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How Do I Subscribe to Your Newsletter?2022-03-25T15:24:25-04:00
How Can I Learn More About Astrology?2022-03-25T15:22:53-04:00

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What Truth or Wisdom Can Astrology Bestow or Provide?2022-03-25T15:22:09-04:00

The Wisdom of Astrology functions like a lens, looking glass, guide stone or GPS navigation tool that can help you along the way. You are in control.

How Powerful Is the Will?2022-03-25T15:21:04-04:00

Edgar Cayce’s readings saw the will as so important that he went on to say that:

“… the influences of choice may surpass even the experiences that have been a part of the entity through any astrological or earthly-material sojourn [life times spent on other planets before coming to Earth or past lives on Earth].”

It means that the power of the moment is now and shall always be now! No power in heaven or on Earth can change that. Now is the time to be, now is the time to choose. It is all up to you.

What Are the Main Astrological Factors that Determine Our Will?2022-03-25T15:19:54-04:00

The strength and condition of the will is assessed through the placement and position of the Sun in the astrological mandala of the natal chart. Astrological assessment of the Sun, and ruler or rulers of the chart, are very important in determining the strength, weakness, fall or debilities of the will. It determines the health of the individual, ego, motivation, strength or weakness of character and so much more. Understanding the strength or position of one’s Sun in the natal chart is the first step towards lifting the veil of perception towards soul evolution. Other important factors, include the Mars, Moon and Lunar Nodes.

Is Astrology Relevant or Important?2022-03-25T15:18:50-04:00

According to Edgar Cayce:

“When studied aright, [it is] very, very, very much so. How aright then? In that influence as is seen in the influence of the knowledge already obtained by mortal man. Give more of that into the lives, giving the understanding that the will must be the ever guiding factor to lead man on, ever upward.”

Edgar Cayce Reading 3744-4

Can Astrology Give Me What I Want in Life?2022-03-25T15:17:38-04:00

In the above quotation, Cayce can be interpreted as saying, do not use astrology as a machine to achieve certain outcomes, objectives or things by relying on it exclusively outside of your own innate inner knowing, belief, persuasion, understanding, gifts, conscience, guides, morals or other tools of self analysis and evaluation. Man, know thyself. You are the master. You are not the slave. Astrology must serve you. You must not serve astrology. We are here to serve, help. It means that you must take responsibility for your actions and decisions. In this regard, astrology can be consulted and used as a guide or portal to open your awareness, understanding and perception to help you to make better decisions or to come to a better understanding of an event, circumstance or situation, but in the end, you must decide for you alone is responsible.

Does Astrology Play a Role in My Free Will?2022-03-25T15:16:27-04:00

Yes, it does. According to Edgar Cayce, who gave much guidance on this subject:

“Astrology is a fact, in most instances. But astrological aspects are but signs, symbols [portal or doorway to understanding]. No influence is of greater value or help than the will of an individual. Use such directions [from astrology] as stepping stones [to broaden awareness and perception of circumstances or reality]. Do not let them become stumbling stones in thy experience.”

Edgar Cayce Reading 815-6.

How Powerful or Important Is My Free Will in the Cosmology of Things?2022-03-25T15:15:41-04:00

Modern astrology emphasizes that “the stars incline, they do not compel”. Edgar Cayce takes it one-step further. He states in his readings:

“But let it be understood here, no action of any planet or phases of the sun, the moon or any of the heavenly bodies surpass the rule of man’s will power.”

Edgar Cayce Reading 3744-4.

Is My Viewpoint Important?2022-03-25T15:14:01-04:00

You viewpoint is important, very important, even critical to the process. It contributes to the growth and evolution of all things, of all souls. The stars and the planets may suggest or impel an individual towards a certain situation, condition or circumstance, but it does not compel or determine. You have more power than you think to shape your life, your future and your destiny.

“Man alone is given that birthright of free will. He alone may defy his God.”

– Edgar Cayce Reading 5757-1.

How Should I View Astrological Interpretations?2022-03-25T15:13:11-04:00

The client is invited to reflect upon the interpretations in terms of its meaning to him or her personally, with respect to potentialities and possibilities described, not as deterministic evidence, proof, tools, outcomes, phenomena or events. Guidance through expanded awareness, perception and interpretation are important. Astrology opens the door to allow you to explore the universe from within the safety, contours and context of your own space, mind and value system. In this way, astrology can be an important asset, empowering tool, valid resource or access way for spiritual growth and evolution.

What Role Does Free Will Play in Astrological Interpretations?2022-03-25T15:12:25-04:00

We have free will. This means that we have the power to affect our future, and the future of others, as well as society and the world around us, through our own thoughts, behavior, contemplation, beliefs, choices, actions, apathy, determination and decisions. We cannot control outside events or how people will respond to us, but we can determine how we view, interpret, process or respond to them. The interplay between fate (pre-programmed, automatic, conditioned, traditional, cultural, religious or embedded responses) and free will (the power to choose) is part of the continuing human drama of evolution.

How Should I View the Reading?2022-03-25T15:10:34-04:00

Astrology readings by Antot provides an interpretation of the planetary symbols in the client’s natal chart based on the date, time and location of birth. The reading is not black and white and provides room for discussion and insight. These interpretations are suggestions that show possibilities and potentialities. They are not precise predicted outcomes of events that can be relied upon with 100% accuracy, determination or certainty. Why? Because the power of decision, the power of change and choice lies within you. No astrological reading on Earth can overcome that.

Do You Record the Reading?2022-03-25T15:09:37-04:00

We may record the conversation on our side at your request, but this is not always the case. Hence, it is recommended that you record the conversation from your end to ensure that have a copy of it. Sometimes technical problems occur that are outside of our control.

What Is the Length of a Consultation?2022-03-25T15:07:10-04:00

The initial consultation usually last 60 to 90 minutes. Returning client sessions are booked for 60 minutes.

How Shall We Connect for the Reading?2022-03-25T15:08:02-04:00

Counseling sessions are normally conducted over the Internet via Zoom or by phone. However, meetings may be done face-to-face, i.e, in person, if you are located in the New York Tri-state or metropolitan area. The readings are carried out from a New York office location, which is based on Eastern Time Zone (EST), GMT -5.

Will My Natal Chart Require Rectification?2022-03-25T15:08:56-04:00

Edgar Cayce believed that the soul choose the time when it enters the body. Hence, in few but rare cases the birth time of the individual may not accurately reflect the functionality of the natal chart. In cases where the birth time is not known or in doubt rectification may be useful in developing a functional natal chart.

Why Is an Accurate Birth Time Important?2022-03-25T15:00:13-04:00

An accurate birth date, time and location are important to the evaluation and interpretation of an astrology chart. You can usually find your birth time on your birth certificate or in birth records maintained by the hospital where you were born. Parent memory is a good source of information and may be used in helping to establish an accurate birth time. Let us know if you are having problems obtaining accurate birth date or time. Rectification of your birth time may be necessary under these circumstances.

What Is A Natal Chart?2022-04-17T10:00:50-04:00

A natal chart is an astrological statement expressed in the form of a wheel, showing the exact astronomical position of each planet in the solar system at the date, time and place of birth. The natal chart is used by astrologers to interpret planetary and celestial influences that could potentially activate subconscious cosmic patterns established at the time of birth, or when the soul enters the body according to Cayce, that could potentially influence the personality and destiny of the soul incarnate.

See sample natal chart below:

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