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1. THE POWER OF DREAMS Join Szuson Wong of Seven Hills Health Expo as she welcomes Antot Masuka for an exciting discussion on the Power of Dreams to sustain and transform lives. Dreams are the bridge between the conscious & unconscious worlds. Topics to be discussed include Neptune, planet of dreams transit of Pisces from February 2012 to March 2025. The sleep cycle Stage 1, 2, 3 & 4 interacting with sleep process of Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta stages of consciousness. Types of dreams. How to remember your dreams? Techniques for interpreting your dreams. Dreams and synchronicity.  Archetypal images and structure of dreams. Why are dreams important? Connection between dreams and the psychic realm. Dreams as omen of future events. Crazy Horse: “Never Forget Your Dreams” and so much more!

2. OUR PLACE IN THE UNIVERSE - A Journey Through Time! The Big Bang Theory has been promoted by scientists since the turn of the 20th Century where it has been taught to the masses to be taken as a "fact" rather than as a theory.  New theories have been presented that are backed up by facts and hard evidence which may prove the Big Bang Theory is wrong.  In tonight's episode of Psychic Talk, join Maggie White as she welcomes Antot Masuka for an exciting discussion on the new theory of how the universe began and our place in it.


3. OBAMA IN PROPHECY A look at Barack Obama in prophecy from metaphysical and astrological points of view as a new leader erupting from out of the ashes and volcanoes of the Hawaiian Islands. A must read for anyone desiring to understand Barack Obama as a cosmic symbol and intelligence force and not just as mere human being, which he is. Barack Obama therefore transforms from the mortal individual, which his natal chart appropriately describes, to become a universal cosmic force and figure that must be contended with on the world stage in politics and human affairs. It is an analysis that places Barack Obama at the focal point and among the first agents of change of this New Millennium and Century that will usher in a New Age, one that will fulfill, complete and link the cycle and accomplishments of the past 40 years in American history with the dramatic and powerful unfoldments promised to us through the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. The result is a New World Order not envisioned or designed by men or even previously thought possible, but one that is in no doubt guided, formulated and enacted upon through agents and by principles of a mighty cosmic order operating deeply from within another dimension.

Metaphysical and astrological analyses of a dream that occurred on September 30, 2006 seem to suggest that "an earthquake or explosion of some sort" would occur in the center of a land shaped very much like the Big Island of Hawaii. The dream seems to have pointed to the magnitude 6.7 earthquake that occurred two weeks later on Sunday, October 15, 2006 on the Big Island of Hawaii, as well as the subsequent meteoric rise of presidential candidate, Illinois Senator Barack Obama, (See: Obama Prediction and Obama in Prophecy - A Prophecy of Change ) who has roots in Hawaii. Using the dream to inspire and guide earthquake predictions, seven (7) firm dates between January 1, 2007 to October 15, 2007 were determined in December 2006 to accurately predict the dates and time when major earthquakes over 7.0 magnitude would occur in the world. The result is nothing short of startling - read the results and track it live as we search for answers to this perplexing metaphysical and astrological phenomena.


6. OBAMA IN SAPTARISHIS ASTROLOGY: Issues of the 21st Century

DREAMS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD A look at dreams in the ancient and modern world that changed the world from Jasper John and the American Flag, Genghis Khan, Mohammed, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Abraham Lincoln, Jean Dixon, Julius Cesar, Emperor Constantine, Ingmar Bergman, Orson Wells, Mary Shelly, Richard Wagner, George Frederick Handel and others. Many people do not remember their dream? If you do not remember your dreams, does that mean that you did not dream at all during the night? Evidence suggests otherwise that we all may be dreaming up to 150 minutes every night but completely forget our dreams when we awake. Backed by strong references, this note succinctly discusses the power of the dreaming mind, which is your birth right and legacy!

8. DREAMS THAT FORECAST FUTURE EVENTS Metaphysical, symbolic and astrological analyses of recent dreams that forecasted world events that occurred from September 30, 2006 to present. These include the 1) Earthquake Dream of September 30, 2006 noted below that accurately p5redicted the meteoritic ascendancy of Senator Barack Obama even before he made his decision and announcement to run for president of the United States in February 2007, 2) Series of Dreams Occurring in the Recent past, 3) Major Flood-Like Tsunami to Strike Soon, 4) Earth Shifts Building Falls, 5 West Coast Rolling Back and Forth, 6) Power Goes Out, 7) Major Snowfall to Strike Central California Soon, 8) Global Warming Starts Now!, 9) 10+ Earthquake, 10) Most Beautiful Business Card in the World, 11) Barack Obama to Win Super Tuesday and DNC Nomination - Fait Accompli, 12) Obama In between Two Long Ropes With Pyramid of Supporters Behind Him, 13) Animals in Madagascar That Were Never Seen Before.

