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Natal Chart
- $200 initial consultation (90-120 minutes), $150 per hour thereafter
Reading of your natal chart providing astrological analysis of the influence of the planets at the time of birth. The natal chart is the key to understanding the personality, life purpose, major obstacles, prospects as well as natural gifts and endowment. It is a must for gaining an understanding of what the planets have in store for you.

Transiting Planets - $150 per hour
Reading of transiting planets in the sky matched against your natal chart to reveal what planetary influences are affecting your life at this moment in time. It is useful for telling how long a transit will last and what is coming up next.

Progressed Chart - $150 per hour
Reading of your secondary progressed chart. The progressed chart tells where you are on your life's journey. The reading takes your natal chart and progresses all the planets one day for each year of your life revealing how you have grown as well as what new opportunities, risks and challenges you face at this time in your life. Coupled with a reading of planetary transits, progression offers a powerful tool to understanding forces moving through your life at this moment in time.

Relationship Compatibility - $200 per hour
Reading of the synastry and composite natal charts of two individuals to reveal how the individuals relate to each other. Interestingly enough, the composite chart looks at "the relationship" as a third element to deal with in a relationship separate and apart from the individuals that make up that relationship, offering insights and knowledge leading to clearer understanding and empowerment to each individual and the relationship on a whole.

Solar & Lunar Eclipses
- $200 per hour
Reading of the influence of Solar & Lunar eclipses by examining where they fall in your birth chart. The next Lunar eclipse will occur at exactly 15 degrees of Pisces on Thursday, September 7, 2006 at 2:42 pm EST. The next Solar eclipse will occur 15 days later at 29 degrees and 20 minutes of Virgo on Friday, September 22, 2006 at 7:45 am, EST. Solar and Lunar eclipses have been dreaded, feared and honored by ancient civilizations and societies because of the dramatic impact they sometimes have on the lives of individuals, community, country and society as a whole. Because Virgo is involved, the demand for labor will soar before and after these eclipses. Health and hygiene will also be affected. Religion, oil, water and electricity will be big topics in the news as well.
Due to the solar eclipse on this date in 2006, September 22, being a power number in numerology, is likely to produce very strong events in an unusual and extreme way. Depending on what sign and house the eclipses fall in your natal chart, this reading reveals the effects of the next solar and lunar eclipse to determine how they may impact your life. LEARN MORE!

Lunar Cycle - $150 per hour

Reading of the impact of the next or other lunar cycle. The New Moon has traditionally been seen as the time for new beginnings. The
next New Moon will be a SOLAR ECLIPSE (see above) occurring at 29 degrees and 20 minutes of Virgo on Friday, September 22, 2006 at 7:45 am, EST. The New Moon after the Solar Eclipse in September will be on October 22, 2006 1:14 am EST in Libra at 28 degrees and 40 minutes. The New Moon is the conjunction of the Sun and the Moon, traveling in unison in the day sky at the same time. It is the marriage of the spiritual soul with the emotional self providing union and cooperation not available in the same way at other times in the lunar month. The Full Moon is an opposition of the Sun and the Moon, whereby the Sun casts her pure light on the Moon completely and in full force, and the Moon in turn lightens our night and darkness showing us what is truly hidden, bringing new and revealing consciousness to the forefront for us to decide how to proceed. Now we understand what gold and fortunes or pits and problems lie ahead once seen in the purity of the Sun's direct and reflected light. The planet is bathed in light both real and perceived. All is revealed, nothing escapes.

This reading will look at what energies are available for the selected lunar cycle and how you can take advantage of those energies as reflected in their placement in your natal chart. All phases of the Moon (squares and trines to the Sun) will be examined for that lunar period, providing a day-to-day profile of what's ahead in that lunar cycle. Learn more!

Solar Return - $250 initial consultation; $150 per hour thereafter
Reading of your Solar Return chart outlining the year ahead preceding your birth day. The Solar Return chart reveals the kind of year you will have after your birth date. Your Solar Return is the moment when the Sun "returns" back to the same degree and minute of your birth sign at the time of your birth. Solar Return charts are used to forecast the year ahead.

