Company & Business Astrological Analysis

120 minutes consultation with a 4-10 page written business report using conservative business financial analysis and insightful metaphysical and astrological evaluation. See sample report shown below for CitiGroup: The People’s Choice. Discreet, private and confidential. Contact us for a quote today!

Private and confidential company and business astrological analysis performed by a highly experienced and credential business executive and world-class astrologer who can provide insight to help improve profitability, cash flow, competitive advantage, global position and risk management.

CITIGROUP – The People’s Choice

A critical and informative look at Citigroup from an astrological perspective since inception of Citigroup in 1812 to the year of transformation or termination in 2056. The review was prepared using different astrological tools and techniques as well as a comprehensive study, review and analysis of Citigroup’s financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2005.

Financial Astrology for Businesses & Companies

We provide financial astrology for businesses and companies. We need to have the business’ date of incorporation, time of incorporation, if available, and city, state and country of incorporation. Financial astrology for businesses and companies take an intrinsic look at the promise, foundation and operational capacity of a company using SWOT analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) communicated to the user in easy to understand language based on the symbols, alignments, movement and configuration of the planets and the stars. A sample report for Citibank is provided for your review at this link. While astrology was the primary tool and source of information used to craft, develop and draft this report, note that astrological jargon was not used in communicating the findings to the user.

Written on May 10, 2006 to cover a period starting from inception in 1812 to 2056 when the company would most likely be dissolved or transformed into something else, one would never know or conclude that its theme and conclusions were derived through astrology. Within this range of work, we can provide outlook for the future and assessment of past issues and problems.

We provide a 90-120 minute discussion meeting based on a four-ten page summary report. We prefer an in-person meeting for the initial consultation in order to get to know the company and its leadership. Subsequent meetings can be via Zoom or phone conversation. The fee for our work depends on the size of the company and issues involved. We will require financial statements and other information to do the analysis. We use an assessment of financial data blended against astrological factors and significators to draw conclusions, make recommendations and provide insights. Preparation work for initial consultation can range from 15 to 40 hours of work depending on the size of the company, public or private, and the complexity and sophistication of the issues involved. You may ask us to look into certain matters of concern or to provide our assessment of certain financial statement factors without disclosing the full details of the underlying circumstances involved. You must understand if you ask us to assess profitability over the next five years for a hotel (Jupiter), bank (Mercury/Saturn), film (Neptune) or holding company (Pluto), it will depend on review and analysis of balance sheet, revenue, expenses, industry and ethereal factors such as inflation and interest rates matched against the general astrological phase, transit or forecast that are taking place during that period and not just profitability as a number projected over time matched against a single astrological indicator or factor. Industries where we have strong business experience and expertise, include but are not limited to, banking, hotels and tourism, manufacturing, real estate, film and entertainment, services industries such as legal, accounting and finance firms.

Executive Natal Chart Reading

As part of a company’s astrological assessment and evaluation it is important to evaluate the natal chart of the company’s leader, owner, CEO and/or chairman of the board with respect to the influence and impact that this individual may have on the company’s financial performance, condition and future. Executive natal chart reading is similar to the natal chart consultation for individuals, but with more emphasis being placed on how the leader relates to the company as a whole as compared with assessing factors that are of personal nature or characteristic. All Executive Natal Chart Readings are kept in strict confidence and are not disclosed to anyone in the company or organization. To maintain strict privacy and confidentiality, no recording of the reading is made or kept in our files. However, the individual may record the session or take notes if they so choose. The price for this service if $750 per hour.

Stocks & Trading Activity

We do not provide consultation on the purchase or management of stocks, bonds, commodities, futures or any form trading activity. There are astrologers who specialize in trading and portfolio management. We suggest that you contact them to learn more.

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