9. DREAMS & THE GREAT PYRAMID AT GIZA Alpha frequency,which produces dreams in sleep, is found in the Kings Chamber in the Great Pyramid at Giza. Learn more about dreams and the Great Pyramid.

10. OBAMA 2006 PRESIDENTIAL PREDICTION Using dreams and astrological analysis, Senator Barack Obama is predicted to win the US presidential elections to become the next president of the United States. This prediction is based on the Earthquake Dream of September 30, 2006 discussed above.


11. THE ROLE OF CULTURE & IMPACT OF PHILOSOPHY A critical look at the role of culture and its impact on consciousness-based arts and sciences such as dreams and its interpretation, metaphysical subjects and astrology and the extent to which the development of modern science crowded out and almost stamped out astrology.

12. A WORLD AT WAR AGAINST ITS CITIZENS A critical look at current events shaping our world pitching governments police and security forces against their own people, the cause of which stems from deep misunderstanding of the fundamental character and nature of the human psyche as well as an underlying historic build up of scientific, social, economic and political mis-philosophies that feed bizarre individual and group social outbursts in the most common and basic of human social interactions. A shattered national and global psyche is the result where the weakest victim is preyed upon and attacked as enemy of the state by a psychologically inept, calm, yet unstable, unbalanced and unhealthy leadership psyche and social conscience that considers itself superior, better informed and politically correct. "Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves" - Carl Gustav Jung.

13. THE GODS OF MEN VS. THE LORDS OF NATURE The Lords of Nature are those tangible, intangible and unseen energies, principles and forces known and yet to be known by man from which emanated, supported, fostered and maintained the balance of life and its relations to the cosmos on planet earth. These energies and principles, rulers of time and s
pace, are in strict opposition to everything that man has created through rational analysis and control of the material world through scientific enquiry and engineering to bring under man's subjugation and control the workings and wonders of nature and all life forms on planet earth. Now these cosmic forces and principles speak back in an inaudible voice: "If anyone has an ear, let him hear."

TOWARDS A NEW WORLD ORDER (Released on this site: September 2007) A look at some of the critical universal and metaphysical factors that needed to be considered before the start of the Iraq war era that perhaps would have led to its reconsideration. Sent to the US Government (Secretary of State Colin Powell of the US State Department) on April 8, 2003, this paper outlined strategic factors that needed to be considered before going to war and the ultimate universal natural law consequences that would ensue in an universal and cosmic sense should these elements be ignored. In this regard, the paper serves as a post script of much of what has happened since the war started, including strong Iraqi resistance through guerrilla war, rising oil prices, inflation leading to a weakened dollar, and much, much more. Long, yet informative, it is a must read for students of metaphysical subjects.

5. ADDENDUM TO: TOWARDS A NEW WORLD ORDER (Released on this site: September 2007) Written in Tallahassee, Florida on May 1, 2004 as an addendum to Towards A New World Order, this paper attempts to analyze the role of consciousness on the war effort and how that brand of particular consciousness transforms and in some ways weakens society. Fear breeds weakness by robbing life forms of its vital life energy. Fear breeds more fear. It's an never ending cycle. The Addendum discusses the weakening of the will of the American people and the possible natural law consequences of a war strategy that has immobilized a people from addressing urgent, important and practical issues facing them with even larger practical, daily life issues lurking at the door, in lieu of pursuing mass hysterical illusions of government's protection of the people from fear. The consequence is more deadly destruction from dimensions not yet addressed, visualized or thought of before, but never of the kind expected or thought possible or emanating from earlier perceived notions of fear. See: The Gods of Men vs. The Lords of Nature.

6. MESSAGE FROM THE ABBOT The High Priest of the Buddhist Vihara in Washington, D.C., Venerable Maharagama Dhammasiri, gives his opinion on the human race arduous journey through the past two millennia addressing man's inhumanity to man, gross failures and miscalculations in the face of astounding and illusionary scientific progress. He explains the role of Buddhism in smashing illusions and how principles of Buddhism can help ease man's suffering.


