, 2017. The 4-month period from January 27, 2010 (when Uranus enters Pisces in the Sidereal zodiac) to May 28, 2010 (when Uranus leaves Pisces in the Tropical zodiac) should be an intense period of Uranus-Pisces activities since this will be the only time in the next 50 years when Uranus will be in Pisces, at the same time, in both the Tropical and Sidereal zodiacs. The impact should be significant for the areas that they rule; namely, water, oil, electricity, electronics, astrology, spirituality, and computers.

On November 14, 2004, 06:32:57 GMT, NASA discovered Sedna, 2003 VB12, located somewhere the Oort Cloud. Pluto is the farthest planet in our solar system orbiting the Sun, while Sedna is the farthest planetoid in our solar system at about 84 billion miles away or 30 times farther than Pluto is from the Sun. From Sedna's surface, the Sun appears as a speck of light in the sky, hardly noticeable.

Sedna is at 17° of Taurus. It goes to 20° Taurus July 2006 to March 2008.

Sedna's influence is now activated in all spheres of human life and consciousness. The sea monster is likely to raise her head in ways that we have not seen before. In classic Inuit mythology, earthquakes that cause Tsunamis are a Sedna event. Will the sea monster rise again from the sea to eat us all up? Soon after Pluto was discovered we experienced the awesome power of the atomic bomb. What ocean or sea event will announce Sedna's arrival on the world scene? We have seen one already, namely the Southeast Asia Tsunami that struck Indonesia and Thailand among 9 other countries on December 26, 2004 killing over 150,000 people in one sweep.

Will there be other disasters at sea that will raise havoc threatening life, property, and human civilization? What about coastal cities with major urban populations, oil tankers, and sea cruises? Are they at risk in 2005 for unusual Sedna activity? Ancient civilizations, such as Babylon, that used astrology for decision making would not have taken the implications lightly.

Information used for the earthquake's chart are: December 26, 2004; Time: 7:58.53 AM (local), 3N32; 95E29; Place: Banda Aceh, Indonesia.

Watch these dates and times when the planet Uranus will travel back and forth through the sign of Pisces until it hits 11 degrees on March 7, 2006. The Tsunami in the Indian Ocean of December 26, 2004 occurred near the end of the 3 degree phase. March 7, 2006 starts a new phase of phenomenon in water (in all its form including purified water, seas, oceans, polar ice in north and south poles, rivers, lakes, reservoirs) fossil fuel oil, computers, electricity (electric cars), astrology, and spirituality. The dates to watch over the 15 months are:

October 2005 to February 2006 will be particularly stressful in the areas that this transit affects.


3 _____________________________ November 30, 2004; 4:36 AM
4 _____________________________ January 4, 2005, 6:53 AM - end of the 4 degree phase
5 _____________________________ January 25, 2005; 8:15 AM - end of the 5 degree phase
6 _____________________________ February 13, 2005; 8:30 AM
7 _________________________________ March 2, 2005; 10:36 AM
8 _________________________________ March 20, 2005; 11:50 AM
9 _________________________________ April 8, 2005; 1:05 PM
10 ________________________________ May 3, 2005; 2:40 PM
9 _________________________________ July 31, 2005; 8:30 PM
8 _________________________________ August 27, 2005; 10:21 PM
7 _________________________________ September 22, 2005; 12:01 AM
6 _________________________________ October 28, 2005; 2:22 AM - end of the 6 degree phase
7 _________________________________ December 6, 2005; 4:50 AM
8 _________________________________ January 9, 2006; 7:13 AM
9 _________________________________ January 30, 2006; 8:36 AM
10 ________________________________ February 17, 2006; 9:47 AM

11 ________________________________ December 11, 2006; 5:20 AM - end of 10 degree phase - possible announcement of introduction of electric cars.

Antot Masuka

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This article updated January 4, 2005. First published March 2004 with periodic updates.