With respects to the heavens and firmament on the fourth Day of Creation, Genesis 1:14: “let them be for”: 1) signs, 2) seasons, 3) days, & 4) years – emphasizing Biblical order of importance!

Light was created on the First Day of Creation (Genesis 1:3). This Greater “Light” is not the same as the ‘light’ from the stars and the moon and other celestial bodies as seen in the sky, because those celestial bodies were created later according to Genesis 1:4.


The Greater Light was the first thing created by God, or better yet “gods”, as stated in Genesis, which was devoid of darkness! This Greater Light is an eternal Light perceived through faculties that we no longer possess, taken away from us by the God/Gods – see Genesis.

In this Light, the past, present, and future are one. Nothing is separate. Everything near and far, as well as very far away, as far as the mind can imagine, including light years away and beyond, is seen, known, and perceived through the force and wonder of this Greater Light. All that exist or can exist is made manifest through the Greater Light. This Light is of the Creator, or the Creative Forces. To commune with the Creator one must have contact with this source of Light, not the physical light of the sun nor the energies of the planets. It is this Greater Light that the Kabbalist tries to connect with in all their rituals, prayers, and ceremonies.

Genesis 1:4 “And God separated the light from the darkness.” The second light contained both light and darkness, which contains the seeds of duality. The separation of light from darkness is the creation of night and day through the reflection of Darkness otherwise there is no darkness even in a physical universe. Physical light is an artificial light that emits “photo” cells that enable us to see objects and allow for the re-generation of matter as well as the change, transformation, and motivation of physical forms and bodies.

The Greater Light, which is the First Light, sees all things, permeates all things and exists everywhere – it is invisible to human eyes, human thoughts, dreams and perceptions. It cannot be seen with the naked eyes because it is not physical, nor can it be felt through the senses because we have no instrument with which to sense it. To understand this Greater Light requires a level of consciousness, knowledge through identification, and not necessarily through observable facts, which mankind has not yet achieved on the earthly plane or is likely to achieve in physical form based on the course onto which mankind is headed. Every physical object emanates this Greater Light – it is the substance of all things and beings, including the planets and the Sun in the solar system, through which astrology gains its wisdom.


An unseen light, belonging more to the third light but having characteristics of the Greater Light, which we may call a second light, is often referred to as “planetary energies” and are produced by planets harnessing archetypal energies (i.e., unseen matter) common to its nature from deep within the cosmos, and spewing those influences out into the solar system to reach us as planetary energies, which become activated in our lives at points of sacred geometry, which astrology studies and applies in its art, craft and science.


It must be noted, that in the physical universe, this second light – the bridge between heaven and Earth, which is at the heart of planetary energies, travel at instantaneous speed, which is faster than the speed of light. Hence, one cannot talk about this light traveling, because it does not. It is everywhere, it permeates all things; it just is. Hence, when Pluto which is millions of miles from Earth, forms an angle with Venus which is even further away from Pluto than the Earth is, the effects are instantaneous on planet Earth because no traveling took place; it simply is.

Are the planets and the Sun active? Are they alive? Yes, you bet they are! The solar system is a living, breathing organism of a type and nature that we have yet to understand or recognize with an outer protective shield, no different from the Van Allen Belts forming a protective shield around the Earth. The egg shell principle of protection and imprisonment applies to the Earth as it applies to the entire solar system. The fact that we are in darkness to this reality does not change the fundamental nature of this reality, being, existence or function within The Greater Universe.


The third light is a physical light that is visible to human eyes, senses and perception. Sunlight, moon light, and fire represent the third light. It is the third light that leads us back to an understanding of the First Light through the second light – reflecting the Light of Creation, the electromagnetic field of all things – if you wish; the essential being or matter of a substance. Black matter that fills the whole universe is an example that can give conception of what this First Light is all about, but none of these things are the First Light.

It is the Greater Light that leads back to an understanding of the entire cosmos and creation processes. It is the first step towards understanding the existence of a supreme being or universal mind, force or consciousness that many call God. But note that none on this planet Earth within this solar system has seen “God,” none has spoken with it, him, or her. None knows his anthropomorphic rules, desires, wishes or elements – none, none, none at all! Only those that has come to get a glimpse of the shadow of the First Light at sporadic intervals throughout the ages, and such are very few indeed, for none on this planet Earth can come into contact with the Greater Light and survive. If any is to tell you that they see him, know him, or hear his voice, knows his attributes, knows what he wants for their life or yours, they are lying. If you meet the Buddha, kill him.

Astrology does not deny the existence of such a universal mind or consciousness or the Creative Forces; it affirms it just as the third light affirms the existence of the second light, which points to the reality of First Light.