Planetary & Mercury Retrograde - $150 per hour

Reading of the effect of the next Mercury Retrograde period at 5 degrees of Scorpio on October 28, 2006 to November 17, 2006. Mercury goes retrograde for about three weeks 2-3 times per year. During this period the planet Mercury appears to be "backing up" in the sky and is said to cause communication problems. The perceptual change in direction of the energy compels us to move more slowly and think things through more carefully before making firm or irreversible decisions that may best wait until communication energy are flowing in a way with which we are more familiar. This reading looks at how the next Mercury retrograde period will affect your life by examining relevant alignments in your natal chart. Learn More

AstroLocation - $200 per hour
Reading of AstroLocation astrology charts and maps by an astrologer for three (3) cities/towns, country or region anywhere in the world to determine impact of planetary influences that affect an individual living in that location or place. The reading of AstroLocation charts and maps allow you to assess what type of experience you can expect to have in a specific place or location anywhere in the world.

Pre-Natal Eclipses
- $150 per hour
Reading of pre-natal eclipses that occurred before you were born while you were still in your mother's womb. Eclipses that occur before you were born while you are still in your mother's womb have a tremenous effect on the personality, character and destiny in life. See a sample of this work done for Barack Obama's Pre-Natal Eclipses to gain a sense of the power and depth that his astrological analysis brings to the reading of any natal chart.

Black Moon Lilith - $175 per hour
Reading of Black Moon Lilith in the natal chart revealing where one may experience a sense of loss or regret, which might indicate where one needs to own up to one's calling or life's demands or requirements in order to progress to another stage in life. The position of Lilith in the natal chart shows where one is likely to experience a sense of loss, regret or remorse as well as what one needs to do or own up to in order to move on in life.

Chiron & Major Asteroids - $160 per hour
Reading of five major asteroids, including Chiron, Pallas Athene, Ceres, Vesta and Juno, each of which could entail a full hour discussion. In short:

Chiron is the wounded healer. It focuses on where one is likely to be hurt in life and what one needs to do, which often is dealing with or confronting that area of hurt.

Pallas Athene deals with one's wisdom and strategic intelligence, and how that inner knowledge it is likely to be expressed, repressed or challenged through strategic choices, tactical moves or errors.

Ceres is earth mother and goddess of agriculture. Ceres in the horoscope tells how we are nurtured throughout life and how we nurture others to meet essential material needs of food, clothing and livelihood. It is the principle of unconditional love, how we receive and give joy to ourselves and others.

Vesta is the keeper of the sacred flame, one that shines brightly. It shows in the natal chart where we are likely to make sacrifices and how the rewards of those sacrifices affect our lives positively of negatively primarily through sexual expression or repression.

Juno is the standard by which marriages and marital bliss, happiness and compatibility are judged, viewed entirely different from love, romance, or classical "compatibility". While Libra and the 7th house define what it takes to make a relationship in the public arena, it is Juno that determines if it will work. Added to a compatibility reading, understanding Juno in the horoscope opens a window to examine relationship potential, risks, opportunities and challenges.

Cassette Recording of Reading - Additional $10
The contents of all readings are kept on a strict confidential basis. We do not discuss your reading with anyone, except you. You receive the only copy of readings that we tape record with your permission to allow you to review the reading at a later time, knowing that it is difficult at times to remember all that was said during a reading. See Privacy policy.


Company & Business Astrological Analysis - 120 minutes initial consultation presented with a 4-10 page written business report using conservative business financial analysis and insightful metaphysical and astrological evaluation. Sample report shown below for CitiGroup: The People's Choice. Discreet, private and confidential. Call for a quote today!

Private and confidential company and business astrological analysis
performed by highly experienced and credentialed business executive and astrologer that can help improve profitability and cash flows, competitive advantage, global position and risk management.


CITIGROUP - The People's Choice
A critical and informative look at Citigroup from an astrological perspective since inception of Citibank in 1812 to the year 2056. The report was prepared using different astrological charts, techniques, financial analyses as well as a comprehensive study, review and analysis of Citigroup's financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2005.


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