“Modern Science is founded upon incorrect premises. We know kinetic energy, not vital energy, and we tamper with forces, powers, and processes we do not and cannot now understand: We are the sorcerer’s apprentice.”

Schwaller de Lubicz

The old world has ended, the new world has just begun!

Bob Marley: From the Song: “Why Should I”

Today, we live in an unnatural biochemical, petrochemical, petroleum gas driven, genetically engineered, mass cancer producing, electricity world with quantum imprisoning taser-ready, Javertian all-seeing, all-hearing, all-knowing technological security, where fear, anxiety and mind altering drugs, such as Thorazine, Stelazine, Zoloft, Prozac along with smog, polluted air, polluted water, polluted food and unnecessary face transforming surgical operations define the happiness and status quo of a people and an advanced super culture.

The less fortunate in our global society lives in heavity armed and securitized slave prisons with all-seeing security cameras everywhere (governments’ ESP) and a newly created, character defining, soul demeaning, instant credit label (ICL) that is similar to the caste system of ancient India that produced the wealth and privileges of the Brahmans and poverty and psychological enslavement of the Untouchables. Mass world poverty, homelessness and starvation are the fruits of the dark and unspeakable shadow of countervailing waste-producing economic exploitation and prosperity.

Message From The Abbot
Bante Dhammasiri
Washington, DC

Isaiah 5: 20: Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

It was the over use of energy from crystals that destroyed Atlantis and it is the over use of energy from black water fossil fuel oil, the Earth’s shock absorbers, that will destroy “modern” civilization. The reduction in CO2 gas emissions designed by all world governments to curb global warming by 2050 are wholly inadequate to modify or prevent the natural disasters that will soon over come life on planet earth. Modern civilization supposes that nothing will come after it, and true to that supposition, nothing perhaps will. The planet earth can continue on without mankind, mankind cannot continue without the planet.

The earth does not belong to us. We belong to the earth.
Chief Seattle, 1790-1866, Pacific Northwest Frontier

Over 100 years of continuous pumping of black water fossil fuel oil from out of the furthest depths of the earth as well as detonation of over 2000 underground and underwater nuclear tests have caused a significant increase in earthquake activity globally that is hidden from public view until the big one hits home!

2002-2007 witnessed an exponential increase in earthquake activity globally of about 45 earthquakes over 6.0 magnitude per year between 2002-2007 as compared with only one (1) earthquake above 6.0 magnitude in 1973 at 6.3 magnitude in Hawaii.

As many who wish to control every fiber of our thought, existence, life and minds want us to believe, terrorism is not, was and shall never be the greatest danger facing the USA, mankind or the world in which we live. See Towards a New World Order, which explains why this was never so.

The Gods of Men & Science, comprising “pipe pipers” of governments from all over the world, the universities, corporations and religions of all kind, have developed and nurtured a thinking, philosophy, culture and destructive productive capacities that are diametrically opposed to the basic and fundamental cosmic principles of life and its relation to the cosmos since time immemorial.

The Lords of Nature are those tangible, intangible and unseen energies, principles and forces known and yet to be known by man from which emanated, supported, fostered and maintained the balance of life and its relations to the cosmos on planet earth.

Impact on Creatures of the Planet
Polar bears travelling with their young in the Arctic and creatures in national parks, reserves and forest, birds of every kind, mammals of all sort and fishes are hunted using vehicles, small planes, boats and helicopters, tranquilized, electronically tagged and monitored, counted, weighted, measured, made camera-ready and constantly harassed by top flight, highly paid environmentalists and modern scientists spending millions of dollars of tax payers money to study the effects of Global Warming when these creatures did not start it and have nothing to do with Climate Change. Camera ready news crews from major media outlets trail behind to announce their findings to a docile world. Distant observations are not enough; scientists need to know more that can fit within a preconceived statistical model that requires the build up a large inventory of data that are often filed away in drawers and soon forgotten like all the myriads of well funded reports that have been produced. How would man like to be treated the way in which we treat creatures of the earth in the HOLY, SCARED & SACROSANCT NAME OF SCIENTIFIC ENQUIRY & KNOWLEDGE? The ancients would never have done this, nor would Native American Indians, martyred protectors of mother earth, or any indigenous tribe at any time on any continent in any land on the earth who had a true respect for the natural order and understood man’s place therein, as well as nature’s free gift of life that we share equally with all other life forms on this planet without paying a price or providing any form of compensation. To think that the universal consciousness of life or spirit of the cosmos does not exist, is a grave mistake.