Hence, astrology is man’s proof of the existence of an omnipresence that controls everything in the cosmos, especially since no man or earthly being can direct the motions of the stars and planets, that power is not given unto us.

Astrology, if you may, is the only proof that exist giving man access through the rational, conscious mind and faculties that positively affirms the existence of a greater light, being, spirit, force or consciousness without doubt or question. No other system of affirmation is given to man. All other forms of realization pointing to the existence of a creative force or forces is personal and cannot be transfer or proved to another in an objective way. Astrology is the only tool we have to prove the existence of an all powerful creative mind in a rational manner for all others to see and know in an objective way. Here the proof is encoded in sacred geometry as embodied in the laws of mathematics and the physical sciences for all to see and observe in the heavens. To quote the ancient, all wise, Hermes Trismegistus, “as above, so below”.


Remember that the gifts and “sole benefits” of astrology are:

  1. Faith
  2. Timing, and
  3. Patience

Astrology does nothing more for you, since no one controls the stars; we all must live out our very own destinies, no matter how bitter or sweet. Those who think that they can use astrology to manipulate the future for their own personal benefit are fools! Astrology favors no one, at no time, not even the most proficient and knowledgeable astrologer is given the slightest break!

This is not feel good, do nothing religion that serves Self or some identifiable group, religion or “organization.” It is nothing short of acceptance and true connection with the cosmos and blue print of unfolding of reality – the essence of life!


Astrology is a tool for spiritual attunement and development by gaining knowledge about one’s true self (Know Thyself), spirit or soul. Through self knowledge you can transform the world, but never loose sight of the fact that the person and the world that you are reforming is not the other person or the physical or political environment and universe that reside somewhere out there, it is and shall always be – yourself!


The gifts of astrology of faith, patience and timing provide intellectual and instinctive affirmation (Seek and Your Shall Find) of a greater active intelligence in the universe through understanding of the connection of one’s soul or being to the Greater Light, solar system, entire cosmos and furthest depths of time and space!

In other words, astrology brings heaven down to Earth for all to understand – it shows the way!


“Astrology is not for millionaires … it’s for billionaires” – J. P. Morgan

Astrology can bring physical and/or spiritual wealth, but only the type you need based upon your shortfalls, soul evolution and spiritual needs, never the ones that you or others seek, want, have or desire.


“Know Thyself” and “Nothing In Excess” are the Grecian dicta for spiritual development marked over the door ways of the Delphi Oracle as a warning to all who entered wishing to gain knowledge not available anywhere else in the ancient world.

Hence, knowing one’s self is the first step on the path to spiritual development and enlightenment. It is not about saving others, it is about saving Self, Your Self, Not Others, and certainly not through some “God” or “Buddha” that you know not, but by first getting to know Self in all its aspects, relationships, and dimensions through its experiences and relationship with others and the entire physical world, especially through the animals, fishes and birds of the earth that express a much deeper understanding and are more in accord with the Greater Light. It is through life and living that we shall come to know ourselves and come to gain a deeper understanding of exactly who we are.

Once true Self knowledge is gained, transformation through deep inner awakening begins – one can then begin the journey of communing with the universe and — shall guide they ways!


Everyone we meet is a reflection of ourselves. In all those meetings we have a choice, ‘to be or not to be’. It is through others that we meet the Self, ourselves. Our reactions, thoughts and feelings about others, situations, outcomes, desires, wishes, regrets, pains, losses, love, hate and circumstances tell not about others but about Self, our own Self. Know that when you meet others, you are meeting Self.

In this regard, Self knowledge becomes real, concrete, practical, scientific, and rational. Doubt, fear, and illusions are smashed. Emotional attachment, fear of life and living, and psychological dependency associated with so many groups and religious orders disappear because universal light shines through.


Astrology tells you who you are and what your destiny and experiences will be from the moment of your birth. It points the road to your destiny thereby allowing you to fulfill your soul purpose in this life time on planet Earth! It is up to you, the individual soul incarnate, to take up the cross and follow your path. The test is in the results, the results is not the test. You are the result, based on the actions of your own choosing.

If you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting what you are getting. If you keep believing in what you believe, you will only know that which you believe as truth.


Astrology is only a tool, guide or sign post, if you wish. It is an instrument that points the way of the second light leading to the Greater Light. Astrology is not the light, it is the sign post that gives the speed limit, points out forks and decision points on the road, says when the road is good and when it is bad. It tells the weather on the road to be stormy, rainy, cloudy, sunny, or bright. It warns of characters and people that can be encountered along the way, good and bad. Astrology explains the experiences traveling by night as well as by day.


