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Marilyn Monroe Merlin Natal Report

Merlin Natal Report $25
This report gives a comprehensive astrological analysis of your natal chart based on your date, time, and place of birth. The report is broken down into chapters that discusses how you approach life and appear to others, the inner you and your real motivations, your mental interest and abilities, your emotions, your moods and feelings about romance, your drive and ambition, growth and expansion and areas that challenge you or are difficult for you, as well as the influences of your age group, among other things.
Albert Einstein Cayce Past Life Report

Cayce Past Life Report $30

Written by Ry Redd based on extensive research of the over 14,000 Edgar Cayce Readings on file at the ARE in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA, the language of this report is in the Edgar Cayce tradition, i.e., very esoteric and inspiring. A must for anyone wanting to know more about the roots of their past life and how their past life might have influence on their spiritual journey and unfolding experiences in this incarnation.
Michael Jackson Child Guidance Report

Child Guidance Report $25
This report focuses on issues that parents are concerned about for their children. It addresses needs, talents, potential problems, health, and the child’s relationship to parents, preferred school environment, and much more. The Child Guidance Report is accurate and well written. A must for parents wanting to gain an early understanding of their child’s personality, needs, growth path, and potential.
Nostradamus Career & Vocation Report

Career & Vocation Report $25

This report is a wonderful tool for those who wish to learn more about vocations and professions that expresses their strongest talents, skills, and motivations. Horacio determines the individual’s strengths found in their natal chart and guides the reader towards finding their true vocation or profession, pointing out unused potential, ability to earn money, and possible vocations and careers in a clear and direct manner.
Diana & Charles Romantic Relationship Compatibility Report

Relationship Compatibility $30

This report analyses the relationship between friends, business partners, and romantic lovers shedding light on the strengths and weaknesses of each party in the relationship. The report places significant issues in the relationship at the beginning of the report and offers insights on how to handle problem areas to better appreciate each other. Often used by married couples to gain a deeper and more profound understanding of each other, and by singles to gain insight into the unique and special characteristics of a romantic relationship, business partners, or love interest.

Bill Clinton Naughty Natal Report

Naughty Natal Report $10

This report takes you on a hilarious journey into the unique and witty characteristics of your natal influences. Art Poppe finds the best and worst parts of us at which to poke fun. Humorous and painfully accurate, the report is certain to cause a laugh, holler, or downright embarrassment when hidden sexual attitudes and tendencies are revealed. Great for parties, social occasions or to confirm or deny aspects of the personality that you just never seem to quite fully understand in yourself or lover. Great valentine or honeymoon gift!

Hillary Rodham Clinton Athena Numerology Report

Athena Numerology Report $10
This report provides a concise explanation of major numerology determinants such as soul and personality numbers, destiny number, career number, and missing numbers. The report also explains the meaning of first initial and first vowel of your name. Insightful and accurate, the report complements the Personal Numerology Report described above and can be used independently for a concise explanation of significant numerological factors.

Barack Obama Personal Numerology Report

Numerology Report $25
This numerology report will explain your personal numbers for motivation, expression, karma, subconscious response, destiny, life cycles, turning points and major and minor challenges. It includes career suggestions, tarot significators and much more. You also get a year’s forecast and lucky numbers. Provide your full name at birth along with your date, time, and place of birth to discover the power of numerology.
Madonna Astrolocation Reports for 6 cities

AstroLocation Reports $10/City

This report provides a serious review of the astrological influences in a specific geological location using the latitude and longitude of towns, cities, and places of your choice – anywhere in the world! Locations can be the place where you were born or currently living, the place where you plan to relocate for family or business reasons, places that you plan to visit for vacations, conferences, business meetings, spiritual or corporate retreats. Many people are convinced that this report is invaluable for identifying places to attend school, find love and romance, undertake creative work, build sound business and organizational structures, pursue career ambitions, enter politics or the creative arts industry, identify supportive environment for raising a family or retirement, or places that are supportive of career advancement. Minimum three (3) cities or locations for first order.

Sample Reports

$10 per Page
AstroMaps provide colorful and easy to read maps of any town, state, country, region, or the world highlighting specific astrological influences based on your date, time, and place of birth. AstroMaps will help you to quickly identify cities and places to find love and romance, pursue career or creative and artistic endeavors, foster strong family ties, or identify places of excitement, change, and instability. AstroMaps are a great complement and decision aide to the Relocation Reports described below.

Oprah Winfrey Adult Daily Forecast

Adult Daily Forecast $10/month
This astrological forecast provides detail analysis of daily planetary influences unlike anything that you will find on the internet or in the press or public domain. Accurate, insightful with practical suggestions, Advanced Daily Forecast can be a handy tool and support mechanism to guide you through critical periods that may involve life transformative processes such as new job, relocation, business start-up, birth of a child, pregnancy, engagement and wedding experiences. It makes a great gift for a friend, spouse, or loved one.
Britney Spear Youth Daily Forecast

Youth Daily Forecast $10/month
This report provides a forecast of daily planetary influences that is appealing to young adults, especially since it expresses astrological influences in lingo to which today’s young people understands and relates. The result is a report written in modern language that crosses the bridge from childhood to adulthood for today’s fast paced and changing environment.
Cher Native American Medicine Wheel

Native American Medicine Wheel Natal Report $15
The interpretation of the natal chart that this report provides is based on the Kvniakati Tsulawi Medicine Wheel tradition of Southern Shawnee and Cherokee with some reference to other Native American tradition and tribes, including Lakota.
Artistic Natal Charts $20
These colorful and artistic natal charts are $20 each. Artistic natal charts are printed on Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper at photo quality setting for outstanding results. Choose from the artistic natal charts in our gallery. Browse to your heart's delight!

AstroLocation Reports & Maps

Select places (city, state, country) you want analyzed and order AstroLocation reports to explain the astrological influence of that town based on your birth chart.

Purchase an AstroMap for any city, state, country or region in the world, then call CelestialAffairs for an interpretation of your AstroMap at a rate of $25 per 15 minutes. CelestialAffairs will deliver your AstroMap electronically by email or regular mail. Order Form

Used together, AstroLocation reports and AstroMaps are an ideal way to get comprehensive astrological information on any place in the world that you will visit or relocate to based on your birth data.

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Gallery of Natal Charts
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Natal Chart
$1 with Report Order
Natal Chart: A natal chart is an astrological statement, expressed in the form of a wheel, showing the exact astronomical position of each planet in the solar system at the date, time and place of birth. The natal chart is used by astrologers to interpret planetary and celestial influences that could potentially activate subconscious cosmic patterns established at the time of birth that could influence the personality and destiny of the soul incarnate.

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