17. THE WISDOM OF ASTROLOGY A look at possible explanation emanating from the Greater Light and issues in astrology from Biblical to modern scientific times asking the answering,"should you believe in astrology and does it work?"

18. THE CULTURE AND CHALLENGES OF MODERN ASTROLOGY: East versus West A look at some of the problems and challenges facing modern astrology, in particular Western Astrology, that has been cut off from its roots over the past two thousand years and has undergone fundamental change in a bid to redefine itself and carve out a sustainable role in a rapidly changing world.

The Changing of the Guards: The young lion shall overcome the old. Affecting Public Health, Environment, Farming, Harvest, Food Chain & Supply, Health Professionals, Famine, Feast & Abundance, Justice, Values and Natural Resources, Personal Service & Labor, Germs & Diseases and much more.

2006 SOLAR ECLIPSE IN VIRGO Affecting Public Health, Environment 2006-2008, Farming, Harvest, Food Chain & Supply, Health Professionals, Famine, Feast & Abundance, Justice, Values and Natural Resources, Personal Service & Labor, Germs & Disease
s and much more.

21. URANUS IN PISCES Impact on Seas (Tsunami), Oceans & Water Resources, Electricity, Electronics, Computers, Film industry, Fossils Fuels, Spirituality & Astrology.

22. VENUS TRANSITS SUN When Venus transited the Sun June 8, 2004, the transit revealed itself in many ways in world affairs, including a beheading in the Middle East that matched the symbol of the Venus transit of the Sun used by the Mayan centuries earlier. Will similar events occur when Venus transits the Sun again in June 2012?

Planetoid at 84 billion miles away in space that lives at the bottom of the sea; astrological interpretation as well as impact on today's modern society.

24. HAWAII IN THE ZODIAC Brief review of the natal charts of the State of Hawaii in the Sidereal an

d Tropical Zodiacs. Differences in interpretation between the Sidereal and Tropical Zodiacs are of noteworthy interest with respect to the Sun, Moon and Ascendants. Other major signs, planets and alignments are discussed.

25. MERCURY RETROGRADE Mercury Retrograde examines astrological meaning and interpretation for the planet going retrograde. A must read for those wanting to understand Mercury Retrograde's true significance and often misunderstood concepts.

26. MARS IN CANCER A look at the impact of Mars transit of the astrological sign of Cancer in the Tropical and Sidereal Zodiacs from September 29, 2007 to the summer solstice on June 21, 2008 that will trigger very cold wintry weather, collapses of all sort, engine failures, fall in the stock market, and much, much more.


27. EROSION: The Seven Deadly Sins of the 2008 Financial Crash! Tips on how to make money and keep it.

28. WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS! A look at the role of low interest rates in the current financial crisis providing practical, age-old suggestions for building wealth - keeping it real!

29. OPEN LETTER TO BEN BERNANKE Letter to the Federal Reserve System that discusses the impact that low interest rates may have on the economy and on the value of the dollar in particular over the past four years.

30. RESPONSE TO ALAN GREENSPAN'S COMMENTS TO HIS CRITICS A critical look at the administration of monetary and fiscal policy in the United States resulting in an over reliance on scientific methods and procedures and less emphasis on human factors requiring judgment, coordination and critical assessment in the formulation of a plan of action that seeks to promote truth, integrity, prudence and reconciliation in assessing and reacting to unfolding economic realities.

31. CITIGROUP - The People's Choice A critical and informative look at Citigroup from an astrological perspective since inception of Citibank in 1812 to the year 2056. Written in May 2006, this report was developed using different astrological charts, techniques, financial analyses as well as a comprehensive study, review and analysis of Citigroup's financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2005. As an aide to Wall Street financial analysts who may not understand myths and symbolism, no astrological aspects, language or jargons are mentioned or was used in this note, yet almost everything written was derived from analyzing and interpreting several astrological charts against the backdrop, and through the aide of, sound conservative fundamental financial analyses.


32. THE GREAT PYRAMID AT GIZA Explore some of the unspoken mysteries of the Great Pyramid at Giza. What technology is entomb in this monumental Great Wonder of the World?