Astrology is not a religion, deity or god, belief system, ritual that must be observed, object of adoration, symbol of glory, object of praise, desires worship, a means of entertainment or an article of faith. Astrology, like the second light, simply is.


No one can believe in astrology because there is nothing to believe in as far as astrology is concerned. Can you believe in a cat or a dog? No, not more than you believe in their physical existence, which is not a belief after all! The cat or a dog either exist or they don’t. They are there, there is nothing to believe. Usually people believe in things they can’t prove or have no experience of. Astrology is there whether you believe it or not. Its existence is written in the motions of the planets and the stars – believe it or not! And the stars and the planets do not care about what we believe in whether we believe or not!

It is like mathematics. Whether we believe in mathematics have nothing to do with the subject; it still works. Unlike religion which requires blind faith “as demanded by belief in some unknown God or savior” as well as complete irrational surrender of one’s rational mind and logical mental faculties to some unknown and oftentimes misunderstood mythological force(s), astrology either works or it doesn’t. One’s belief has nothing to do with it.

Hence, the question to ask is not whether one believes in astrology, but whether or not it works. Can it really tell us about ourselves and relationship with others? Does astrology works is the question, belief has nothing to do with it.


And once you ask the question of does astrology really works in sincerity, you must then proceed to ask “for what reason” do I now seek this hidden Wisdom? Your answer to this fundamental question will determine the results and outcome that astrology shall provide for you – in the day that you eat of this fruit you shall be free, but only towards that which you seek and none other. So seek wisely so that your rewards will be great on earth as it is in heaven!


One plus one will always equal two, unless someone can prove otherwise. Agree or disagree? It has nothing to do with belief. Correct? Whether you believe or not that one plus one equals two has nothing to do with what one believes is the result of the equation. It either is or is not.

But the real question is that if someone were to prove that one plus one does not equal two, would you accept it or ignore the knowledge that you were given? Your behavior and reaction is a revelation of Self. The truth that you discover about Self is impacted by, but has no bearing on, universal or cosmic truths.

Well then, let’s try an experiment to test this hypothesis. Let’s test to see if one plus one equals two, but more importantly, what your inner reactions and state of mental, spiritual and psychological transformation shall be that shall be known to you and only you alone!

One can argue that there is no such thing as one, because nothing can reach that point of perfection or wholeness. Hence, by definition one plus one can never equal two because like one, we can only come close to two but never reach it. The moment two appears to have been reached it switches to something else, i.e. three. This is so because anything greater than two is in the third decanate not the second of two.

Interestingly enough, every astrologer and astronomer know that when a planet reaches 29.99999… degrees of a sign in the heavens, let’s say Pisces for example, in the instant that follows, that planet does not become 30.0000… degrees of Pisces, but rather switches signs to become 0.0000… degrees of Aries, never, ever reaching 30 degrees of Pisces.

So one can correctly argue that one plus one is either less than two or greater than two but never two. When one is added to one it approaches two, and if it continues to approach two (fundamentals of basic calculus with respect to calculating the limit) it will switch to become something else. Hence, one plus one is less than two or enters three, but is never two.

This might explain why when presented with two similar or dissimilar objects of any kind we either like or dislike one, the other or both and our reaction a million times over is never the same. Even if we are perfectly satisfied with them, we can rate them collectively with a plus or minus sign. The objects are either less than expected (less than two) or exceeds expectations (greater than two).


One will have to go on a search to find astrology, astrology will not come to find one because it is not subject to one’s viewpoint, science, belief or religion. The stars and the planets are way out there. Far, far away from man’s reach. They are controlled by a higher order over which human beings have no control; they are not subject to our control, thinking, wish, beliefs or desires.


Astrology is a statement. It says when you were born the planets were in ‘such and such’ a positional alignment indicating the cosmic blueprint of your life experiences and soul destiny is ‘such and such’ in a manner as written in heaven’s books on the date of your birth. Nothing happens outside of astrology. No UFO, paranormal, psychic or spiritual event or experiences escape its permission or watchful eye!

That is the statement that astrology makes. It is not a prediction. It is an archetypal blueprint of your soul’s journey on planet Earth. How you choose to play that hand from the deck of planetary cards is a matter of your own choosing – the role and expression of true freedom through spiritual awakening!

You cannot change the cards, just as you cannot realign the positions of the planets at the time of your birth, but you can choose how, in the future, you play the game of life.

