Join Szuson Wong of Seven Hills Health Expo as she welcomes Antot Masuka for an exciting discussion on the Power of Dreams to sustain and transform lives. Dreams are the bridge between the conscious & unconscious worlds. Topics to be discussed include Neptune, planet of dreams transit of Pisces from February 2012 to March 2025. The sleep cycle Stage 1, 2, 3 & 4 interacting with sleep process of Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta stages of consciousness. Types of dreams. How to remember your dreams? Techniques for interpreting your dreams. Dreams and synchronicity.  Archetypal images and structure of dreams. Why are dreams important? Connection between dreams and the psychic realm. Dreams as omen of future events. Crazy Horse: “Never Forget Your Dreams” and so much more!


OUR PLACE IN THE UNIVERSE – A Journey Through Time!
The Big Bang theory has been promoted by scientists since the turn of the 20th Century where it has been taught to the masses to be taken as a “fact” rather than suggestion. New theories have been presented that are backed-up by facts and hard evidence which may prove the Big Bang theory is wrong.  In tonight’s episode of Psychic Talk, join Maggie White as she welcomes Antot Masuka for an exciting discussion on the new theory of how the universe began and our place in it.

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