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Refund Policy

Please note our refund policy for readings, reports and other products.


No refund for reading after the reading has taken place. No refunds for cancellations received less than 24 hours. No rescheduling of appointment less than 24 hours.

No refund for reading appointments rescheduled to another date.

Request to reschedule a reading appointment less than 24 hours will be treated as a cancellation.

Only one (1) request to reschedule an appointment will be honored provided the request is made more than 24 hours before the original appointment time. No refund or additional rescheduling of reading appointments that were rescheduled pass the original appointment time.

We will refund 50% of readings cancelled 24-72 hours before the originally scheduled appointment time. We will refund eighty percent (80%) of readings cancelled more than 72 hours before the originally scheduled appointment time.

Refunds will be made within twenty-one (21) business days after the scheduled appointment.

Cancellations of reading appointments should be made by email, phone or fax. Mailed request for cancellation must physically arrive our office within the time frame stated above.

To cancel reading via email, send email request to: cancellation@celestialaffairs.com.

To cancel reading by phone, call: 201-224-4248 during normal business hours.

To cancel reading by fax, send fax to: 201-224-4248

To cancel reading by mail, send request to: Celestial Affairs, P.O. Box 3187, Fort Lee, NJ 07024


Sales on all reports are final, no refunds. There are no refunds for reports ordered whether or not delivery is accepted by the recipent. Undelivered mail or email orders held for more than 60 days will be discarded and sale considered complete.


No refunds. Sales on all other products including the pyramid are final.