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In a rare celestial event on June 8, 2004, the planet Venus "crept across the face of the Sun" like a majestic black ant walking across the face of a brightly illuminated light bulb. People in Australia and Europe were able to observe the event as the planet Venus appears as a small black object moving across the face of the Sun over a six hour period. People in Western Europe to the Middle East were able to see the entire transit, but those in Asia , Australia and South Africa and South America had partial views. The transit was not visible in other regions, including the USA . This transit occurs in pairs separated in intervals of more than 100 years. Venus was retrograde during the transit.

Astrologically, this transit appears as conjunction of Venus and Sun at 17 degrees Gemini in the Middle East , opposed by Pluto at 21 degrees Sagittarius. Dark Moon Lilith and Pallas Athene also conjunct the Venus-Sun transit. The Sun, Venus, Lilith and Pallas Athene sit in direct opposition of not only Pluto but the mid-heaven. Retrograde Venus in Gemini squares asteroid Vesta in Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo, both of which squares Pluto in Sagittarius, forming a t-square among these points on the chart of that day.

Clearly much is happening having to do with political transformation (Pluto ), negative use of power (Sun-Pluto opposition), sexual mishaps and embarrassments, lack of care and nourishment in areas of spirituality, hard work and increased output for less pay and appreciation, and travels for reasons of death, mourning, illicit sexual escapades, underworld or under-handed activities.

Interpreting this transit is difficult and few astrologers have attempted to do so. Part of the reason is that there is no accumulated astrological history of the event. The last time Venus transit the Sun was 243 years ago in 1761 and 1769. Edmund Halley, who discovered Halley's Comet, inspired an international consortium to observe the event.

The Sun represents you, your center, your soul, your vital force, leaders and leadership for those in positions of authority or running an organization. In this case it is the Sun that is being "foreshadowed" or eclipsed by retrograde Venus. Expect news of illness, disease or health problems that you didn't think you or others had.

Two things are happening here astrologically. Firstly, vital forces and health of the ethereal body is being eclipsed, cut down or chopped off in a quick, sudden and unexpected action. Hence, this transit will not bring us the type of love, harmony and peace that is normally associated with Sun-Venus conjunctions.

Secondly, Venus was in retrograde. The energy that flows to us from the Sun was less than normal in the sense that some of it was eclipsed by transiting Venus and the retrograde energy was magnified under this transit as the Sun sends us a more highly charged and energized portion of "retrograded love" than would normally be the case. Pluto at 21 degrees Sagittarius in a retrograde position does not help matters much. Expect no compromise and a hallow form of love that is empty and devoid of feelings from those that should be more compassionate, caring, and understanding on issues concerning human conflict, health, social, and political differences. This position softened on June 30, 2004 when Venus went direct having moved out of sync with opposing Pluto, but the influence of this retrograded eclipse can last much longer - up to three months or more.

Changes in world alliances are likely to happen at this time as nations reassess their loyalty to those they consider friends and foes. The result will cause unexpected shifts in alliances in the European Community that was not considered possible by the most learned of pundits of political science. Events could occur that will cause a complete reevaluation of north-south and north-north relationships.

These changes are driven by structural reforms of the fundamentals of these societies at the grass roots level that must, or better yet, are forced in light of existing economic and political realities to reorganize alliances as the reality of the relationship with those that they have associated with for years prove to be an illusion worthy of smashing up. These changes are likely to be played out over the course of this year, whereby certain announcements would not be publicly made until the end of this year or as late as spring and summer next year, but the underlying decision to change alliances, regroup, and reorganize strategic focus will be taken now.

On a personal level, the transit can result in high profile divorces, separations, and changes of directions from old and new allies.

Certain people in the Bush Administration, such as Donald Rumsfeld and Condoleezza Rice, have Venus Retrograde in their charts. Some astrologers believes that people born with Venus Retrograde in their chart have less trust in the forces of Venus and tend to rely more on what Mars has to offer.

Venus retrograde is a time when the Goddess of love leaves the sky and goes through a phase of initiation in the underworld for approximately 40 days. During this time, she leaves us without her comfort and her loving forces, but also with the chance to open our eyes about our relationships without the illusion of rose colored glasses. We see the reality of how relationships really are. There are no illusions. Expect quarrels and disputes that brings to light the meaningfulness or meaninglessness of significant and important relationships, particularly in areas where fundamental needs and requirements of an individual, organization, or nation are not met and cannot be met through the prior long-lived association.

The Mayans of ancient Central America believed that Venus under this transit is the "warrior twin" of Venus the "morning star" that was frequently represented by bloody situations. The Mayans displayed an image of the Chief holding the severed heads of his enemies with blood and gore trailing from the neck. During this transit, news headlines related stories of beheadings in the Middle East that correlates with the ancient American symbol.

In romantic relationships, Venus retrograde seems to bring back old loves or lovers, especially when there are unsettled issues to address. One could interpret Venus retrograde as "falling out of love" as opposed to "falling in love". Venus withdraws her love energy every two years to give us an opportunity to correct our values in order to determine what works or no longer works for us.

With respect to the upcoming election in the US , retrograde Venus gives the American people a rare 40 days chance to critically examine the nature and desirability of the political candidates before us that will have tremendous influence on the results of the upcoming elections in November 2004.

Three days before the Venus-Sun transit, we lost one of the most popular presidents in the history of the United States , Ronald Reagan, and two days after the transit, one of the most beloved musicians of all time who spread love through his music all over the world, Ray Charles, passed away as well. A withdrawal of important human symbols of love and mild mannered politics.

We will not have the opportunity to experience this transit again until June 2012. After that Venus will not transit the Sun until 2117 and 2125.

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