Belief in the astrological statement made by the heavens at the time of your birth has nothing to do with astrology because it works whether or not you know it, observe it, or believe that it is so. Hence, astrology does not need validation from the “modern scientific community” as many modern astrologer believe and strongly proclaim, because it is within the laws of astronomy that astrology exist. Astrology is the higher octave of astronomy. It was so in the past and it is so today.

Astronomy is the tool and off-spring of astrology, not the other way around!


Astrology is the father that gave birth to science, mathematics and astronomy; it is not the other way around. All these things were derived from astrology.

When modern astronomy matures, it shall seek knowledge and unite with the wisdom of astrology for in no other way can astronomy and science receive the understanding that they seek. The circle will be unbroken when the son goes on a journey, seeks out, finds, and reunites once more with the father. Until that time, the father will wait patiently for the son’s awakening, self discovery and self initiated personal transformation.

The scientific method, which has ruled the world since the onset of the Industrial Revolution, ignores truth and earthly phenomena that is not written in ‘bricks and stones’ and repeatable, verifiable evidence – the results of which is seen all over the world in a maimed and destroyed global eco-system – which all indigenous and native peoples warned of without notice or due consideration given to their lonely cries.


The scientific method recognizes no other truth than that which feeds industrial and material production whereby the element of control is supremely driven by systems of fear – fear of imprisonment, fear of death, fear of bad health, fear of social castration and isolation.

Woe unto all that serve the God of Science, for mankind shall have no other God before me – it is written in Exodus.

The planet is fighting back with devastating earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, magnetic and ozone depletion, slowing of the Earth’s rotation, global warming, diseases: the pre-show of which is just beginning to warm up that shall continue to increase, out-doing the prior year of Earthly disasters, until the climax is finally reached. Hold on to your horses, we are in for a rough ride, but the end is not yet for it shall never come!

The liberation of the soul, which was always the quest of all ancient religions and significant global civilizations such as Ancient Egypt and Maya, which astrology can help point the way, has been blocked for the past 2000 years.

Science will need to expand its dictum for validation and go to a criteria that legitimizes the value of the human experience as portals to universal truth and knowledge. Today, only the knowledge of science is knowledge; no other truth can exist, compete or is of importance.

Until that time when all earthly phenomena is viewed as worthy of inquiry without bias or prejudice, science will continue to lead mankind and life on planet Earth into a continuing deep darkness and abyss.


We are saved by the fact that man was never truly in control, hence he will not be permitted to achieve the level of control and destruction that his heart so strongly desires in the name of global peace and collective security.


Astrology should never seek validation through the scientific method, because astrology operates on a level of truth, knowledge and wisdom that far surpasses that narrow type of thinking and understanding produced by the rational mercurial mind – a wisdom which the ancients recognized that modern man has yet to come into understanding thereof. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians knew that within the seeds of intelligence lie greater destruction and sorrow, for the mind knows not the things of the heart.

When science is ready, it will seek out astrology for answers to questions that can be gotten in no other way. We should wait for science to come to us, we should not go to science, and certainly not beg for acceptance within its community – Babylon is falling, why should the purity and beauty of this craft and science crumble under her weight?

The way astrology works is no different from the laws of science and mathematics. Hence, belief or the lack thereof in astrology has nothing to do with astrology. Astrology is as independent of man’s belief as is the motions of the planets and stars outside of man’s control, influence, or domain. Therefore, belief has nothing to do with astrology. Just as the heavens, the stars, and the planets exist, astrology is.

The second light provides a window for us to observe the wonders and beauty of heaven’s wonders and creation. Astrology is the key that unlocks that door. Through that window we can see the connection between our soul and other kingdoms of the creative forces.


The ancient Hippocrates, the father of medicine whose oath doctors take before granted State license to practice medicine, warns, “He who practices medicine without the benefit of the movement of the stars and the planets is a fool.”

Hippocrates would warn that one should never undergo surgery on the day when the Moon transits the Sign that rules that part of the body; a dictum that modern medicine has chosen to ignore and dismiss as superstition to the detriment of patients as seen in so many unexplained medical mishaps. Consider the reduction in malpractice insurance premiums and claims that would occur should this ancient wisdom be understood and followed by enlightened doctors today.


Nothing happens before its time. Astrology tells you when and how?

Can you change the future? Yes, by changing your Self, not by trying to change the world or control others!


Astrology can help one break the cycle of getting the same results by providing insights that put one on the path of one’s soul journey, destiny and purpose!


Many would rather stay where they are than to change. Change is a difficult thing because it attacks the Ego and purifies the soul by transforming the mind. Who wants their minds transformed? No one! It is a painful but blessed sacrifice that initiates one into a new view of life and one’s connection to the infinite universe.