Edgar Cayce - Mystical Egypt Part 1 Edgar Cayce's A.R.E.

Edgar Cayce - Mystical Egypt Part 2 Edgar Cayce's A.R.E.

The Throne Room - Edgar Cayce on the Revelation

The Secret of the Sphinx & Edgar Cayce

COSMOS & 2012

EDGAR CAYCE'S A.R.E. on 2012 and Mayan Prophecies with John Van Auken:

John Van Auken: Mayan 2012 Prophecies: Mayan Calendar Explained, Part 1

John Van Auken: Mayan 2012 Prophecies: The Age of the Spirit of All Living Things: Age of Enlightenment, Part 2

GRAHAM HANCOCK: Mayan Doomsday Prediction

Graham Hancock: 2012 Mayan Doomsday Prediction


Rhawan Joseph, Ph.D: 2012 Mayan Doomsday Prophecy & Prediction - Part 1

Rhawan Joseph, PhD: 2012 Mayan Doomsday Prophecy & Prediction - Part 2

ZECHARIA SITCHIN, Nibiru & the 12th Planet - The Return of the Annunaki:

Zecharia Sitchin Interview: Part 1, The Creation of Man and Transfer of Knowledge

Zecharia Sitchin Interview: Part 2, The Great Flood & 2012

Zecharia Sitchin Interview: Part 3, The Destruction of Russian Phobus 2 Space Mission

Zecharia Sitchin Interview: Part 4, The Creation of Man & Transfer of Knowledge

Zecharia Sitchin Interview: Part 5, The Cosmic Code: Use of DNA for Genetic Encoding & Transmiitting Secret Information

Zecharia Sitchin Interview: Part 6, To Know the Future, Study the Past

Zacharia Sitchin: 2012 Will Be Non-Event

History Channel, Planet X

Zecharia Sitchin: Interview - The Winged Sun or Nibiru

SOLAR CYCLES, 2012 & the Rise & Fall of Civilizations - Maurice Cotterell:

Maurice Cotterrell: Secrets of the Super Gods

Maurice Cotterrell: Sun Spot Cycles

Maurices Cotterrell: Forbidden Science of the 21st Century

THE PLANETS AS GODS - Age of Gods and Wonder; why ancient astronomers identified the planets as gods towering over the earth:

The Cosmic Thunderbolt - Part 1

The Cosmic Thunderbolt - Part 2


A New View of the Universe - The Power of 10


33. EARTH AXIS SHIFT This note briefly explains what it means for the earth to shift off its axis and how anyone can easily check (at the winter and summer solstices and spring and autumn equinoxes) to learn if the earth has moved off its axis or is still on track to provide the gift of life for another solar year!

Written for presentation at Unlimited Horizons 2004 Metaphysical Festival at Fort Walton Beach, Florida, this paper examines the role of consciousness over the Centuries and millennia unfolding the continuous evolution of human consciousness. The concept of "UFO Are You Too" is discussed within the historical context of the human drama.


35. PREDICTIONS This section is design to provide a glimpse and understanding of the power and usefulness of astrology. Using standard astrological techniques, major celestial events and eclipses are analyzed to learn what they might hold for us in the future. The analyses are neither exhaustive nor complete and are certainly not conclusive. However, they do provide a good barometer to gain an understanding of how things might shape up as we complete this year and enter the next. More astrological research and analyses do produce more predictions, so visit again soon to see what new has been added to the list.

36. EDGAR CAYCE PROPHECIES View videos of Edgar Cayce on the topic of future world prophecies and his vision for The New Age. Listen to Charles Thomas Cayce, PhD, Edgar Cayce's grandson, explain the goal and mission of the Association of Research and Enlightenment located in Virginia Beach, Virginia.


Know thyself and nothing in excess are the Grecian dicta for spiritual development marked over the door ways of the Delphi Oracle as a warning to all those who entered wishing to gain knowledge not available anywhere else in the ancient or modern world. Our astrology readings and reports are designed to take you one step closer to better understand yourself and your relationship to the cosmos as expressed through your relationship with significant people wedded to your life by choice or fate. We offer astrology readings and reports that start you on a journey of inner self discovery and enlightenment. Ponder the inner workings of your material, spiritual and emotional worlds as they align with the furthest depths of the cosmos expressing a truly unique life that you can call your own.

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