Astrology is the art of relating cosmic intelligence expressed through celestial patterns and cycles to geocentric manifestations, movement and expression on the Earth plane. It is a great tool for spiritual focus, attunement and development by gaining knowledge about one’s inner cycle, cosmic nature or true self (Know Thyself). You are the universe and the universe is you!

Astrology provides intellectual and instinctive affirmation (Seek and You Shall Find) of a greater active intelligence in the universe through understanding of the connection of one’s soul or being to the Greater Light, solar system, entire cosmos and furthest depths of time and space!

In other words, astrology brings heaven down to Earth for all to understand – it shows the way!

What Is an Astrology Reading?

An Astrology reading is an interpretation or description of how cosmic and celestial alignments, patterns and phenomena define, impact and play out in our lives in the human context of living.

Astrology Reading of your NATAL CHART

Typically you first receive a reading of your natal chart, which will provide you with a sound astrological synthesis, analysis and interpretation of the planets at the time of your birth. The natal chart is the key to assessing your past, explaining your present and unlocking the keys to your future for better life decision-making purposes. It provides an understanding of the personality, life purpose, major obstacles faced by the individual and points out your natural gifts, talents and endowments. Reading of your natal chart is important to understanding your cosmic blue print in assessing what the planets have in stored for you.


About the Readings

An astrological consultation with Antot is an exploration of some of the main themes, astrological influences, archetypes, take off and turning points, challenges, opportunities and symbolism inherent in the client’s natal chart. The reading is designed to jump-start or contribute to an inward search for meaning. The reading explore who we truly are at the spiritual, psychological and soul levels of our cosmic make-up and being. It peels away at the layers of our masked personality complex and hidden unconscious motifs to provide insight into the deep, dynamic workings of our inner life and cosmic reality as they relate to the universe without and within, bringing us closer to the essence and fabric of who we are or meant to be. United in thought, spirit, feelings and emotions, we are awakened, energized and emboldened with vision, hope and clarity to take the next step in the journey of life.


The Wisdom of Astrology article provides a sense of direction with hope, clarity, faith in the workings of the unfolding universe, timing, patience, understanding and direction in the process of living within the metaphysics of life.

The Year Ahead

Month-by-month review of the year ahead revealing hopes, dreams, challenges, pitfalls and opportunities (separate session).

Location Astrology

Revelations of the best places or location to find love and romance, career, family, friendship, health, spiritual rebirth and renewal, potential instability or danger, restrictions and opportunities (separate session). MORE

Areas Covered

Areas discussed are based on configuration of the planets, intrinsic elements shown in the natal chart and questions asked or presented by the client. Topics usually include, but are not limited to, career, finance, health and wellness, family, friendship, marriage or romantic relationships, soul development, spiritual unfoldment and life purpose.


Readings are kept in strict confidence! We do not discuss your reading with anyone, except you. We will not share your birth data or contact information with anyone. Please make a recording of the reading using an appropriate App or recording device for your files. We generally do not record the readings, but you may do so upon request. Should we record your reading, you will receive a copy for your files, which you can review at any time. It is sometimes difficult remember all that was said during a reading session with Antot because so much grounds is covered. You are encouraged to participate and ask questions during the session.