As Joseph Campbell, author of the “Power of Myth” says in his interview with Bill Moyers, “spiritual transformation is a terrifying experience”, not a procedure that can be accomplished through the pouring of water on the forehead or physical induction into a pool filled with water.

Astrology is about change and Self transformation. There should be no other reason to seek its advice. Know thyself! Know why one seeks the knowledge and wisdom of astrology?

Why is this so? Because as all physicists and modern scientists know, reality known is reality changed whether you want it to or not.


We are living in the information age where many believe that information is knowledge, but it is not. Knowledge as the ancient knew is identity. You are your knowledge. When you receive knowledge you are forced to change. You have no choice. Knowledge changes and transforms the soul, information does not. Knowledge does so through identity. When you identify with what you know is so, you can never be the same again. Knowledge transforms, information stimulates and at best entertains.


Astrology has been misused and will be misused again, especially if sold to the public as a panacea for all their problems. If it is, then there would be no room or role for spiritual development. Simply read your natal chart and it will tell you how to live your life to attain wealth, success and happiness – the hallmarks of modern social desires and accomplishments.


What you put into astrology is what you get out of it, nothing more! Your intent and unconscious wish or heart desire very much drives how astrology will respond to you. Ask the right questions and you will get the right answers. Ask the wrong questions and you will get the right answers as well, only that you do not understand what they mean since your intent as expressed through your questions was off; hence your ability to properly comprehend or interpret its symbolic language is nullified by your own actions and purpose. In this regard, astrology is a mirror that perfectly reflects the image that is placed in front of it. Be careful of what you wish for since you may surely get it. But is it what you want or right for you?


Astrology allows you to view the world, people, and relationships in a completely new and enlightened way!

Many view astrology as fun, entertainment or fortune telling. Astrology has nothing to do with those things. It is a statement of who you are to help you to ‘know yourself’ in order to make wise and informed choices and decisions about your soul journey here and now on planet earth in your evolution to reach the highest possible light of the creative universe through soul transformation and spiritual development. Astrology has no other useful purpose, and in this regard, it shows the way!

Astrology is not a religion, it is a statement. You are its final interpreter, your action and decisions, they are the outcome of its wisdom!

It is not the light or the Greater lIght, it points the way like a sign post to inner truths of personal self discoveries and meaningful self actualization. It is not the results, you are the result. Astrology is merely the initiator.

Are you ready to ponder the depths and complexities of your inner soul, thoughts, feelings, and actions as they relate to the churning, subtle and oftentimes direct influences of the cosmos? By reading this far into this article, your soul’s journey has already begun!


Life is the Great Initiator. Many people, fraternities and religious organizations are confused about initiation and its role in human affairs. Most use it as a branding mechanism to separate themselves from the rest of the world under a primitive system of rewards and punishment for the initiated in order to foster and build their own sense of identity, community, values, traditions, service and beliefs.

As a result, many aspirants seek initiation believing that through baptism, graduation, initiation or some other form of secular, ritual or spiritual procedure they can save themselves and their souls through identification with a particular group, community or religious organization. While acts of initiation serve a useful purpose by establishing a starting point for a given journey, it is totally meaningless as a system or process for change or transformation that supports higher level spiritual evolution. That must come from within for it is a function of Self.


The power of transformation is and shall always be yours to keep. You own personal life with all its bliss, pitfalls, problems, seemingly or apparent hopelessness, is the Great Initiator, with or without secular or ritualistic acts of initiation. The power to choose is and shall always be yours for the taking, but choose wisely if you must for in the very moment that you choose you change the outcome of your possibilities forever, and in so doing, change and transform yourself by yourself – for only you and you alone can do that!


You make the difference in your own life and no one else’s. To seek others and not Self is therefore foolish and unwise. It is the light from your actions that can help transform others, never your intent or desire to do so.


Inner thoughts, feelings and attitudes present the obstacles and challenges that must be affirmed or denied through outer actions, inactions or neutral and/or careless ambivalence. This is how we make our own karma that cannot be reversed in time and space. The door is always left open for change until we choose or decide.


This is the power of free will – the freedom to transform and change while the window of opportunity remains open. It is the freedom to direct the course of a chosen irreversible path or destiny.

Freewill is the power to direct your life down a certain path, it is not the power to live it. In this sense, it is no different from driving a car where your choice and fate are indelibly interlocked.


Each choice and decision we make, even subsequent changes to such, opens up a parallel universe of eternal possibilities – in all possible directions both seen and unseen. And through this process of life affirming decisions and activities the cosmos is re-created, made whole and reconciles again onto itself.

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