The creation of a socially engineered scientific world that started around the time of the industrial revolution will soon come crashing down upon itself fueled by massive natural earthquakes and implosions arising from Nature’s reaction to man’s abuse and discriminatory behavior that shows no respect for life and other living creatures or life forms on planet earth saved the few, the privileged and the select of Darwin’s scientific revolution.

Natural and man-made disasters in the form of earthquakes, volcanoes, wildfires, fires and explosions (including nuclear and atomic), avalanches, drought, hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons, tsunamis, storm surges, tornadoes, floods, lahars, landslides, winter storms, starvation, deadly diseases and viruses as well as disasters of an electrical kind not yet manifested in the 21st Century will bring more deaths, sorrow and purging of life and life forms on planet earth, over a persistent and extended period of time, than any global conflict, war or act of terrorism perpetrated against innocent people in the past 100 years, primarily because mankind have broken its social contract with the universal laws of nature and the cosmos and has been weighted in the scales and found wanting.

The creation of the socially engineered and modern scientific world that started around the time of the industrial revolution will soon come crashing down upon itself through massive internal implosions, explosions and conflicts stemming primarily from nature’s silent response and reaction man’s abuse, rape and destruction of all life forms that exist on planet earth save those of a few, the select and the privileged.

From the American Buffalo on the Prairie to the hunting of whales in the oceans, the slaughter of the innocent continues.

While the 1st millennium of the common era was a Dark Age for Europe but not for the Middle East, Africa, Asia or the current Americas, the 20th Century and 2nd millennium for the most part can now be properly called, “The Age of Global Conquest Through War, Death and Mass Destruction”, fueled by scientific enquiry and advancement, economic and political social theories of wealth accumulation, labor specialization and people eradication and compartmentalization as well as goal oriented evolutionary and enlightenment philosophies.

This new Century is the Century for pay-back, balance and reconciliation with cosmic and universal governing principles and forces whose immutable laws cannot be broken – over which man has no control.

It is not “God,” whether seen as benevolent, evil or non-caring agent or entity, that will be punishing us; we will be punishing and transforming ourselves though the cumulative effect of our past actions.

The correction, even if fully implemented today, would not be sufficient to stop much of what is coming on the earth plane in this Century alone. As Katrina has taught us, governments comprising federal, state, city and local as well as police, fire and medical forces cannot help us. They do not have the resources, manpower or organizational capacity, and in many cases, the integrity to help their own people, even when they want to. We the people must help ourselves.

In the US, many large insurance companies are dropping disaster coverage for homeowners in some states because they recognize that even with federal aide, the risk of dissolution through bankruptcy is probable should disaster strike above statistically relevant levels of expectation.

Modern scientists from the world’s best universities backed by government funds and substantial corporate research dollars want to clone human embryos. This will lead to only one thing in this century and millennium, the creation of a human sub-race biologically engineered for military death squads and maneuvers, true Star Wars technology.

The reason is that there is no qualified or accepted organ, court, institution, state, government, body or council professing an overarching spiritual, moral, philosophical, scientific dogma or human development principle to guide modern science on its road of scientific enquiry and discovery other than material based achievements of saving human lives, improving health and making supra-normal profits for the few and the select – the cultural ethos of the modern era.

One should consider that there has never been a human scientific development of any kind that was never used to its fullest extent, potential and capabilities whether for good or evil, including the development of the atomic bomb and its subsequent use during World War II at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan.

