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Privacy Policy

We keep all private and personal information confidential.

Our privacy policy is quite simple: we respect your privacy and value your interest in CelestialAffairs.Com.

We never sell or give away your name or email address to anyone for any purpose.

Nor do we place cookies on your machine or keep records on transactions other than used in the normal course of business for sales and business management purposes.

We will email you if we have something of extraordinary value or interest to you, based on previous orders or your request, provided you provided us with your email address and expressed an interest to be on our email distribution list, which we send out periodically and not on a standard recurring basis.

Please let us know if you want to be taken off our distribution list at anytime.


The contents and charts of all readings are kept on a strict confidential basis. We do not discuss your reading with anyone, except you. You receive the only copy of readings that we tape record over the phone or in person at your request to allow you to review the reading at a later time, knowing that it is difficult to remember at times all that was said during a reading session.