The strongly guarded, secretive and technologically advanced bacteria, Anthrax, designed for use in biological warfare, made its public debut shortly after 9-11 by escaping from top secret U.S. government military facilities to be malicious placed in Congressmens’ offices in Washington, DC, among other places, before disappearing into the fog of the night from whence it came without trace, consequences or further public concern or enquiry.

History has shown over and over again that once a new scientific development of any kind comes into material existence on planet earth, that that new scientific discovery will be used for the purposes intended as well as those not intended as well.

Since the start of the scientific and industrial age, mankind has severed its ties from nature provoking the lords of nature that are bringing all sorts of natural disasters, droughts, diseases and mental disorders (depression, breakdowns and anxiety) upon the earth.

More significantly, mankind has been on a 400 years rampage looting, polluting and destroying everything of value and importance in nature and has significantly altered or transformed all that is natural and good in the natural world. Perhaps, the single largest victim and casualty of man’s global crime and indiscretion, is the wholesale destruction and elimination of many species of birds, animals, fishes, trees and plant life for man’s own economic and political purposes.

From the mass execution of the American Buffalo on the plains of the American Prairie for their skin, to the savage hunting of fin, humpback and minke whales in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, the slaughter of innocent creatures of the earth continues unabated.

A lone sparrow flies all day and night for protection and cover, but there is none. A new born fish wonders into polluted water and dies. Cats and dogs are silently put to sleep every fraction of a second on the clock. Chickens have no room to roam and witness death everyday. Cows moo, but no one hears them. Rats increase in population feeding on the waste and feces of men.

According to Care2.Com, “When (Greenpeace Ship) the Esperanza (Esperanza is Spanish for Hope) finally caught up to the Japanese whaling ship after a 10-day search, activists radioed this message to the whalers: “Our vessel and crew are here in the Southern Ocean to condemn your hunt, which includes endangered species, and to insist that you leave the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary and return to port immediately,” said Sakyo Noda, Greenpeace Japan whales campaigner. “Your so-called scientific whaling is a hoax and has been dismissed as useless by the International Whaling Commission. Modern scientific research on whales does not require killing them.” Reinforcing Noda’s statements, Japan has close to 4,000 tons of whale meat from its “scientific” whaling program in cold storage – uneaten, unsold, and unwanted.”

The scientific and industrial age has shown absolutely no respect for animal, fish, birds, trees or plant life on planet earth. This deeply profound scientifically and ethically “rationalized” human behavior does not respect life on planet earth at all, save human life that provides some form of self serving economic utility.

Man’s inherent nature has been to subjugate all of nature below him, making man lord of the kingdom of life on earth. This profound sense of arrogance, ignorance and self centeredness makes man unfit to care for life forms that exist on planet earth, and totally incapable to relate to clone images of himself other than in a way that will bring pain, death and great suffering to all.

The cloning of human embryos is but another step on man’s egotistical journey of claiming superiority over nature. We need to work and harmonize with nature and not go against it. Once the Pandora’s box of human cloning is opened, creating “sterile human beings” incapable of human sexual reproduction, these new creatures will be engineered towards certain preferenced race, life style, activities, features and physical capabilities, and absolutely no one on this earth today will be able to predict the outcome and final consequences of this new scientific revolution.

In light of all these changes in the world from man-made socially and scientifically engineered sources, we must take responsibility to help ourselves. In cases of extreme and dire emergencies, no one can help us and no one will.

To address these problems, start with small, manageable, calm and quiet, simple steps. Do not worry, wait, become indecisive, impatient or surrender to individual or mass hysteria.

This note predicting a major earthquake in Hawaii and around the world based on a naturally occurring premonition is a step in that direction. It is a call for alertness, awareness, preparedness, not panic, fear, hysteria or over-reaction.

As mature adults of the 21st Century of the Third Millennium that started January 1, 2001, we have long passed that stage of immaturity stemming from naive and ludicrous paternal expectations.

Build the world you want, not the one they gave us. Let them who rule over us join us if they sincerely desire to help, but we in our own small communities must lead the way to our own salvation.

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